Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 13, Episode 7
Episode Synopsis: The third round of performances features the couples dancing to a song of their choice that reflects the contestants' most memorable year in their lives.
Original Air Date: Oct 3, 2011

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, Oct. 3, 2011 Season 13, Episode 7

It's storytelling time! Dancing with the Stars' Top 10 stars express the most memorable year of their lives through dance. Who cried? And who got the first 9s of the season? Find out below!

Break out the Kleenex! You know there are gonna be some tearjerkers tonight. As Tom states, "They're all dancing from the heart." Who writes this stuff? I can't say I've ever sobbed watching Dancing with the Stars' storytelling week... but I may have cried for other reasons while watching.

Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke: foxtrot
Rob's most memorable year was 2003 when his dad, Robert Sr., died of esophageal cancer (the eighth anniversary was on Friday). He was 15 at the time and his world was "turned upside down." They're dancing to "Fly Me to the Moon" because it's one of his dad's favorites. The home videos of the clan are actually quite adorable, and the girls look, um, natural. Speaking of natural, Rob looks exactly that on the floor, which I never thought I'd say. His frame and posture are looking good, and there's a cool, old-school, suave charm about the whole thing. He gets a standing O from everyone except Kim until the camera lands on her and she obediently rises. Len says he just put the "dash" into "Kardashian." Then who puts the "dash" in D-A-S-H? Bruno says the man is getting the upper hand and invokes Guys and Dolls. Rob is clueless. Unsurprising. Carrie Ann says he "genu-winely" makes progress every week.
Score: 24

Chynna Phillips and Tony Dovolani: rumba
Chynna's year is 1990 when "Hold On" was released. (Hey, guess what they're dancing to!) She was suffering from depression and anxiety and the time, and eventually sought help and met Billy Baldwin. Tony wants to incorporate running because she eventually "ran away from the negativity." Oh, Tony! So literal! Thankfully, there's not too much running going on. Chynna looks positively gorgeous. Her limbs are extended beautifully and the routine, while not overwhelmingly steamy, does pack some heat. Bruno calls her a smoldering siren and thinks she belongs in a museum. Carrie Ann calls her stunning and nearly gives me heart attack when she says, "I have never heard that song...[longest pause ever] like that." Actually, on second thought, I wouldn't have been surprised if she really hadn't heard of it. Len says she's going to be dancing for weeks and weeks... and then busts out a 9 before Carrie Ann! Someone took his happy pills!
Score: 26

Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer: rumba
Chaz's most memorable year is this year because he's the happiest he's ever been. He chose his dad's "Laugh at Me" about Sonny and Cher's younger years when they were thrown out of places and didn't give a darn. Chaz dedicates it to his pops and even dons the animal-print fur vest. So psychedelic! Chaz seems... tired? I know dude's knees are shot, but this dance is easier on them. He's just kind of standing there while Lacey does her best maypole dancing around him. But, uh, he's really good with the arm waves! Sigh. Chaz's time may finally be up this week, based on performance alone — and this is only the third dance of the night. Carrie Ann is impressed by Chaz's courage, but thinks he looked distracted and didn't dance enough. Len the contrarian says it was his best dance so far. Seriously, what is he on today? Bruno understands why he lost focus since the rumba needs continuous movement.
Score: 18

Kristin Cavallari and Mark Ballas: samba
Kristin's year is 2005 because that was when she graduated high school and moved to L.A. She chose "Crazy in Love" because it was a "really big song then." Um, it was big in 2003 — when it came out. But, yeah, let's rewrite history to suit your story, which wasn't really a story. Kristin's no Beyonce (who is?), but she does a pretty stellar job with the high-octane moves. Girl can dance, no doubt about it. It's a fun, electric number, and she nails all the shimmying, hip action and rolls. Len didn't like the Beyonce stuff, but loved the other 80 percent. Bruno calls it "crazy in lust." "Who can say 'no' after that?" he demands. Carrie Ann likes that Kristin's pushing herself to the limit.
Score: 24

Carson Kressley and Anna Trebunskaya: tango
Carson chose "It's My Life" and 2003 because that's when Queer Eye debuted and he got to be himself after years of being closeted. Inspired by Carson yearning for her pumps, Anna choreographs the whole thing around his sense of style. They start off on a pseudo-runway, which is just fab. Even more fab? Carson's wearing a hot pink satin jacket. Fashion aside, this is his best dance yet that is equal parts entertaining and technically proficient. It's sassy, full of flair and tension as they face off over (duh) Anna's shoe. Carson's footwork and hold have improved, and he's totally going after every move. They end with him finally (!) getting his hands on Anna's heel. Now that is a story. Bruno calls it "insanely brilliant."  "And you got the shoe! And yes, you'll make it to the ball!" he growls. Carrie Ann declares that she loves him. Len says he puts the "boy" in "flamboyant." Well, we all knew that.
Score: 23

J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff: rumba
J.R.'s most memorable year was when he was injured in Iraq in 2003 driving over a landmine. While recovering, he felt he would've been better off dead and didn't understand why he survived. His mother eventually talked him out of his depression. They're dancing to Tim McGraw's "If You're Reading This" about a soldier who sends a letter home to pay tribute to all the men and women who didn't make it home. You can feel the emotion on set from your living room. J.R., as usual, nails the choreography with some nice hip action and lines. But let's face it, nothing's going to beat the poignancy of the routine. He starts crying and can't stop when he's done while the whole room gives him a prolonged standing O. Carrie Ann says he did something extraordinary and thanks him for such a profound dance. Len says he set the standard for the season. Bruno calls him a hero and source of inspiration. "You dance from your heart," he says.
Score: 26

Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus: waltz
Nancy's memorable year is this year because of Casey Anthony. Kidding! It's 2007, when she got married and delivered her twins, Lucy and John David, early because of pregnancy complications. Doctors told her Lucy might die, and when Lucy was hospitalized, "Moon River," which was also Nancy's wedding song, was the first tune she sang to her daughter. Nancy stumbles a little in the beginning and has trouble with a few steps here and there, but puts forth another solid performance. She still needs to work on her frame and upper body, but the ballroom stuff suits her. It's a graceful and lovely ode to her kiddies, who look exactly like her. And best part yet? No wardrobe malfunction! Len wants better posture and likes that she showed emotion. Bruno compares it to a mother's embrace and wants her to link her lines. Carrie Ann calls it a live-action lullaby.
Score: 21

Ricki Lake and Derek Hough: rumba
Ricki's year was last year when her house burned down and she was down on love and marriage. She met her current boyfriend, Christian, at the time, who taught her to say "never say never." She chose Sara Bareilles' "Gravity," and the routine will depict the push-pull of the beginning stages of her relationship. Ricki's got some killer legs, or specifically, calves. And now I'm thinking of Johnny Drama getting calf implants. Anyhow, it's a beautiful, sensual routine that again proof that Derek is the best choreographer on the show. Ricki has such natural, fluid rhythm,but she's lacking in the hip department. Bruno basically calls it a poem come to life and says it was the actress-dancer at her best. Carrie Ann says Ricki's on fire. Len congratulates Derek on a great routine and Ricki on dancing it. And they all bust out the 9 paddles. The Golden Boy is officially back!
Score: 27

Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovksiy: cha-cha
Hope's year is this year because of the World Cup, where she learned it was about the journey when the gals didn't win. She picked the team's song "Tonight" by Enrique Iglesias... which is now Auto-Tuned for a futuristic cha-cha? I'm not sure what's going on. Hope has trouble with the sexy moves in rehearsals, but has no trouble getting down and grinding against Maks — and she looks hot doing it. Despite this, there is still a lack of spark between them. She's hesitant on some steps and needs some sharper footwork, but it's a much better performance than last week's seizure-inducing mess. Carrie Ann says it was sexy, but wants her to work on her walk. Len found it too provocative (guess the pills are wearing off?), but thought she executed well. Bruno says she was going for it like a panther, but agrees about the walk.
Score: 24

David Arquette and Kym Johnson: rumba
David chose last year when he split from Courteney and turned to alcohol before getting sober for Coco. He picked "O-o-h, Child" for Coco. It's fake-raining. Oh, I see where this is going. David is going for the open-shirt look. Looks like he got his spray-tan on, but not the waxing. This is a pretty fast rumba, but David keeps up and hits his lines and marks well. There is by far his best dance yet. He's controlled, but still aggressive. It's not an overtly sexy rumba, but rather a sweet and vulnerable one. Len thinks he did a great job. Bruno calls it achingly romantic. Carrie Ann loves his raw emotion. Courteney, Coco, Patricia and Busy Philipps love it!
Score: 24

Ricki and Derek top the leader board with a 27. Chaz and Lacey once again bring up the rear with an 18.

What did you think? Did you shed any tears? Did Ricki deserve the top score? Did Kristin make up a story to dance to "Crazy in Love"? Were you unnerved by happy Len? Can Chaz make another comeback? Do you think the shoe fits for Carson? Who do you think will go home tomorrow?


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It's storytelling time! Dancing with the Stars' Top 10 stars express the most memorable year of their lives through dance. Who cried? And who got the first 9s of the season? Find out below!
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