Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 12, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: The fourth week of performances features celebrities dancing to classical music.
Original Air Date: Apr 11, 2011
Guest Cast David Garrett

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, April 11, 2011 Season 12, Episode 6

The Dancing with the Stars stage gets a makeover as the show debuts its first-ever classical week with a 46-piece orchestra backed by violinist David Garrett and mezzo soprano Katherine Jenkins. How did the couples fare performing to classical tunes? Plus: Who lost their shoe?

Bye-bye, staircase! Hello, orchestra! Are you ready for classical week? Brooke is! She's busted out her prom dress! This could be totally awesome or a complete trainwreck since the rhythm of classical music is so different and doesn't have a defined beat. But if it works, kudos to everyone! Because we have some time to kill, the Dancing troupe performs its interpretation of the paso doble and the waltz to classical music. One more week until 90-minute shows!

Romeo and Chelsie Hightower: paso doble
Romeo's excited for classical week and to show it, he flexes his pec muscles. At this rate, he may dethrone Maks as the most allergic to shirts. He's having trouble nailing the aggressive character, so Chelsie makes him tap into his basketball skills (he was a star player at USC). He dunks a basket with his back to the board from the other side of the court. Show-off! Romeo's making some questionable faces, but dancing-wise, he's powerful and aggressive in his steps. He still needs to fine-tune his lines and some of the holds, though I'm not sure if the latter is a result of the music. I'm still getting used to the "gentler" music for the paso. Len tells him to have some decorum for classical week, jokingly chastising him for stripping at the end. "You don't see me flaunting myself," he says. As for the dancing, he says it was full of attack and wants Romeo to work on technique. Bruno says it's focused, action-packed and six-packed. He gives him props for getting the musical phrasing correctly. Carrie Ann docks points for a lift, but says it's the first time she's seen a paso with swagger.
Score: 23

Kendra Wilkinson and Louis van Amstel: Viennese waltz
Viennese waltz + classical Italian music = sad Kendra. She gets excited when she decides that Italian = mafia. "I'm the godmother of the Viennese waltz, baby," she declares. There's nothing mobster-ish about the routine. Kendra keeps up with the pace and choreography well, but there's something forced about her moves, like she's some music box figurine forced to twirl and spin. Gritting her teeth every 10 seconds doesn't help either. Bruno says she messed up the technique and tells her to live the content and be one with the music. "Become the Black Swan!" he implores. Carrie Ann thinks she's afraid of elegance, but tells her it's no different from sexuality. Len gets the mafia reference: "Katherine Jenkins is a soprano." He plays nice guy to Bruno's Mama Sayers, reminding him that the celebs are beginners.
Score: 18

Sugar Ray Leonard and Anna Trebunskaya: Viennese waltz
Anna is done being nice because they only have a few days to get the routine down. She takes Sugar Ray to ballet school, where he shows up in a leotard. He's got some scrawny legs, no? Not sure how much the ballet class helped, since Ray's technique and posture are still flimsy, but the routine itself is beyond charming and whimsical — totally befitting "Waltz of the Flowers" — that you sort of forgive him for his shortcomings. Carrie Ann says Sugar Ray's sparkle is unbeatable. Len says Ray's turned into the Sugar Plum Fairy and says entertainment factor is just as important as technique. Someone took his happy pills this morning!  Bruno says he played it like Mickey Rooney as a ballerina.
Score: 21

Petra Nemcova and Dmitry Chaplin: paso doble
Petra's angry face = laughing in Dmitry's face, so he sets up a photo shoot for her to bust out her "mean" poses. Love that her and Romeo's field trips fit with their professions/hobbies while Sugar Ray's trip was to ballet. Anyhow, Angry Petra's out in full force and she's tackling the choreography well. The follow-through with her lines is great, but her footwork could use a little more oomph. The model-like strutting in the middle made me laugh, and who didn't see the finale striptease coming from a mile away? Len wants more crispness in her footwork, but he's more impressed than he is depressed. Bruno purrs that he's Carmen the femme fatale and proceeds to strip and writhe against the table. Hide your kids, hide your wife! Carrie Ann says Petra's on a roll.
Score: 23

Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff: waltz
Ralph wants to get his mojo back, though he doesn't think there is anything wrong with his creepy and/or spatula hands. Karina says they will give the judges the sexiness they want since they have the Romeo and Juliet theme. Anyone else surprised they didn't assign this song to Romeo? You know how much they love beating us over the head with the anvil. Anyway, Ralph's hands are neither creepy nor spatula-like. Yay! In fact, his lines are great, as are his frame and posture. His footwork is smooth and he stays in sync with Karina during the side-by-sides. There's no real "sexiness" here as advertised, since they're acting out the dead scene, but there's a lovely, warm quality to it. Bruno says it's totally heartfelt and thanks Ralph for continuing his lines. Carrie Ann says he's so honest when he dances. Len says he's back from the wilderness.
Score: 25

Hines Ward and Kym Johnson: paso doble
Hines has one less day to rehearse because of previous engagements. But that's not the bad news: He's bummed there are no lyrics in the music because that's how he's been timing his steps. Looks like he overcame that! I expected this to be a perfect dance for a strong dude like Hines, and it is. Technique-wise, he's solid and full of attack. I'm not sure if the stone-cold stare is his game face, but he could inject a tad more energy and emotion into it. Carrie Ann says he was in the zone and blabbers some other gibberish with a "touchdown" thrown in there. Len says he's the most determined of all the celebrities. Bruno calls him explosive.
Score: 25

Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas: Viennese waltz
Chelsea doesn't want to be in third place anymore, so Mark is throwing in some "young and fresh" moves when they break hold. Oh, Mark, you and your bag of tricks. You know Len is going to hate it. They have the Harry Potter theme, but Chelsea dressed like she's in some modern remake of Hocus Pocus (original all the way!). Costumes aside, Chelsea's doing a decent job. She has such natural ability and there is an easygoing flow to the routine that was completely absent in Kendra's. The "young and fresh" moves don't really amount to much except what looks like Chelsea's attempts to flutter away. Len loathes the choreography. He berates Mark for not teaching her a 300-year-old dance properly. Still, he liked it because Chelsea's a good dancer. Bruno says it was the best of the night. Carrie Ann agrees with Bruno. They get two 9s. Um, they weren't that good.
Score: 26

Chris Jericho and Cheryl Burke: paso doble
Cheryl thinks Chris' arrogant wrestling character is exactly the type he needs to be in the paso. "I've beaten The Rock, I've beaten John Cena, but tonight, the paso doble, I'm gonna beat you," he says. Ah, they're dancing to "In the Hall of the Mountain King"! Loves it! I totally approve of this for the paso, with the swelling intensity and staccato rhythm. Chris is bringing the 'tude, but he can up the aggression just a tad. On the other hand, his frame and shoulders are strong. He punches through the quick and sharp steps. Bruno says he got the accents in the music well. Carrie Ann says his technique is great. Len says the music conquered him to a chorus of "boos." Guess the happy pills have worn off now. In the celeb-quarium, Brooke asks Chris about being more arrogant. "Cheryl helped me go from Charlie Brown to Charlie Sheen," he says. Winning?
Score: 23

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: waltz
"We fell, we conquered," Kirstie says coarsely. I'm guessing she's sick. She hurts her hip, but it's muscular, so they can work through it. Kirstie's not showing any sign of the injury yet, though it looks like her shoe popped off. How? Unsure. She tries to fix it while she's seated on the floor for a few beats. At least it wasn't a fall, right? Ever the pro, she gets right back into the routine. It's graceful and fluid, but Kirstie doesn't have the same pizzazz as she usually does, and she still needs to polish her footwork. Carrie Ann says she's the queen of unexpected mishaps. Len says everything needs to improve. Bruno thinks she did amazingly well. "Whose shoes come off when they're dancing?!" Kirstie asks in the celeb-quarium. "I'm supposed to be acting like a swan and my shoe comes off!"
Score: 22

Chelsea and Mark top the leader board for the first time with a 26. Kendra and Louis are eight points behind with an 18.

What do you think? Did you like classical week? Is Chelsea the one to beat now? Will Mark ever stop with the theatrics? How skinny are Sugar Ray's legs? How did Kirstie's shoe come off? Will Kendra ever become the Black Swan? How many times will we see Romeo shirtless this season? Who will get the boot tomorrow?

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The Dancing with the Stars stage gets a makeover as the show debuts its first-ever classical week with a 46-piece orchestra backed by violinist David Garrett and mezzo soprano Katherine Jenkins. How did the couples fare performing to classical tunes? Plus: Who lost their shoe?
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