Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 13, Episode 23
Episode Synopsis: The final three couples each perform their favorite dance, and then the final two dance an instant samba before a winner is announced in the 13th-season finale. Also: This season's eliminated contestants return; and Lady Antebellum perform.
Original Air Date: Nov 22, 2011
Guest Cast Lady Antebellum

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2011 Season 13, Episode 23

Dancing with the Stars' top three couples face off for the final time before a new champ is crowned. Plus: The cast returns and someone vogues!

On the menu tonight: two more dances (favorite dance of the season and the Instant samba), the whole cast, and lots and lots of performances and fluff pieces. Oh, and someone will win. It has to be J.R., right? Right. I refuse to believe Rob's late surge will derail this.

Round 1
All three couples will perform their favorite dance of the season. They won't get individual scores, but instead will be ranked, getting 30 points for first place, 28 points for second and 26 points for third. After this, the third place finisher will be named.

Ricki Lake and Derek Hough: tango
Ah, the famous Psycho routine. They got a 29 the first time. I think it sucks when you redo a dance and get a lower score the second time around, which under this scoring system has a 66 percent chance of happening. I'd personally score this lower. It's competent, dramatic and technically proficient, but it's less engaging than the first time. Len loves it. Ricki says it's unforgettable. Ricki calls her a fighter. "It was perfect the first time and it's perfect [the second time]," she crows. Um, if it was perfect the first time, she would've gotten a 30.
Score: 30 points (1st place)
Total: 84

Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke: foxtrot
Rob picks the foxtrot because it was dedicated to his pops. Once a daddy's boy, always a daddy's boy. They got a 24 last time. This is less emotionally wrought than last time and Rob has more pep in his step. He messes up a move at the beginning and is totally obvious about it, but overall it's a smooth, breezy number. Kim (draped in zebra print) and Kris (draped in fake tears) can barely contain their pride! Bruno says Rob made the hiccup look charming. Carrie Ann says everything looks like it comes easy to him now. Len doesn't care about the slip because Rob has the best footwork of any guy he's seen on the show. Uh, say what? Better than J.R.? Emmitt? Drew? Donny? Apolo? How much is Kris paying the judges to blow smoke up his ass?
Score: 26 (3rd place)
Total: 83

J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff: jive
They got a 22 for this way back in Week 2 when Len accused them of doing too much of a lindy hop. So that sequence and the lift are out. Not that it matters because it's still pretty great. It's high-energy, stimulating and is perfect for J.R.'s joyful personality. Carrie Ann calls him a catalyst for joy and misses the lift. Can't have it both ways, woman! Len says he just lights up the room. Bruno gives him three "funs."
Score: 28 (2nd place)
Total: 82

A one-point spread between everyone! Oh, show. Who didn't see this coming? That way they can place the "blame" on fans for not voting if there's a backlash. You guys haven't pulled this stunt in a while.

And now time to crush someone's ballroom dreams. Third place goes to... Ricki and Derek. So Derek kisses his perfect finals record goodbye. He's now 3-1. To my best recollection (which dates back to how long I've been watching this), this is the first time the highest-scoring couple that wasn't tied in first place has gone out in third. But it's not a shocking placement. Ricki's been consistent (she's topped the leader board the most times with six), but she's no match for J.R.'s charisma or the Kardashian fan base.

"I've loved every minute of this," she says, thanking Derek. "I hope I've made my children proud, my fiancé, my family."

J.R. and Karina, and Rob and Cheryl will face off with the Instant samba to Ricky Martin's "Shake Your Bon Bon" (how appropriate for Rob!) They draw Mirrorballs, and J.R. will go first and Rob, second. That's right. Rob Kardashian will dance the final dance of the season. Who had money on that in August? That can only be topped if he wins, which honestly is not out of the question at all.

Parade of Fallen Stars
While they prepare, the season's casualties entertain us. We endure Metta, Elisabetta, Kristin (cute skirt, girl!) and Chynna, who redeems herself by doing the dance that froze her up the first time, before Carson vogues! Yes! Just as the world intended. And it's just as fabulous as it sounds. Plus, Carson gets to check one thing off his bucket list: dancing with a Chmerkovskiy brother (Val). Seriously, guys, hire him. This kicks off the best five minutes ever since Tristan (and Nancy) follow in his Monty Python knight gear (swoon!). Lacey's dad, Buddy, joins her and Chaz for their number and is basically living proof that big guys can move and move well. David and Kym put on a cute little remix of their Grease routine, which is a painful reminder that David ought to have lasted longer on the show. What's more painful? No Coco in the house. Boo! Hope and Maks close it out with a reprise of her "breakthrough" quickstep. And yes, Maks is still dragging her butt around the floor.

Instant Samba
They dance back-to-back (what's the matter, guys? Running out of time in a two-hour show?), and I'll give the edge to J.R. and Karina. He's looser, faster and does some tougher moves, whereas Rob is mostly shaking his bon bon. Also, is it just me or did Rob and Cheryl's segment seem shorter? The judges shower them with praise. Yawn. Bring on the 10s.

J.R. and Karina: 30
Total: 112

Rob and Cheryl: 30
Total: 113

I know, I can't believe it either. Rob still has the lead after all that. But the judges' tongue-bathing and scores notwithstanding, J.R. did bring it on himself for shanking his cha-cha so badly last night. A one-point difference is not much and easy to overcome with fan votes, but this is the Kardashian posse we're talking about here.

The time has finally come. The winners are... J.R. and Karina!

And all is right with the world. J.R.'s a very well-deserved winner and I don't think there's one person outside the Kardashian Klan who would argue this. Good job, America!

"Thank you, America, for believing in us," J.R. says before thanking Karina. "I'm so happy to be a part of your first Mirrorball trophy."

Rob and Cheryl, meanwhile, vow to see each other every day! You mean Kris won't hold a grudge against you for not getting her boy the win? Seriously, though, let's look on the bright side for Rob: He's the only Kardashian with a discernible skill now. Yes, he most likely won't continue to dance, but he can, and that counts for something.

What do you think? Are J.R. and Karina deserving champs? Were you concerned about Rob's high scores? Does Rob have the best footwork of any male celeb in the show's history? (The correct answer is no.) Do you want to vogue with Carson? Will he finally get his hands on Maks? Who do you want to see on the show next season?

Sound off below and have a great holiday!

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Dancing with the Stars' top three couples face off for the final time before a new champ is crowned. Plus: The cast returns and someone vogues!
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