Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 12, Episode 2
Episode Synopsis: The second week of performances.
Original Air Date: Mar 28, 2011

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, March 28, 2011 Season 12, Episode 2

Dancing with the Stars' 11 couples get one more chance to strut their stuff before the first elimination of the season. Did anyone improve? Or regress? Let's find out!

It's the jive or the quickstep for Week 2! Scores and votes from last week will be added to those from this week.

Sugar Ray Leonard and Anna Trebunskaya: jive
Sugar Ray is pumped that the jive is not heavy on posture, but he's having trouble keeping up with the steps. Anna wants him to own the dance, so she's putting in some boxing moves. Thankfully, there aren't that many, just a jab here and there, which are about the only moves Ray is nailing. He's totally out of sync with Anna. The flicks are about half a beat behind and his overall footwork is spastic. He is, however, completely selling it on charm alone, so that may bail him out. Len thinks he's in jeopardy of going home. Hey, man, it wasn't that bad. Cue the boos! He says it lacked dance quality, but he gives him props for the entertainment factor. Bruno says it needs more punch in the feet. Carrie Ann says his face alone gets a 10, but wants him to be sharper with his footwork.
Score: 17 (Total: 34)

Kendra Wilkinson and Louis van Amstel: quickstep
Tomboy Kendra is having a hard time being a lady and has the first mental breakdown of the season! She bawls about the public perception of her as a sexy Playboy model since she's not actually ladylike. Ah, life's so hard! Kendra's no My Fair Lady yet, but this is a huge step in the right direction. There's a pretty elegance to the routine and she's doing a good job of keeping up with the choreography. But there is no conviction in her steps, like she's too nervous to mess up. Bruno says she was too tight. Carrie Ann disagrees and says she's really good at learning choreography and thinks she took a step forward. Len says her chesticles were pushing into Louis ... and did Brooke eye them in the celeb-quarium? Other than that, she did an excellent job, he says. P.S. How badly did the band butcher the Amerie song?
Score: 19 (Total: 37)

Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas: jive
Mark is pushing the choreography because he doesn't want her eliminated first. You mean, you don't want to be eliminated first. "I have a crush on your brain," he tells her. Never heard that pick-up line before. Gimmicky as ever, Mark has concocted some type of creepy funhouse theme for them as they basically mime-dance the routine. Chelsea does a decent job, but this is borderline freestyle. I'm having flashbacks of Nicole and Derek's "Anything Goes" quickstep last year. Carrie Ann doesn't think the choreography was appropriate because she wants to see a pure jive, not contemporary routines. Len docks them for the doors and the lack of jive content. But he says Chelsea has "fantastic potential." Bruno loves the weirdness. Duh. But he cannot completely disagree with his comrades. Backstage, Mark rattles off a laundry list of jive moves he says were in the routine to stick it to the judges. Bitter much?
Score: 18 (Total: 39)

Chris Jericho and Cheryl Burke: quickstep

Cheryl busts out the posture bar to help Chris, who wants his frame to resemble a good ol' (picture) frame from Denmark ... fashioned by a wizard not named Gandalf, but one who sounds pretty close to him. Chris' frame and posture hold up perfectly well throughout the whole routine. This is the best performance so far. He's light on his feet, sturdy, dapper and is flying through the steps with ease. I am also totally feeling that blue on them. You? Len says it was bright and breezy. "Were my chesticles OK, Len?" Chris asks. "They were perfect." Bruno says he got his bum under control. "I love me some Chris Jericho right now," Carrie Ann says.
Score: 23 (Total: 42)

Petra Nemcova and Dmitry Chaplin: jive
Petra's got the basic steps down, but can't handle the steps. So Dmitry takes her to a gymnasium so she gets used to falling. Yes, because landing on cushion is the same as landing on hardwood. They take a bit to get into the routine, but after the striptease (for the guys!), things get good. Petra has lots of potential. She has rhythm and her flicks are decent, if imprecise sometimes. But she's so thin that there's something awkward and gawky about her that prevents her from completely owning the dance. Bruno wants her to work on her core strength. Carrie Ann says she's stunning to look at. Gee, I wonder why. But she agrees with Bruno. Len says there was bad technique, but she did it beautifully.
Score: 18 (Total: 36)

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: quickstep
Kirstie is having trouble being, well, quick. She asks if it's been hard for Maks' skinny partners. He tells her to focus on herself. Kirstie wants to lose 5 pounds each week and has a goal to lose 40 by the end of the season should she make it that far. Maks tells her the quickstep equals 20 pounds. "Yay. Winning," she says. Kirstie's just a natural dancer. She's moving so beautifully across the floor and her foot placement is great. Her posture and lines are also nice. But the cardio proves to be too much for her toward the end and she fumbles a bit. Carrie Ann says she is "so in your element." But she points out the slip-up. Len says she lost energy in the end. Bruno tells her not to worry about the weight when she has talent.
Score: 20 (Total: 43)

Mike Catherwood and Lacey Schwimmer: jive
Mike gives Lacey flowers to apologize for his terrible performance last week. His goal this week: "Explode Len's and Bruno's faces with my fiery dance moves." In all seriousness, he's using his abysmal score as fuel to work harder in rehearsals. And what else shows up in rehearsals? More neon headbands! Mike wastes some time with a guitar before getting into it. His steps are a little clunky and Lacey does a little too much maypole dancing to bide him time, but this is an improvement. He stays in step with her and punctuates the flicks and kicks. Dr. Drew likes it! Len says it's better than last week's. "You were flying about like a wasp at a picnic ... but I was smiling the whole way through it," he says. Bruno says he looked great at times, but looked like a fly stuck on paper at other times. "Carrie Ann, do you have a bug reference too?" Tom quips. Negative. She wants Mike to think of the choreography as a whole routine and wants his feet less turned in.
Score: 17 (Total: 30)

Romeo and Chelsie Hightower: quickstep
Romeo is pumped that he gets to dance closer to Chelsie in the quickstep. But he spends the bulk of the time flaunting his bod to her. Overcompensating much? Chelsie's not having it because she's focused on turning him into a gentleman. Mission accomplished. For the most part. Romeo's frame is still a little weak, but there is no doubt that the kid can dance. His technique is solid and the transitions are fluid. And there's something utterly delightful about the whole routine. Maybe dancing to "You're the One That I Want" helps. Bruno tells him he's the one to watch. Carrie Ann says he has a certain style when he dances, but wants him to be more formal. Len says it was the best dance of the night. "And the British icecap just melted," Tom quips.
Score: 23 (Total: 42)

Wendy Williams and Tony Dovolani: quickstep
Wendy says she took the judges' criticisms to heart and will bring more "Wendy" to the table. She's concerned with all the jumping because of her boobs. There are no wardrobe malfunctions, but that's mostly due to Wendy's lack of, well, movement. Whether it's nerves or what, she's still hesitant and too compact on the footwork. I have to say, Tony is the best pro at slowing down to his partner's speed. Guess that's what happens when you have as many duds as he has. On the plus side, Wendy's brought more sass this time around and gets into the scolding wife character well. Carrie Ann thanks her for bringing Wendy to the floor, but says she lost steam in the middle. Len says it was an improvement. Bruno tells her she can handle his laundry anytime. Oh, you dirty boy! No pun intended.
Score: 17 (Total: 31)

Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff: jive
Ralph feels pressure to deliver on the jive after topping the leader board last week. His kids come to rehearsals to tell him if he sucks. They don't, but they do tell him not to overthink it. Um, how totally adorable that his son's name is Daniel? The Karate Kid lives on! Ralph kicks things off with a little solo and then really gets into it. This is fast, upbeat and energetic, but maybe too much. Ralph is attacking it with gusto, but is losing the technique behind the steps. Still, it's a respectable routine and he sells it completely with his Osmond-esque showmanship. Len liked it, but says Ralph overdid it and it got too frenzied. Cue more boos! "Oh, shut up!" he snips. Tom advises him — again — to eat more fiber. Ha! Bruno says he inhabits the character 110 percent (well, he is an actor) but he agrees with Len and wants Ralph to watch his hands. Carrie Ann wants him to be sharper.
Score: 21 (Total: 45)

Hines Ward and Kym Johnson: quickstep
Hines has weak shoulders thanks to his football injuries. Kym, meanwhile is picking up some American slang from Hines, including "What's up, playa?" and "What's up, shorty?" Somehow, they sound adorable with an Aussie accent. Hines is another natural on the floor. He's graceful and smooth, and his feet are so light they're barely touching the floor. Somehow they both get lipstick on their faces. Bruno calls him a full-time dancer. Carrie Ann says Emmitt Smith has to retire his title of Twinkle Toes for Hines. And then she makes some farting noise. Seriously. Len is very impressed by his movement.
Score: 23 (Total: 44)

So once again, Ralph and Karina top the leader board, while Mike and Lacey bring up the rear.

What did you think? Who improved the most? When will Mark kill the gimmicks? Has Kendra become a lady? Did Romeo become a gentleman? Did Chris keep his chesticles in check? Is Ralph the next Donny Osmond? Who will get eliminated Tuesday?

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Dancing with the Stars' 11 couples get one more chance to strut their stuff before the first elimination of the season. Did anyone improve? Or regress? Let's find out!
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