Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 13, Episode 16
Episode Synopsis: The seventh week of performances features couples performing dances with Halloween themes, as well as team dances.
Original Air Date: Oct 31, 2011

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, Oct. 31, 2011 Season 13, Episode 16

Dancing with the Stars' top 6 take the stage on Halloween for some spooky routines and team dances. Who was frighteningly good? Who was just frightening? And did Rob give his family some good news today? Find out below!

First of all, is Brooke channeling Elvira or Lea Michele? I'm not sure which would be better. Anyhow, we've got individual and team dances on deck. Team dance scores will be added to individual scores.

David Arquette and Kym Johnson: cha-cha
They have "Abracadabra," so they're doing a combo of Dracula and a magician. David brings in Todd Karr, an illusionist to show off some tricks. And maybe how to shake his hips too? The routine starts off a little slow, but that may be because I couldn't tear my eyes away from Kym's lacey one-piece that started sprouting fringe. Illusion, see? David's footwork is decent and he has a nice frame in hold, but he gets off pace when they're out of hold. His hip action is tolerable, but there's no magic to it (no pun intended). The whole thing overall could use some more oomph and polish. Len says he's turned himself into a dancer, but thinks he needs more rhythm. Bruno says he's a master at turning tricks before Carrie Ann the kitty cat tries to cut him off. "Carrie Ann, you naughty little pussy[cat]," he tells her. Carrie Ann loves his improvement.
Score: 24

J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff: tango
"When you build a house, you build the f------ foundation," Karina yells at J.R. in rehearsals. And I think that's all we need to say about that. They're doing Ghostbusters, with J.R. doing the busting, so naturally Karina dresses like a feather duster. Yeah, I'm not sure what's going on either, but I'm pretty sure those Cirque du Soleil people wear those nude, strategically covered body suits, no? Anyway, this is a good performance, but not a great one, especially from someone like J.R. It's a tad unrefined, rushed and he falls out of sync a few times. Guess he didn't build that f------ foundation. Bruno says he lost timing a few times. Carrie Ann thinks they captured the tone. Len calls it substandard to what he expects from J.R.
Score: 25

Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus: jive
Nancy says she knows the judges will be waiting for her to mess up. Oh, how well you know them. They're dancing to "The Devil Went Down to Georgia." Do with that what you will. Nancy's got the 'tude down (surprise!), but her footwork is way, way off. Her jives and flicks are all over the place, and Tristan is, like, five paces ahead of her. Speaking of, Tristan makes a hot Irish devil. Carrie Ann says she had a not-so good day. Len says the jive is not a good dance for her. Bruno loves the spirit, but agrees her footwork was off.
Score: 21

Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke: tango
No mention of The Most Expected News Ever. They have The Addams Family. "It's like the Kardashian family," Rob says. "I don't think they're creepy, but they're kooky." Only because it starts with a "K," right? Dare I say this is the best dance of the night so far — yes, even better than J.R.'s Rob's form is nearly perfect. The footwork is sharp, precise, and he's full of controlled aggression. Plus, he's weirdly pulling off that pencil mustache. In lieu of Kris and Bruce, who are no doubt going over Kim's prenup as we speak, Kourtney, Scott and Mason are in the house tonight to ensure at least two Kardashians are on screen every week. Len says Rob did a terrific job. Bruno says he's never been so manly and in control. Carrie Ann says it's his best dance so far. #ThingsLongerThanKimsMarriage? Rob's Dancing run.
Score: 25

Ricki Lake and Derek Hough: paso doble
Ricki's ribs hurt, so she goes to the doctor. She has an inflamed nerve and the doc would normally prescribe weeks of rest. Alas, Ricki can't do that, so she must suck it up. So, uh, is a corset the best thing to wear with an inflamed rib? Ricki sure doesn't look in pain. Rob's reign is short-lived: This is the best dance so far. She's full of attack, has gorgeous lines, extensions, and footwork. It's far from the best paso Derek's done, but it's definitely the highlight of the night. Bruno calls it a blizzard of passion and fear. Carrie Ann loves her shaping, but warns her of rising shoulders. Len, ditto on the shapes. Then he starts screaming about whipping or some such quite emphatically. Easy, Bruno wannabe. "I think you just took 20 years off of him," Tom quips.
Score: 27

Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: samba
Maks brings Teddy in to help Hope. Because he has a bum toe. And because he can't deal with her anymore too? This also frees him up to dress up as WereMaks to get her into the Halloween spirit and complain about Hope having a better time with Teddy than with him. Ah, I see how the storyboarding went this week. Also a howl? Maks wearing a tux — cumberbund included — without the shirt. Maybe Teddy should sub in more often. Hope doesn't look completely awkward for once. She's still slightly awkward, but she's more light on her feet and is not lumbering around the whole time. The lack of samba rolls, while difficult, is glaring, and there's not much "party" to this party dance. Carrie Ann says it's better than their Toy Story dance. Len says Hope coped well with the difficulty. Hey now, isn't that an "A" for effort critique, Maks? Bruno says she was dancing as if her life depended on it. So no live mention at all of last week's kerfuffle and now Len goes easy on the critique? Hmm...
Score: 24

Team Dances

Team Tango: J.R. and Karina, David and Kym, and Nancy and Tristan
They're going for an insane asylum theme, all the way down to straightjackets. Nancy and Tristan start the solos off super slowly before leading into David and Kym. This was David's highest-scoring individual dance, but he's totally stiff here for some reason. J.R. and Karina, of course, close with some air-humping and hip-thrusting. Didn't know that was part of the tango. The group formation is slightly better, but overall, this is a hot mess. Len loves the group section, but the individual performances were disasters. Bruno agrees because everyone made mistakes. Carrie Ann concurs.
Score: 23

Team Paso Doble: Ricki and Derek, Rob and Cheryl, Hope and Maks
Maks doesn't recruit Teddy for help here, but perhaps he should've given how he manhandles and tosses Hope aside, and walks out of rehearsals. Derek the Golden Boy, of course, steps in to help her. So the message of the day is: Imagine how Hope could've done with a different partner. They're dancing to "Bring Me to Life." I'm sorry, is it 2003? Why is this show obsessed with this song? Rob and Cheryl kick things off nicely and then pass the baton to Hope and Maks. Hope spends about 10 seconds sitting on the floor at one point. I see what you're doing there, Maks. Ricki and Derek pack a powerful punch to close before the group formation. They somehow stay in sync with the cape-flinging, which should score, like, 8 points alone. The routine is far more exciting, dramatic and elaborate. Bruno loves that everybody went for it. Carrie Ann hearts it too. Len thinks their individual parts were fantastic.
Score: 26

That means Ricki and Derek top the leader board with a 53, while Nancy and Tristan are last with a 44.

What did you think? Did you enjoy Halloween Week? Was it a trick or a treat? Was Team Paso better than Team Tango? Did you enjoy David's magic tricks? Did WereMaks scare you? Should Teddy replace Maks permanently as Hope's partner? Does Tristan make a handsome devil? Did Rob redeem the Kardashian family name (for today anyway)? Who do you think will leave tomorrow?

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Dancing with the Stars' top 6 take the stage on Halloween for some spooky routines and team dances. Who was frighteningly good? Who was just frightening? And did Rob give his family some good news today? Find out below!
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