Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 13, Episode 14
Episode Synopsis: The sixth week of performances features contestants dancing to Broadway songs. Also: Kristin Chenoweth performs.
Original Air Date: Oct 24, 2011
Guest Cast Kristin Chenoweth

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, Oct. 24, 2011 Season 13, Episode 14

Dancing with the Stars hits the Great White Way! The top 7 couples perform routines to Broadway's biggest hits. Plus: We get our first group dance of the season and Kristin Chenoweth's in the house!

Hey, guys! Carson's still around! To make up for his cruel elimination one week before Broadway Week, he became "creative director" of the group dance. "Those who can't dance teach," he says. And grope Maks, right?

But first, the individual routines:

Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke: cha-cha
They have Jersey Boys. The moves are tough on his body and his brain. That shouldn't be hard, right? Kris Jenner stops by rehearsals for a cameo to commend her brave boy and order him to kick some ass. I have to say Rob looks quite snazzy in his glittery red vest. They waste a few bars hamming it up before getting into it. It's a very safe routine and Rob does a decent job. He has good posture and clean lines, but it's all kind of monotonous aka the opposite of a cha-cha. His family loves it, even Kim, who stands for once! Len says it was precise, but says he had no rhythm. Bruno thinks it lacked impact. Carrie Ann thinks he showed more charisma and he's on the cusp of being a man. "You're like a late-college bloomer," she says. "I graduated," Rob replies. We need to start a drinking game with how often he mentions going to USC.
Score: 22

Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus: foxtrot
They have Spamalot and Tristan is dressed up as a knight and looks positively dishy. Tristan! Be my knight in shining armor! They bicker about doing more difficult choreography. I really love how their fights have gone from cringe-worthy to entertaining and only slightly cringe-worthy. The choreography is not that much harder, but Nancy is having her way with it. Could it be? She actually looks like she's having fun! Technique-wise, Nancy needs to be lighter on her feet and have better posture, but the routine is a cheeky delight. Bruno says it was a job well done. Carrie Ann calls it a showstopper. Len can't hide his smile, but wishes more of the dance was in hold.
Score: 24

David Arquette and Kym Johnson: quickstep
They're dancing to Grease. David loves Broadway, so he's happy to do jazz hands, which are "giving life that extra pah." Oh, David. You're almost as innocent as Coco. It's adorable. Also adorable: this performance. It's exuberant, peppy and charming, and David's frame is solid. Unfortunately, it comes apart a little when they're out of hold and they get out of sync. I can't tell if the routine is too fast for David or he can't harness his energy to stay in check. Still, it's a very respectable outing.  Carrie Ann says he completely lived up to their expectations, but says they were out of sync. Len says it was rough around the edges, but it was full-on. Bruno calls him a frisky teenager on spring break.
Score: 23

Ricki Lake and Derek Hough: quickstep
They have Guys and Dolls. Ricki is determined to make a comeback after last week and she's gunning for J.R. because he has the quickstep too. Ugh. Can we just put the two of them in the final already? The show's love of Derek (and his nude porn 'stache) aside, Ricki does deserve to be there, just based on this routine. It's dynamic, lightning fast and she's killing all the steps without losing a step. Len says she proved her talent and nitpicks on something small. Bruno says there was impeccable style with outstanding choreography. Carrie Ann calls it poetry in motion.
Score: 29

Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer: tango
They have The Phantom of the Opera. Cher loves the play, so Chaz is excited in the most subdued way possible. The choreography? Not so much. "At this stage in the game, I can't make things super basic," Lacey reprimands him. "You cannot rely on me to get you through this anymore. ... You have to up the game." And... he doesn't. There is slightly more content, but this is like a remedial dance. It's too slow, dull, and Chaz's form is awful. It's not to the point where Lacey's dragging him, but judging by his profuse sweating and heavy breathing afterward, you have to wonder how close he was to passing out. Bruno says it was like watching a penguin trying to be menacing. Carrie Ann agrees with Bruno, but says the show is about each person's journey and thinks this was the most aggressive Chaz has been. She echoes Lacey's speech about having tougher choreography. Len commends him for doing the routine, but says the dance didn't suit his personality. Can we put a moratorium on giving Chaz a pat on the back for getting through a dance? You don't applaud everyone else for doing so, and I'm sure he doesn't want your pity either. Why does he get an A+ for effort and no one else does?
Score: 19

Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: rumba

They have Rent. Hope says she didn't mean it when she cried last week about not wanting to be there anymore. She just wants to improve instead of getting the same score every week. Maks brings in three troupe girls to teach Hope to be sexy. She gets sexy right away, but once the girls leave, she falls back into athlete mode. "Everybody else may have lost faith in you becoming an amazing dancer, but I'm the only one who hasn't," Maks tells her. OK, Hope isn't totally sexy here, but she handles the vulnerability aspect of the character well and seems a little more loose and less nervous. That being said, girlfriend is still awkwardly clodhopping around, there is zero hip action, and that oversized shawl is doing her no favors. I think my grandma knitted that in 1994. Carrie Ann says she allowed herself to be sexy for the first time, but thinks she forces the moves too much. Len is at a loss. "You may not believe this, Hope, but I have never lost faith in you," he says. And then buries the lead: "This is the worst dance of yours the whole season." Whoa. That was way harsh, Tai. He lays into Maks, who, naturally fires back about all the celebs busting their butts and protecting his partner. They bitterly talk over each other for what feels like 10 minutes before Tom the Mediator intervenes. Awkward! Bruno says she was doing heel leads and the whole thing didn't gel. "I'm tired of some being judged on heel leads and some being judged on effort," Maks tells Brooke later. Preach it.
Score: 20

J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff: quickstep
They have Chicago. Karina wants to prove that J.R. is not a fluke so she's amping up the choreography. Uh, I think we've known since, like, Week 2 he's not a fluke. J.R., meanwhile, doesn't want Ricki or anyone else near his top spot on the leader board. J.R. makes for the best Billy Flynn since Richard Gere. He's uber-dapper and unsurprisingly is breezing through this. The footwork is impeccable, the chemistry is sizzling and he even tosses in a cartwheel. The only downside of this is that I'm reminded of Bristol's abominable rendition of "Cell Block Tango." OK, focus. That was the past. Len says he's relentless and says he comes close to Helio's quickstep. Bruno calls it a hit. Carrie Ann says Bob Fosse would've been proud.
Score: 29

Filler time! But this is one of the better ones since it's Kristin Chenoweth performing. I want Cheno's shoes! Also: Watch her new show GCB when it premieres midsesaon.

Group Dance
This whole performance is just for fun (and to fill up the full two hours), so there won't be scores. Kevin Maher choreographs a medley to "Big Spender" from Sweet Charity and "Money Money" from Cabaret. Carson's duties as creative director include helping the ladies channel their inner prostitute and embracing Maks when he trips. Did we expect any less? The number is a slick ode to Broadway. The group section was great and their individual parts were obviously geared to their own abilities, which is basically another way to confirm that Chaz is way out of his league. I do love how conservatively Nancy is dressed compared to the other ladies, but then she goes and does a flip in Tristan's arms. Jealous! Len thinks it was a fitting tribute. Bruno loves it. Carrie Ann gives Nancy bonus points for her "extra special move." I'm just going to stay away from that one.

So J.R. and Ricki top the night with a 29. Chaz is 10 points behind with 19.

What did you think of Broadway Week? Did you like the group number? Did Ricki make a solid comeback? Were the judges out of line with their comments to Hope? Are you Team Maks or Team Len? Will the judges ever stop treating Chaz with kid gloves? Do you want Tristan to be your knight in shining armor? Was Carson a good "creative director"? Do we need a Rob Kardashian Went to College, Dontcha Know? drinking game? Who do you think will get the boot?

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Dancing with the Stars hits the Great White Way! The top 7 couples perform routines to Broadway's biggest hits. Plus: We get our first group dance of the season and Kristin Chenoweth's in the house!
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