Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 13, Episode 12
Episode Synopsis: The fifth week of performances features contestants dancing to songs from the 1980s.
Original Air Date: Oct 17, 2011
Guest Cast The Bangles

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, Oct. 17, 2011 Season 13, Episode 12

Grab your legwarmers! (We miss you, Edyta!) It's '80s Week on Dancing with the Stars as the top 8 perform to the decade's biggest hits. Did Ricki top the leader board for the fourth straight week? Or did someone dethrone her?

Good to see that Brooke has clearly borrowed a dress from the Dynasty collection. She's certainly got the catty 'tude down after The Berge flashed her super-tweezed photo from the '80s. Have a sense of humor, girl.

Because we're at the halfway point of the show (and because we need to fill time for an unnecessary two-hour broadcast), the judges will also offer their advice for the remaining couples.

Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: tango
Carrie Ann wants Hope to focus on the music for her natural sexiness to shine through. Hope says she's offended by Len's comment last week that she's not devoted, but she's pumped for the tango because it's about love-hate, a la her relationship with Maks (and the judges). The last part was mine. Hope comes out in a vinyl trench before taking it off to reveal her fishnet glory. Unfortunately, Maks keeps his fur-trimmed jacket on. Sigh. Had he not, the routine would've been 103 times more memorable. But it's kind of blah. Hope is attacking the steps, but she's still awkward and disconnected from Maks. There's no heat and Maks is just tossing her around at points. If that's not bad enough, the band totally butchered Bon Jovi. Len says Hope was too willowy, but loves the aggression. Bruno says she's got the super bitch down to the T. Carrie Ann thinks Len and Bruno were each right.
Score: 24

Carson Kressley and Anna Trebunskaya: jive
Bruno says Carson cannot look sloppy. Uh, isn't that true for everybody? Carson is worried about having a bad week after seeing Chynna bite it. Dude, you've had, like, three bad weeks already. The upbeat-ness of the jive could be a good one for Carson, especially since they've got Wham!, which they've decided to pair with a cheerleader theme with glittery outfits and yellow pom poms. But it's more SNL Spartan cheerleaders than Bring It On. Carson is still 100 percent pure entertainment and 10 percent technique. He does nail a cartwheel, but that doesn't make up for being out of sync for half of the dance. Richard Simmons hearts it... or the outfits at least. Bruno says it was loonier than the Looney Tunes. Carrie Ann didn't see technique. Len says if he were judging with his heart, Carson would be back next week, but he has to judge with his head, and with that, he's not sure. "Let's let America decide!" Carson cheers.
Score: 19

Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus: rumba
Len loved Nancy's quickstep (for the non-wardrobe malfunction?), but doesn't want her to sex it up like she did in the paso for the rumba. Yeah, good luck with that, for the dance of the bedroom. Nancy still doesn't listen to Tristan in rehearsals because when he's talking, "I can't listen to my feelings." When you have a hot Irishman talking to you, you always listen, Nancy. The whole thing is very age-appropriate, which ought to make old-fashioned Len happy. But there's no chemistry between them, except for the resentment emanating from Nancy. Carrie Ann finds it drab. Len likes the simplicity, which was effective. Bruno thinks it was sexy and not slutty.
Score: 22

J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff: samba
Bruno says if J.R. nails the samba, unlike Karina's past partners (did we really need to see Steve Wozniak's worm again?), he will be back on top. J.R. is hoping his Latin background will come into play, but struggled with the moves, so they hit up the Conga Room. And of course, they have "Conga." This was not planned at all! J.R. (or Jose Rene) is going for the Miami Vice look, but drops the jacket early on. Might as well so we can get a good look at those hips, and he is workin' them. Everything is working: the butt, the samba rolls, the footwork. Can we just pencil J.R. into the final now? Len basically says he's the barometer against which all future male celeb sambas will be measured. Bruno calls his crotch a volcano. Carrie Ann says it's muy caliente.
Score: 28

Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke: rumba
Len wants to see Rob take command of the floor. Cheryl admits she didn't think they would make it this far and doesn't think Rob can be sexy like Maks and Val in the rumba. Most encouraging teacher ever! She brings in Romeo to show Rob some hot moves. Rob is no Romeo or a romeo, but dare I say he's got some chemistry with Cheryl here, punctuated with about 95 butt grabs. But he puts forth another decent performance. He's smooth and controlled but there's almost zero hip action and he's not finishing his lines. I do hate the repeated "abrupt head thrust into the shoulder" that's supposed to come off as sensual and lusty. Who does that in real life? Bruno says he's a heartthrob. Get it? Carrie Ann says he was sturdy on his feet and sexy as hell. Len says he pulled it off.
Score: 25

Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer: samba
Carrie Ann says Chaz has to push the limits... and lo and behold, he's too shy to shake his butt. So Lacey brings in her dad, Buddy, to show Chaz that big guys can shake it too. They waste a few bars messing around at the pseudo bar, but once they get into it, it's actually not all bad. It's definitely the most dancing Chaz has done so far, and he keeps up with the steps and the below-the-waist action. Speaking of below the waist, dude's fly is totally open. Carrie Ann loves the content. Len calls it a gallant effort. Bruno says he was giving the wiggle and did very well following a tough act in J.R.
Score: 21

David Arquette and Kym Johnson: tango
Carrie Ann wants David to find balance and wants him to believe he's sexy. David, who graffiti-paints a Mirrorball (I'd pay some moolah for that), says rehearsals are coming easier to him now. He's also way more serious and pooh-poohs Kym's break of hold. "It's like ordering fish and not getting chips," he says in his best Len impression. So they don't break hold, and it's a pretty nice routine. It's strong, aggressive with good placement, hold and frame. And for once, David doesn't seem like he's trying so desperately hard, but rather letting it all flow. The '80s punk rock outfits aren't too shabby either, even with Kym's leopard-print boy-cut underwear. Len says he's shown up and it was fantastic. And Coco goes crazy. Bruno loves the rebel 'tude. Carrie Ann wants him to work on his musicality, drawing the wrath of Len before daddy Tom breaks them up.
Score: 25

Ricki Lake and Derek Hough: foxtrot
Am I blind or did they not air a judge's advice segment for Ricki? Way to be blatant about it, guys. Ricki feels the pressure of maintaining the lead, so John Waters stops by to loosen her up. First of all, how great does Ricki look (the '80s prom dress notwithstanding)? This whole thing is kind of weird and is slightly reminiscent of Nicole and Derek's not-really-a-quickstep quickstep. They toss in The Running Man and the Roger Rabbit, during which Ricki falls hopelessly out of sync. She's really all over the place and Derek pulls a Mark and out-dances her at some points. In their defense, "Easy Lover" is a horrible song for a foxtrot. Bruno says she went off sequence. Carrie Ann loves how they work as a team, but agrees with Bruno. Len doesn't appreciate The Running Man in the foxtrot and says the footwork was hit and miss.
Score: 24

So after three weeks in second place, J.R. and Karina top the leader board with a 28, and Carson and Anna are nearly 10 points behind with a 19.

What did you think? Did everyone do the '80s justice? Do J.R.'s hips not lie? Are you glad Chaz actually danced through a whole routine? How endearing was it that David fretted over breaking hold? And how amazing was his Len impression? Would you ever not listen to Tristan? Who do you think is leaving tomorrow?

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Grab your legwarmers! (We miss you, Edyta!) It's '80s Week on Dancing with the Stars as the top 8 perform to the decade's biggest hits. Did Ricki top the leader board for the fourth straight week? Or did someone dethrone her?
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