Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 12, Episode 12
Episode Synopsis: The seventh week of performances.
Original Air Date: May 2, 2011

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, May 2, 2011 Season 12, Episode 12

Dancing with the Stars' remaining six couples tackle two dances this week: a solo and a team number. Plus, world Latin champion Donnie Burns joins the panel as a guest judge. Who made a rise to the top? Who fell? Find out below!

No theme this week, but it's still jam-packed with a bunch of dancing (or filler, depending on how you look at it). Two ballroom legends will coach the couples and 16-time (not a typo) undefeated world Latin champion Donnie Burns will serve as guest judge. Anyone else thinks he looks like Martin Short's white-haired twin?

In a twist (!), we kick things off with the team cha-cha dances. The two highest scorers so far, Hines and Chelsea, picked their cohorts last week.

Team Chelsea (Chelsea and Mark, Ralph and Karina, Romeo and Chelsie)
Ralph is the cha-cha virgin, so Romeo and Chelsea show him the ropes. He's also the oldie of the group, but hey, everyone looks young and edgy in pleather, right? And pleather totally goes with "Born This Way"! Romeo gets the first solo and does it well. I'm not going to lie — I spent most of it wondering if he would take off his shirt (again). Ralph follows and does his best hip action, but spends, like, half of the dance groping Karina's leg. He also looks more geeky than cool and hot. Chelsea closes the solos, and naturally, Mark out-dances and out-gesticulates her. Still, she's easily the sharpest out of all three. Their formation is tight and the patterns are eye-catching, but Ralph is noticeably the least bold out of all of them. Len loves it. Bruno starts humming "Bad Romance." Get your Gaga straight! He thinks they lost formation. Carrie Ann disagrees and says Ralph held his own against the young'uns. Donnie says they did a great job and while Ralph fluffed some moves, it didn't affect the formation overall.
Score: 30

Team Hines (Hines and Kym, Kirstie and Maks, Kendra and Louis)
Kirstie points out they're the team "with the most butt." Kirstie and Maks arrive to the second rehearsal without a solo. Naughty! Louis thinks the team's maturity makes them superior to Team Chelsea. And then Kendra farts. They're dancing to "We R Who We R," which calls for pink fringe and copper silk. Kendra gets the first solo and is still stiff in the legs, but, of course, lets loose with the booty-shaking. Kirstie and Maks' last-minute solo is crisp and on-point, but there's nothing particularly exciting about it. Hines closes it out with a decent number and more butt action. The big finish includes more shimmying, a circle formation and some fun patterns, but they were not as in sync as Team Chelsea was. Bruno says a little bit of extra butt doesn't hurt. Carrie Ann says Kirstie's arms were late in the group, but says she was on fire in her solo, but Kendra was opposite. Donnie points out they weren't equidistant in formation. Cue the boos! Len says Kendra was shaken over stirred.
Score: 30

Those scores were so planned down to the tee. You know it. Anyhow, the legendary ballroom coaches? Luca Baricchi and Shirley Ballas, aka Mark's mom. Yeah, this won't be biased at all.

Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas: paso doble
Peppy Chelsea isn't channeling the proper aggression, so Shirley pops in. "Take hold of him! Get his hair!" she orders before getting all up in her face. How creepy are Mama Ballas' eyes? I think they ate my soul. After two weeks of playing it straight, these two are back to bending the rules. The S&M get-up says it all, though I would like to get my hands on those thigh-high boots. It's an entertaining and overly dramatic routine (a Ballas M.O.!), and Chelsea is bringing it and does her best "mean" face. But there's something unnatural about her personification. Technique-wise, she doesn't miss a step. Pia likes it! Len is confused. Bruno calls her the ball-breaker. "It was like a Quentin Tarantino paso doble," he crows. Carrie Ann thinks it was progressive. Donnie is also confused. "I got Hell's Angels" instead of a matador, he says. Mark sulks and throws in some 'tude in the celeb-quarium, listing off all the paso moves in their routine for Len. I'm surprised they can even fit the audience in the studio with the size of Mark's ego.
Score: 34
Total: 64

Kendra Wilkinson and Louis van Amstel: tango
Kendra wants to go into the tango with the same energy she had in the samba. Louis ups the degree of difficulty in the choreography, but Kendra's confidence is low. Luca drops in and tells her she has to feel the dance with her body. It doesn't sound as corny in an Italian accent. This is the most graceful Kendra's ever looked. Guess she's finally over her "elegant" insecurity. Her footwork is slightly better, but she's still clunky and wooden through half the dance. She needs to work on her lines and frame though. Bruno says she looks elegant and sexy, but wants her to work on her upper carriage. Carrie Ann is so proud of her. Donnie says she did a bloody good job. Len gives her kudos for tackling the challenging choreography, but wants her to be more crisp.
Score: 31
Total: 61

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: jive
Shirley taught Maks and Val back in the day and basically comes in to teach Kirstie how to shake it. Maks wants to push her, but she gets frustrated and tosses a tree. This is going to be the true cardio test for Kirstie. The jive is no joke. And unfortunately, it's not going well. At all. She's fun and flirty and is totally selling the dance on charm alone, but the jive is almost MIA. Her kicks and flicks are weak and she's going out of sync with Maks, who, God bless him, is dancing to her slower speed. Oh, Kirstie. At least you didn't fall. Carrie Ann says there wasn't enough jive, but says she looks amazing. Donnie buys it. "What you have is talent between the steps and you fill it with the spirit of who you are," he says. This guy is good. Len says it was fun and playful, but says it was the most uneventful jive. Bruno says she was superb as an entertainer.
Score: 30
Total: 60

Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff: quickstep
Ralph wants the quickstep to be their comeback. Luca rambles something sexy in his Italian accent, which sounds like sound advice. Ralph's body is taking a beating with all of the, uh, quick steps. Unlike Kirstie, he has no trouble keeping pace and nailing the steps. His footwork is clean and taut throughout. It's an exuberant and bewitching number and totally up his alley. And they don't fall! Yay! Donnie basically says he had sex on the floor. I'd agree except for the dorky smile Ralph had on his face the whole time. Len wants his upper body more stable. Bruno says he's a great performer. Carrie Ann throw him a "booyah!"
Score: 36
Total: 66

Hines Ward and Kym Johnson: tango
Luca dances with Hines, making him nervous about whether he's the man or woman. Jerome Bettis also visits to... well, mostly laugh in his face. Hines is looking good in the white jacket. For once, he's not flashing his pearly whites (as he shouldn't be), befitting the dramatic mood. Hines got the push-and-pull of the tango down pat and has some great chemistry with Kym. The footwork is solid, but he seemed to go soft here and there. Len likens him to a pickle and a fairy. Don't ask. But he still likes it. Bruno loves the light and shade and starts writhing. Carrie Ann says he takes command of every dance, but says he was off-balance at points. Donnie compares his arms to American Airlines, but likes it overall.
Score: 36
Total: 66

Romeo and Chelsie Hightower: samba
For such a flirt, Romeo isn't going all out with the party dance in rehearsal. Leave it to Shirley to save the day put telling him to grab and writhe against her hips. "I love this," he says. I bet you do. The routine is fast and vibrant with lots of hip action, but it's severely lacking in the samba department. Where are the rolls and bounces? Romeo's also missing his usual charisma out there for whatever reason. Someone get Shirley on the floor ASAP! Bruno says there's definitely fire down below, but calls him out on improper bounces. Carrie Ann says there's another type of bouncing going on. Awkward silence. Donnie says he has an earthquake in his shoes. Len hates it and tells him he needs to up his game. He flashes an 8 paddle, but actually meant a 7.
Score: 30
Total: 60

Ralph and Hines are tied at the top with a 66, while Kirstie and Romeo bring up the bottom with a 60.

What did you think? Did you like the legends of the ballroom? Was the episode unnecessarily long?  How much Dancing wisdom does Donnie have? Is Kendra finally stepping it up? Has Kirstie lost it? Which Team Cha-Cha was your favorite? Did Shirley try to sabotage anyone else to prop up her golden child? How freaky are her eyes? How long before Pia and Mark are paired for Season 13? Who do you think is getting the boot tomorrow?

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Dancing with the Stars' remaining six couples tackle two dances this week: a solo and a team number. Plus, world Latin champion Donnie Burns joins the panel as a guest judge. Who made a rise to the top? Who fell? Find out below!
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