Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 12, Episode 11
Episode Synopsis: The sixth-round results show. Performers include New Kids on the Block, the Backstreet Boys and recent "American Idol" castoff Pia Toscano.
Original Air Date: Apr 26, 2011
Guest Cast The Backstreet Boys Pia Toscano New Kids on the Block

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Tuesday, April 26, 2011 Season 12, Episode 11

It's guilty pleasures week and there's an American Idol cast-off and a boy super-band in the house. Sounds about right! Come, let's see if anyone's still holding onto their dignity by the time this hour's up...

Tom Bergeron proclaims this a "jam-packed night" and then immediately makes good on his word by throwing to a performance from the nostalgia-fueled supergroup New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys. There are about 5,000 people onstage. OK, nine, but this conglomerate is looking more like a K-Pop legion and less like a boy band. This kind of epic, unlikely match-up probably has the same effect on a segment of the population's blood pressure as a Justice League/X-Men union would have on that of the bad guys: pulses quicken and adrenalin throbs in their wake. NKOTBSB (or the Panty Droppers, for short) perform their single "Don't Turn Out the Lights." Oh, don't worry boys, we won't: more than half the fun of this is just looking at you. Always was. Most of the members get a brief couplet of the song. It's like "We Are the World" but with slightly less hubris. Shaky voices abound. Always did. Nick Carter sounds best.

Do we blame masochism or simple desperation on the fact that this group is performing during guilty pleasures week? I hope none of them feel guilty about being regarded as guilty pleasures. I worry about the self-images of stars who are past their prime ... and then I think about how big a killing these guys are making in ticket sales and then I don't feel so bad.

We see some backstage footage of the two couples at the top of the leaderboard: Chelsea Kane/Mark Ballas and Romeo/Chelsie Hightower. We find out that Mark injured his leg while practicing yesterday, while Chelsie had to pee. One of these things is more worrisome than the other, but I'm not saying which! In an interview that took place after judging, Romeo removed his shirt while chanting, "I got a 10!" What a mixed-up guy: usually doing well means you get to keep your clothes on. Just ask former-Playboy-model-turned-reality-star-turned-household-name Kendra!

First safe couples:
Romeo and Chelsie
Chelsea and Mark

We get a live flashback to Kendra and Louis' jiggle-samba, which Len says was hot. And so it is all over again.

Romeo says that a 10 felt like when he asked Halle Berry out and she said yes, and also that it means that he doesn't have to go Krazy Glue Len's teeth together. He amends each of these with an unconvincing, "No," which may or may not indicate that he's joking. Nobody knows; fewer care. Karina, meanwhile, is stressed about her fall last night. Brooke compliments Ralph on handling himself well, and he points out that the fall was a mishap, not a mistake. But the real question is: was it a blunder and/or an accident, as well?

We switch to an onstage segment in which Hines/Kym and Kirstie/Maksim are supposed to line up behind Tom, and they're nowhere to be found. It doesn't matter because Tom's throwing to both couples' recap package, but he keeps mentioning it and drawing attention to their momentary absence, which will obviously be straightened out once the clip package is done. Stop trying to make being stood up happen, Bergeron!

Next safe couples:
Hines and Kym
Kirstie and Maksim

Filler time! We see a package about what the troupe does to prepare each week. "Everything has to be in sync," says someone. Yeah, we've got that. Even those of us who haven't learned a damn thing about dancing regardless of the hours we've invested in this thing have gotten that. Whatever, I guess she meant well. Everyone needs a little over-explanation sometimes.

Tonight's Macy's Stars of Dance is in preparation for the Royal Wedding, for those of us who won't be able to wake up at 4 am. Thank you, Dancing with the Stars for saving me sleep ... and in the process, giving me nightmares. This slice of theater takes place on an Astroturf-upholstered platform sporting a giant tree. Children dance to "Stand by Me." A pair of them is particularly flirty. Flash forward to what's supposed to be the flirty kids' wedding with adults standing (or really, dancing) in for them. This is funky and generational! And then: old people back on the Astroturf. Is this in tribute to the Royal Wedding or Up? If one of them dies and "Stand by Me" is slowed down to funeral tempo, I may lose it. Luckily, everyone seems safe. We end back on the kids. It was all a dream ... or was it?

Then starts a package on the progress of the season so far. Ralph reminds us that we're at the halfway point. Kirstie talks about the toll this show takes on the body. Romeo talks about coming to the show with no confidence. And now look at him: ripping off his shirt for all of America to gawk at! This is a regular triumph of the human spirit. Lots of talk on the difficulty of the show ensues. The good news is that everyone's determined to overcome! And then a hero comes along ... and he or she is doing the paso doble.

Then, a medley of "I Want It That Way" and "Step by Step" (aka "IWITWSBS") by LMNOPNKOTBSB. You may be disappointed to hear that there isn't cross-group singing of the songs. BSB stick with "IWITW" and leave when NKOTB come on to do "SBS." If these guys remain segregated, they're sentencing themselves to the wrong side of history.

And then, America's favorite Pia since Ms. Zadora, Pia Toscana, materliazies to perform the Pretenders' "I'll Stand by You." Once a balladeer, always a balladeer. She's obviously fab, changing her vocals enough to make the song more dynamic than you might expect, but not so much that she's flashily over the place. Mark and Karina dance. What irony: Pia's bf is standing (well, dancing, again) by another woman.

Tom asks Pia how she got voted off American Idol. She says everything happens for a reason. Tom jokes that he's not going to ask Pia if she and Mark are going out so instead, he asks her if he's a good kisser. She says Mark is "a wonderful person." And Pia is a wonderful person if you are her publicist and your barometer of a person's wonderfulness is how media-trained she is. Tom thanks her and then mutters about how beautiful she is. That sounds less creepy than it looks.

We hit the home stretch with a flashback to the Bottom 3's performances last night. Kendra's shaking on the judges' table was a birthday present to Len, it turns out. That's a very selfless gift! Chris feels like he let people down and he won't do it again. Haha, indeed. Karina apologized 5,000 times after she fell. Really, it was fine. (Read that "fine" with teeth-clenched emphasis to suggest: it better not happen again.)

The Bottom 3 line up.

Next safe couple:
Kendra and Louis

Ralph/Karina and Chris/Cheryl are not necessarily the bottom two.

And the couple leaving is ... Chris and Cheryl. Well, darn. I thought Chris was going to pull through. But maybe Mickey Rourke has me thinking that's just how wrestlers do. Since he hasn't seen his kids in four weeks, it's time for Chris Jericho the dancer to step aside and Chris Jericho the daddy to step back. Well, go, Daddy! Let's wish Chris the best — may he continue to age as well as he has thus far.

Not that I have to ask, but what do you think of this turn of events?


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It's guilty pleasures week and there's an American Idol cast-off and a boy super-band in the house. Sounds about right! Come, let's see if anyone's still holding onto their dignity by the time this hour's up...
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