Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 12, Episode 1
Episode Synopsis: The 12th-season opener begins with 11 celebrities, including Kirstie Alley, Sugar Ray Leonard, Ralph Macchio, Kendra Wilkinson and Chris Jericho.
Original Air Date: Mar 21, 2011

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, March 21, 2011 Season 12, Episode 1

Are you ready to hit the floor again? Dancing with the Stars is back with 11 new celebs eyeing that Mirrorball trophy. All 11 couples showed off their stuff in the premiere. So how'd they do?

Hey, y'all! We're back! Hope you're having a nice 2011 so far. Seems like we were just crowning Derek and Jennifer, no? Speaking of Derek, he's MIA this season, thankfully, so someone else can get a crack at that Mirrorball. Now let's see who the judges will pick as their pet.

Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas: Foxtrot
I have no idea who this Disney starlet is, but I do know she changed her name from Staub to Kane for some reason. And that she looks like Julianne when she smiles. Mark is having fun with her because they have the same goofy personalities. She's a natural on the flow and is full of energy that at times gets a little out of control and spastic. She does have a lot of potential and I suspect the Disney fanbase will take her far. Len says it has a young, fresh appeal, but didn't like the part when they "turned into the Black Eyed Peas." Who does? Bruno says it was 90 seconds of pure afterglow, but wants her to extend her lines. Carrie Ann likes the flair and wants her to watch her shoulder and hold.
Score: 21

Wendy Williams and Tony Dovolani: cha-cha
Wendy's already busting out the ladies like crazy and we're only 15 minutes in. We get to see Vulnerable Wendy when she bawls in rehearsals after failing to get the steps. Well, she remembered the steps, and unfortunately appears to even be counting them, but she seems to have checked her patented personality at the door. She is trying, so I'll give her that, but there's no 'tude or personality. She looks frozen at certain parts and is basically dead weight at other parts. This is nearly Gosselin-esque bad. Someone must really hate Tony in the casting department. Bruno calls her a sumptuous woman, but doesn't get why she's marking her steps. Carrie Ann says she saw fear in her eyes and wants her to unleash the beast. Len says her "dumplings are boiling over," but says she didn't bring her personality on the floor.
Score: 14

Hines Ward and Kym Johnson: cha-cha
Hines says he's doing the show because the Steelers lost the Super Bowl, so he wants to get his hands on the Mirrorball trophy. Take what you can get, right? He wants the hardest choreography and Kym seems obliging. Hines is definitely more of a Jason Taylor than a Kurt Warner on the floor. He's a natural out there and is working the hips like there's no tomorrow. The routine is fun and flirty and full of exuberance. He's also selling it well. The one downside: He needs to work on his posture. He has almost zero frame, but I'm sure the ballroom dances will fix that. Carrie Ann says it was the sparkliest cha-cha she's ever seen. Len says he's continuing the great tradition of NFL-ers-turned-dancers. Oh, and he was checking out his booty. Bruno says he has natural performance power and wants him to work on his hips so they can get a "pistol action," which he proceeds to demonstrate by humping the air. Family show!
Score: 21

Petra Nemcova and Dmitry Chaplin: foxtrot
After observing that Petra's hot, Dmitry asks her to tell him her injuries. Her pelvis was broken in four places after the 2004 tsunami, so her flexibility is off. Everything's going well until they learned of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Petra dedicates the dance to the people of Japan. The routine is lovely and sweet, and Petra's positively glowing. She's very graceful and has some nice lines here and there. She hesitates at some points and has trouble keeping up with the twirls. Still, overall, it's a respectable debut. Len says to work on her posture and is worried about her doing the jive next week. Bruno says there were moments of extreme sophistication, but wants her to get stronger and link it all together. Carrie Ann says she's "absolutely stunning," but turns into the lift police — only to shock us all and say she'll give everyone a pass on lifts since it's the premiere. Ah, is her cold, black heart warming up?
Score: 18

Romeo and Chelsie Hightower: cha-cha
Romeo is the first contestant to return after dropping out due to injury; he was then replaced by his dad, Master P, who notoriously got an 8. Total. Not sorry I missed that season. He says he's here for redemption on his dad's behalf, but first he has to get over his fear of doing the more feminine moves in the routine. Dude, hip-swiveling is the least of your worries. Thankfully, Romeo busts out the hip action. He's got rhythm for days, but perhaps too much. The dance gets a little too freestyle-ish and messy at times and he, like nearly everyone else tonight, has no posture. But he is definitely not his father's son, when it comes to dancing at least. If he reins himself in, he can go a long way. "You did more dancing in 90 seconds than your dad did in four weeks," Tom says. After reciting the requisite "Romeo, O Romeo" line, Bruno says he was playful, but flat-footed. Carrie Ann says he has sex appeal. Easy, C.A. You're engaged, remember? Len says he really attacked the dance, but it was too carefree. "You can't dance as you like it," he says, making the second Shakespeare reference for the night. (Sidenote: Macbeth's my personal fave.)
Score: 19

Sugar Ray Leonard and Anna Trebunskaya: foxtrot

Anna cut her hair (slightly) and looks even hotter and fiester, if I do say so myself. Sugar Ray can't get the steps, so Anna tells him to envision his toughest opponent to get in the zone. Sugar Ray's got the energy and personality, but not the moves. He's stiff, wonky, heavy on the steps, and his frame is completely off. There are glimpses of gracefulness, but he spends most of the time too "locked in" and not in the good way. Carrie Ann says he reminded her of Ben Vereen, but reprimands him about his posture. Len says it's lovely to be in the company of a fellow athlete, but calls the dance "a beer and a pizza." Bruno, naturally, asks if he can call him "Sugar."  He says Sugar Ray turned into a Ninja Turtle while in hold.
Score: 17

Kendra Wilkinson and Louis van Amstel: cha-cha
Kendra wants to turn all those years of club dancing into ballroom dancing. "I'm a booty-shaker," she tells him before trying some cha-cha hip action. "I feel like a stripper," she says. "Well, you should be one," Louis tells her. "I was one," Kendra says. Love it! Kendra's hips don't lie at all. She can definitely shake it and is going for all her marks with conviction. The dance is fast and entertaining, but Kendra needs to be sharper with her steps, especially the ones in succession. Hef's in the house and likes what he sees! Len says the content was fantastic, but says she needs to straighten her legs. Bruno says she can strut her stuff. Well, duh. Carrie Ann says he attempted hard choreography and wants her to work on her spots.
Score: 18

Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff: foxtrot

Ralph says he had a Mirrorball in the late '70s, but lost it. We all did, Ralph. Karina calls herself Miss Miyagi and busts out the broomstick to help Ralph's posture. He cautions her about the ol' man bones (he's 49) underneath his youthful exterior. Well, if Ralph's hurting, he's hiding it really well then. This is hands-down the best dance so far. It's charming, elegant, and Ralph's floating around the floor with ease. He's light on his feet, flexible and has a nice frame while in hold. I am distracted by Karina's frayed dress. What bird attacked her before she came on? Bruno loves the showmanship and wants him to watch his hand "because sometimes it's really weird." Carrie Ann says it was an amazing surprise. Len says he's got great potential and calls it the best foxtrot tonight.
Score: 24

Chris Jericho and Cheryl Burke: cha-cha
Did Chris just stumble over saying "WWE"? Stutter much? The audience cheers are completely overwhelming their rehearsal package. Who knew there was such a huge cross-section of wrestling and Dancing fans? Chris is pretty decent — nothing spectacularly great, but nothing spectacularly awful either. A mid-routine striptease doesn't hurt either. He hits all his marks, stays in sync with Cheryl and definitely has power to light up a fast dance like the cha-cha. He does, however, need to unlock those hips ASAP. Carrie Ann says it was a Chippendale's cha-cha, and wants more content. Len thinks his hips are allergic to music. Bruno says he hasn't had so much fun with leather since the Village People.
Score: 19

Mike Catherwood and Lacey Schwimmer: foxtrot
Raise your hand if you knew what Mike looked like before tonight. He freely admits he's the least known person in the cast, but I think he's left his legacy with those awesome neon sweat headbands. This foxtrot is like the complete opposite of Ralph's: jerky, wooden, gawky. Mike's hitting all his steps, but there is zilch fluidity — a must-have for the foxtrot. Something tells me he may be better at the Latin dances though. Len says there was little quality to it. Bruno says it was uncoordinated and he looked constipated. Carrie Ann calls out Bruno for being hard on him, but thinks he put forth a good effort. "Thirteen is not high, but it's better than my father Master P," Mike tells Brooke backstage.
Score: 13

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: cha-cha
Kirstie is doing this as a challenge to see how far she can push herself and still live. "I'm like a Dancing with the Stars ho," she tells Maks. Hard to believe girlfriend is 60. She's definitely taken a drink from the Ralph Macchio Fountain of Youth. Or vice versa, rather. Her goal is to stay upright throughout the dance. And boy does she. Kirstie starts off by cupping her left boob, so you know this is going to be good. But seriously, she's got it. She's smooth and crisp and sharp and has a natural rhythm. Combine that with her sassiness and it's a winning combo. And on top of that, Maks is already giving us a peekaboo at his chest. Bruno purrs at her. "I think we are just scratching the surface of what you can do," he says, praising her foot placement. Carrie Ann says she was working it. Len says it was cheeky and they all enjoyed it. "I wanted an 8 so badly!" Kirstie says after they receive their scores.
Score: 23

So that's all for now. What did you think? Who impressed you? Who underwhelmed? Are Ralph and Kirstie ageless? How many Romeo and Juliet references are we in for this season? Are Wendy's "dumplings boiling over"? Remember — no elimination this week. Everyone will dance again next Monday before the first elimination next Tuesday. See y'all then!

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Are you ready to hit the floor again? Dancing with the Stars is back with 11 new celebs eyeing that Mirrorball trophy. All 11 couples showed off their stuff in the premiere. So how'd they do?

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Who's your early favorite to win Dancing?

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