Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 11, Episode 9
Episode Synopsis: The fourth-round results show includes acoustic performances from the Goo Goo Dolls and Florence and the Machine. Also: a performance from "Forever Tango."
Original Air Date: Oct 12, 2010
Guest Cast Goo Goo Dolls Florence and the Machine

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, Oct. 18, 2010 Season 11, Episode 9

Sit down and don't touch the remote! It's TV Theme Week on Dancing with the Stars. Whose routine was must-see TV? Find out below!

Oh, show, you never fail to impress and annoy me with your numerous ways to fill up time. Did anyone else want to kill themselves during the first 30 minutes? Since there was no dancing. At all. Do we really need the judges to recap every couple's progress when we've watched it all? Irony of ironies that this is happening on TV Theme Week. ABC, cue up a sitcom for 9:30, STAT!

Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovksiy: quickstep
They have the Friends theme, "I'll Be There for You," by The Rembrandts. I heart Friends. I wrote about the show for my college essay. Fact. So this best be a good one. Maks says the routine will embrace friendship, and they get a much more, uh, friendly, non-tense package. About time! The routine starts off a little gimmicky, but it's kind of adorable at the same time. This is easily Brandy's best performance so far. It's fun, lively and full of spark. They make great use of the stage, and the whole routine is going at breakneck speed, as a quickstep should. Brandy's upper-body posture is great and doesn't get tripped up with the fast and furious steps. Len is "so impressed" and calls it her best dance. Bruno broke his pen from counting the beats. Carrie Ann sees an amazing new bond between them.
Score: 27

Florence Henderson and Corky Ballas: tango
Mama Brady's dancing to the Brady Bunch theme. Duh. Though dancing a tango to that will be quite the challenge. Flo invites an old friend to stop by — Barry Williams, who had a crush on her during the show. "I cannot confirm or deny" a relationship, Florence says coyly. The routine starts off great, but it takes an odd turn midway, as is the M.O. of all of Florky's dances. Sigh. I will give Corky credit for coming up with more difficult choreography, which Florence handles well. However, a lot of the number is him spinning her around frantically. Bruno loves it when she played it straight, but not when she went into "rag-doll" mode. Carrie Ann likes it and says she worked it because she's a "sexy senior." Len wishes he was a sexy senior, so Florence gives him a kiss. He says parts of it were great and calls it her best dance so far.
Score: 21

Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya: quickstep
They're dancing to the Bewitched theme. Kurt is ready to make a comeback after last week's low score. He explains Bewitched to our favorite redheaded Russian, who doesn't know who Walter Payton is either. They start off in the celebri-quarium before moving to the floor. For such a big guy, Kurt is skipping around with such ease. He's light on his feet and thanks to the constant hold in the quickstep, we don't see any "frying pan hands." The whole number is charming from beginning to end. Tom confirms that Kurt was dancing as the first Darrin. "Of course," he says. Ha. Sorry, Dick Sargent! Carrie Ann invokes a Gene Kelly comparison. Len loves his posture and says it was "vast improvement" from last week. Bruno says the magic is back.
Score: 24

Audrina Patridge and Tony Dovolani: rumba
The Hills are alive... on the dance floor! They have Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten," of course. Audrina's having trouble being romantic with Tony, so he suggests she eat onions and garlic — a tip from Richard Gere — to remove the awkwardness. Gere is so method. Tony told me the routine is going to be hot and funny with a nod to The Hills in the beginning. She starts off in a lounge chair with a fake overlay of a pool on the floor. OK, not that funny, but whatever. The routine is technically sound, but the chemistry is not totally there. There's no passion or sultriness whatsoever. Audrina's clearly still scared to be romantic on the floor and is wearing a vacant stare the whole time. (Insert your own joke here.) Len says her feet, legs and hip action were nice, but says she looked intimidated occasionally. Bruno loves her foot placement and figures and wants her to be fantastic, not plastic. Carrie Ann says everything was gorgeous from hips down, but says she's disjointed up top. Then she tries to feign seeing a lift. "Carrie Ann sees lifts in her sleep," Tom quips.
Score: 23

Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer: foxtrot
Kyle wants the Baywatch theme, but they get Charlie's Angels. Kyle's technique is still off, so Lacey tries to help him out by recruiting Kym and Chelsie as co-Angels to help him with his technique. "Kyle's Angels, baby!" he says. The afro and oversized porn-stache aside, Kyle's footwork is a lot cleaner and crisper. His hold and posture are also strong. They throw in a bunch of funky '70s disco moves, which really take you out of the foxtrot at times. Overall, it's a cute, fun number that I'm sure won him more fans. Bruno says Kyle never fails to bring the feel-good factor, but says the dance was possessed by disco fever. Carrie Ann disagrees and loves the way Kyle was leading with full-body contact. Len says it started bad and gradually got worse. "I thought you'd like the '70s," Tom says. "Oh, right, the 1870s."
Score: 20

Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke: rumba
They have the Hill Street Blues theme. Cheryl says Rick sometimes looks like a Transformer, giving weight to Bruno's critique that he looked like Megatron last week. This week, he hopes to transform into a lover. He brings her to a Los Angeles Lakers practice so she can see the other side of him. Kobe Bryant tells her Rick's a perfectionist and Phil Jackson says Kurt cannot beat him. Game on! It's a very quiet number, but Rick nails the smooth, graceful elegance of it. The hip action is decent and his lines are getting stronger. And he didn't even have to go shirtless this time! Michael Warren approves! Carrie Ann would like to report a crime: "It should be a crime that you look that good and rumba." Len likes it, but didn't see the romance, but instead two people staying together for the sake of the kids. Bruno says the children will be gorgeous. "You went from Megatron to mega-smooth," he coos.
Score: 24

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas: jive
It's Bristol's birthday today. Oh, to be 20 again! They have the Monkees theme. Mark is going for slapstick comedy, so he brings Bristol to clown lessons so she can get her acting on. Is this finally going to get her out of her shell? Well, they first have to get out of their monkey costumes. As my friend Chandler Bing would say, could you be any cornier, Mark? Bristol's not in sync at all while they're in the suits and has trouble taking it off. She is showing more pep and energy, but this is not exactly a jive. Where are the flicks and kicks? Guess she spent too much time on those clown lessons. Len likes the monkey suits and thinks she showed more performance. Bruno says she tried to perform, but the technique went away. Carrie Ann likes her commitment to performance and tells her not to forget the movement.
Score: 18

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough: foxtrot
So these two get the manufactured drama package this week. Derek already warned us of this on Twitter. Jen is worried her body's wearing down and that it's unfamiliar with ballroom routines now. Derek gets frustrated and Jen tells him to "control your temper" and leaves. She comes back, and they kiss and make up. They have the Married... with Children theme, "Love and Marriage," by Frank Sinatra. They start off with a living room bit before getting into the routine. It's whimsical and dainty, and Jennifer gets through it with no glaring error, but there's some missing oomph from it. Did that tiff take too much out of her? Bruno says it was like watching the perfect housewife and loves the representation of the '50s. Carrie Ann says it was good, but says she saw her eyes go blank. Len says the dance was lovely, but it was too theatrical. This is coming from the guy who wanted more monkey suits.
Score: 25

Brandy and Maks top the leaderboard for the first time with a 27, while those crazy monkeys, Bristol and Mark, bring up the rear with 18.

What did you think? Are you glad we have a new leader? Does Brandy deserve the top spot? Did Jennifer and Derek's argument affect their performance? Should Bristol and Mark have stayed in the monkey suits? Was Kyle's foxtrot too '70s? Are we going to see Kyle's Angels soon? When does Carrie Ann not see a lift? What's your favorite TV theme song? Did the first 30 minutes set a new standard for mind-numbing filler? Who do you think will get the boot?

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Sit down and don't touch the remote! It's TV Theme Week on Dancing with the Stars. Whose routine was must-see TV? Find out below!

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