Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 10, Episode 9
Episode Synopsis: The fifth-round results show. Included: performances by Maxwell and Debi Nova. Also: a dance tribute to iconic dances from films.
Original Air Date: Apr 20, 2010
Guest Cast Maxwell

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Tuesday, April 20, 2010 Season 10, Episode 9

One more couple gets eliminated from Dancing with the Stars as the cast gets cut down to seven pairs. Whose movie week culminated in a not-so-happy ending? Find out below!

Tom didn't drop any hints on Twitter about the results again this week, but he tells us it's a show we don't want to miss. So that means Kate is going, right? She and Tony are declared a bottom-two couple right away as the lowest- and top-scoring couples learn their fates first. Nicole and Derek are safe. This is Kate and Tony's first time in the bottom two. I know, shocking. Tony tries to feign sadness. It's OK, Tony. One more step until freedom!

Len recaps movie night for us, breaking down the contenders into three groups: the middle pack (Jake, Erin, Pam), the low scorers (Niecy, Chad and Kate — whose foxtrot he would've walked out of if it were a movie) and the leaders (Evan and Nicole). Derek is so stoked about their leading 29 that he knocks the confessional chairs over. Has he forgotten he blacked-out after hitting his head three years ago?

Despite their near perfect score, Nicole and Derek don't get the encore; that honor goes to the Pantless with a Wooden Spoon Jake and Chelsie (or "Chad and Chelsie," as Len says) — if only so Bruno can see him dance in his undies again. Ironically, it's Chelsie who almost ends up with a wardrobe malfunction.

After a swoon-worthy performance from Maxwell, it's time for the 18-point scorers to face off. Chad and Cheryl are still in jeopardy (note, they didn't say "bottom two"), but Niecy and Louis are safe ... and she she starts shaking her trademark jiggly parts.

In the celebriquarium, Brooke asks Kate if she's surprised she's in the bottom two. "It is what it is," she answers. "Kind of maybe, but not really." Really, Kate? Though you do have your share of supporters ... who were probably lulled to sleep by your lethargic foxtrot and couldn't vote.

Adam Carolla: Between the Mirrorballs
A.C.'s back to recount his favorite moments. He's tired of Niecy's incessant proclamations that she's doing this for the thick girls because, as he points out, he never once announced he was doing Dancing for "Italians who are mistaken for Jews." Other highlights: Adam insists Evan and Anna's straight 9s are straight 6s ("The dark lord is amongst us and thy name is Bruno") and his favorite dance was Kate's. Evan gets zero sympathy from him because he's desecrating Dancing with his figure skating skills. You mean like how Nicole desecrates it with her dancing skills?

Macy's Stars of Dance
Teaming with Debbie Allen, movie choreographer Marguerite Derricks put together a tribute to the flicks Blue Skies, Saturday Night Fever, Austin Powers and Fame. It's a fun little medley. I think my favorite is the Fame routine — probably just for the song itself.

After the U.S. debut of Costa Rican songstress Debi Nova — who looks like a cross between Ke$ha (it pains me to type that) and Miley Cyrus — Tom and Brooke tell us that next week will feature a swing dance marathon and costume designs by the celebrities. Niecy is hoping to make an outfit out of chocolate, while Kate is going for all white with pastel sequins for Tony. Chad, of course, wants nude fabric for Cheryl ("Armani has nothing on Ochocinco Couture"). Jake can't differentiate between a sequin and a rhinestone, and Nicole is looking forward to "loosening up some buttons." Get it? Har-har.

More results! Evan and Anna, and Erin and Maks are safe — much to Maks' relief. Can't blame the guy. They were woefully underscored Monday. Pam and Damian, and Jake and Chelsie are still in jeopardy. Will it be another bottom two showing for Jake? Were people were turned off by the tighty whities?

With 10 minutes to kill, we get another recap of the dances. They've either scheduled this really poorly (which wouldn't be a first, but that usually means we're tight on time) or they're gearing up for a big elimination (aka Kate and Tony). Remember, this is a show we don't want to miss.

Who's joining them in the bottom two? Not Jake and Chelsie ... or Chad and Cheryl (Cheryl's a little slow on the uptake, which make her giddy reaction all the better.) That puts Pam and Damian back under the Red Light of Doom.

And the pair leaving is ... Kate and Tony!

She gets a standing O and the most time for a goodbye speech ever. The show eschews a video package to hear her choke back tears and speak. Tony says he's very proud of Kate and gives her credit for showing up and trying. "It doesn't matter how much goes against you. You still go out there and dance your best," he says. Tom shares that when he saw Kate earlier in the day, she told him, "I think this is it. I think this is the night." She explains that was her gut feeling, but it's OK, and thanks all her fans who voted for her. She continues to speak as the credits roll.

And that's that. Kate's gone! Are you thrilled? Stunned? Heartbroken? Do you think Tony's thrilled, stunned or heartbroken? Are you happy Kate's out before the group or team dances? What will Dancing be without her? Were your surprised Pam ended up in the bottom two again? Does Niecy need to stop dedicating her dances to the thick girls? Is the dark lord among us and is he really named Bruno? Will Jake ever learn the difference between a sequin and a rhinestone? Who's your current pick to win? Vote below!

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One more couple gets eliminated from Dancing with the Stars as the cast gets cut down to seven pairs. Whose movie week culminated in a not-so-happy ending? Find out below!
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Who's your current pick to win Dancing with the Stars?

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