Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 11, Episode 7
Episode Synopsis: The third-round results show includes performances by Michael Bolton and Ne-Yo.
Original Air Date: Oct 5, 2010
Guest Cast Ne-Yo

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, Oct. 11, 2010 Season 11, Episode 7

After 11 seasons, Dancing with the Stars is finally undergoing a makeover. As part of Acoustic Week, the top 9 couples perform on a new round stage. If that's not enough, the pairs are scored on technique and performance. How did everyone do?

For one night only, according to Tom, the show is using a 30-inch raised round stage for stripped-down Acoustic Week. What do you think? It's definitely a more intimate setting, but all I can think of is the 2007 Emmy Awards hosted by Ryan Seacrest -- the round stage made it awkward. At least no one will be making acceptance speeches with their cast and family staring at their butts, right?

It's also double-score showdown this week, so couples will get scores for technique and performance.

Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya: Rumba
It's Kurt's 13th wedding anniversary, so he's dancing the sensual rumba with a fiery Russian. Duh! Kurt is having trouble with the hip action, but Anna's more concerned with the performance aspect since they're both married. So their spouses, Brenda and Jonathan, visit. Brenda tells Kurt she's totally cool with him getting up close and personal with Anna for the rumba. Maybe that helped Kurt loosen his hips because he's grooving with ease. His footwork and posture still need more polish, but performance-wise, he sells the sweet, if not totally romantic, aspect of it on charm alone. Len loves the hip action and the romance, but didn't like his pivots. Bruno still hates his frying pan hands, and thinks they looked more like brothers and sisters than "raunchy" lovers. Carrie Ann loves the performance because chemistry is not always about "raunch." Carrie Ann, the voice of reason? First time for everything, right? She does, however, agree with Bruno about Kurt's lack of connectivity in his hands.
Technical Score: 15
Performance Score: 19
Total: 34

Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Rumba
Maks wants the routine to be hot and emotional, but Brandy doesn't feel sexy unless she's in love. She hasn't been with anyone in six years. (You mean since your fake marriage?) So Maks takes her on a pseudo-date with flowers, chocolate and wine. So I guess what we can take from this is either Brandy's fallen for Maks or she fakes it very well. It's a gorgeous, sensual, writhing number — probably Brandy's best yet. She's very fluid and in sync with Maks, who's finally opted to go shirtless this season. Bruno thinks they played it well, but wants her to watch her hands. Carrie Ann says The Real Brandy has revealed herself and wants her to be bigger in her movements. Len finds it a little hot and spicy, and loves her work on certain rumba moves.
Technical Score: 22
Performance Score: 26
Total: 48

Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke: Argentine Tango
The Argentine Tango is, as Rick said, Cheryl's favorite dance. She also went to Argentina over the summer to learn more about it. Lifts are legal, so Rick is excited to use his height to their advantage, but the raised stage causes some concern. Rick has no trouble at all with the lifts — they're big and powerful — but he's too aware of the stage, which seems to be affecting him. There isn't the same energy from him as we're used to, and his footwork is not very sharp. Performance-wise, he's stern, but not aggressive. Carrie Ann says it felt one-dimensional and thinks the stage size hurt him. Len loves the lifts, but thinks they lost the drama as the routine went on. Bruno likens Rick to Clark Gable, but says some of his passes looked like Megatron.
Technical Score: 19
Performance Score: 20
Total: 39

Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer: Rumba
Kyle knows he's got to work on his footwork because the judges have been harping on him for weeks. The work has paid off for the most part. His steps aren't completely clean or precise, but he hits them better. The whole routine is a little staccato in nature, which is odd, since rumbas are very smooth. Kyle also needs to work on his posture more, but overall, it's a decent number that he, again, sells on his showmanship. Len says his footwork is better, but thinks the routine didn't flow. Bruno agrees. Carrie Ann thinks there was an innocence to the routine, but thinks he lost track of his upper body.
Technical Score: 18

Performance Score: 22
Total: 40

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and Karina Smirnoff: Argentine Tango
The Sitch is totally not getting the Argentine Tango, so Karina decides they're going to go for performance more to make up for their subpar technique. They start with her lying horizontal on his lap and he flips her up — and catches her! And now, The Sitch — who's finally showing off The Situation — must dance. Or in his case, robotically move to music. Oh, Sitch. This is a hot mess. He's wooden, stiff and looking down way too much at his feet. Karina tries to compensate with some maypole dancing (dancing around him). Bruno says it looks like someone was putting together a puzzle that didn't make sense. He then calls it infinitely terrible. Carrie Ann welcomes The Real Situation to the show and is impressed by his intensity, which is "genu-wine-ly" happening. Len says it was consistent — consistently bad throughout.
Technical Score: 12
Performance Score: 16
Total: 28

Florence Henderson and Corky Ballas: Rumba
Corky is pushing Florence to work on her technique. She has no fear of being sexy, but Corky doesn't want them to seem undignified. So they invite their kids, Barbara and Mark, to weigh in on the appropriateness of their sexy routine. There must be therapy for this, right? The routine is wild and racy in the "old people are crazy" kind of way, which is not exactly a good thing. I'm not exactly sure what is going on. There's shimmying, leg-rubbing, sniffing, creepy groping, and an array of emotions from each that include excitement, shock, happiness, lust, fear and just all-out loco. Carrie Ann doesn't understand what just happened. "You're Mrs. Brady!" she says. But she thinks it went too far. Len says it was much better than he expected. Bruno says their fanny turn gave him a turn.
Technical Score: 17
Performance Score: 18
Total: 35

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough: Argentine Tango
Jennifer is even more concerned about her technique after her boo-boo last week. Her back and feet are killing her. She's got a pinched nerve in her foot and apologizes for being "so old." Hey, 50 is the new 40, right? If Jen's hurting, she's certainly not showing it. This is easily the best Argentine Tango so far. It's quick, fiery and dynamic. Her kicks and intricate footwork are on-point, and her extensions are beautiful. Len calls it a magnificent combination of technique and performance. Bruno says it's prime-time delight. Carrie Ann says "that was ah-may-zing." They get the first two 10s of the season.
Technical Score: 27
Performance Score: 29
Total: 56

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas: Rumba
Bristol is nervous about being sexy because, as she says, "I'm not." She says this is her make-it-or-break-it week in terms of performance. They show her son, Tripp, their dance, and he ends up smacking Mark. Bristol, in a leotard and lacy fishnets, starts off on the floor. The less dance, the better, right? Nah, she's executing the steps well, as usual — even showing off some adequate hip action — but again fails to come alive in the performance. Someone please take this girl to an acting class. Mark tries to divert attention from Bristol's stoic expression by taking off his shirt and doing yet another solo. It's not the Mark Show, dude. Still, Sarah Palin approves! Bruno says she's always clean technique-wise, but he's still waiting to see her perform. Carrie Ann loves her natural movement, but wants her to dance with much more intensity. Len thinks Mark's shirtlessness was a distraction. "I want to see less 'me,' but more 'we,'" he says.
Technical Score: 18
Performance Score: 14
Total: 32

Audrina Patridge and Tony Dovolani: Argentine Tango
Audrina's scared about being so close to the audience and tries to get into a "bee-yotch" character for the routine. It's a little too diva-ish, but it works for the song and feel of the dance. It doesn't quite match up to Jennifer and Derek's in terms of intricatcy and intensity, but it's a solid number. Her hooks and pivots are clean, and the lifts are beautiful. However, Audrina is a little too soft with her footwork for such an aggressive dance. Carrie Ann wants her to extend her legs beyond her toe and thinks she's too floppy on her dismounts. Len thinks it's clean and likes the lifts, but didn't feel like he was transported to a seedy Buenos Aires club. Bruno thinks she was too "ice queen," but loves the difficult embellishments.
Technical Score: 24
Performance Score: 22
Total: 46

That means Jennifer and Derek are back on top with a 56, while The Sitch and Karina are way down at the bottom with a 28.

What did you think? Do you like Acoustic Week? Should the show keep the round stage? Were the double scores on-point? Did Jennifer rightly reclaim the top spot? Is The Situation headed towards elimination? Will Florence and Corky give you nightmares for weeks? Who do you think will get the boot?

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After 11 seasons, Dancing with the Stars is finally undergoing a makeover. As part of Acoustic Week, the top 9 couples perform on a new round stage. If that's not enough, the pairs are scored on technique and performance. How did everyone do?

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