Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 10, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: The fourth week of performances.
Original Air Date: Apr 12, 2010

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, April 12, 2010 Season 10, Episode 6

It's time for the Double Score Showdown on Dancing with the Stars! The remaining nine couples take on either the romantic rumba or the passionate tango to get not one, but two scores from the judges. Did Nicole and Derek break the rules again? Has Kate improved at all? Find out below!

Hopefully Derek won't strain his brain adding up numbers this week: For this week only (until, you know, they bring it back), each judge will score out of 10 points for technique and out of another 10 points for performance — for a total possible 60 points. It doesn't end there: Each routine must include three specific moves chosen by the judges. Why don't they just choreograph the thing too?

For the tango, everyone must do Viennse crosses, outside swivels and contra check (which, as Tom says, was popular during the Reagan administration). Jonathan and Anna D. demo all three for us... sans Reagan allusions.

The must-have moves in the rumba: spiral into rope spin, opening to right and left at least once and sliding doors (unrelated to Gwyneth Paltrow). The demo features Dmitry and Kym, who apparently ran from a Victoria's Secret photo shoot to the stage. Guys, Pam is still on the show. No need to put your ladies in underwear just yet.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Erin Andrews: Tango
Len gave everyone advice after Tuesday's elimination, telling Erin she has sloppy feet. The tango is full of fancy footwork, which is getting her all paranoid. She's putting stress on her back and suffers a muscle contusion. But she's determined to push through the pain, just like her favorite athletes. Erin, unattractive pursed lips and all, starts off feeling up Len's back. Let's hope she didn't give him a muscle contusion. Once she gets into Maks' arms, the routine gets going. It's intense, sharp and her footwork has never been better. Her hold is too firm in places, but she's attacking the dance. But she loses the intensity halfway through for some reason. Getting too paranoid about the steps? Unfortunately, she never fully recovers — which may be a good thing because there's no need to ever see those fish lips again. Len thinks the start was brilliant and loves the content, but wants her to get on her heels. Bruno is jealous and bummed out that she went in and out of character. Carrie Ann, ditto. And she points out another death grip.
Technical Score: 18
Performance Score: 21
Total: 39

Way to display the total before the performance score was given, graphics department. Seriously, someone tell them to stop using WordArt.

Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya: Tango
Len picked on Evan's (broken) feet, so Evan wants Anna on his case. "If I don't do it right, just break another toe. Three is my lucky number," he tells her. That's the spirit! They start off in a chair, one of my pet peeves, but they ditch it quick. (Sidenote: Anna looks hot! Check out those legs!) Evan's feet are not as heavy and he's gotten rid of the "skating" glide he tends to do, which is a good thing since the tango has short, sharp, quick steps. The performance is lacking passion in the romantic sense, but it's full of snazzy, lively fervor that you can't help but like it. The music selection ("Wait a Minute," by, ahem, The Pussycat Dolls) though? Horrid. Bruno calls it strong and powerful with catlike movements. Carrie Ann says he's a great example of how working on technique improves the performance. Len says he nailed stepping forward on the heel in his Viennese crosses.
Technical Score: 26
Performance Score: 26
Total: 52

Niecy Nash and Louis van Amstel: Rumba
Niecy was in Chicago last week to tape Clean House, so they were pressed for time. Louis wanted to take her back 17 years when she lost her brother Michael. Louis says it's a great dance to use as therapy. Going for the spiritual rumba is always tougher, but Louis pulled it off with Kelly last season. Unfortunately, it falls a little short here. It's a beautiful, sweet routine, but there was nothing extraordinary about it. Niecy still needs to step up the technique (this is partially on Louis for the choreography) and she is too within herself here. Her movements are also too small and too hesitant. She also scores a big fat zero when it comes to hip action. Len loves the opening and muscality, but wanted more hip action; he says it was too boring. Bruno says it needs more color and that the sliding doors were horrible. Carrie Ann appreciates the tribute to her brother, but disagrees about the sliding doors.
Technical Score: 18
Performance Score: 18
Total: 36

Aiden Turner and Edyta Sliwinska: Rumba
Len told Aiden to act on Tuesday, so Aiden is trying to overcome his performance anxiety. He's nervous about feeling up Edyta in front of millions of people, so Edyta makes him perform shirtless on a boat. Aiden gets his shirt back; Edyta, unfortunately, got tin foil instead of a dress. Aiden does a better job acting, I guess, but apparently technique has to suffer for it. This is way too stiff and robotic. There's no fluidity or hip action or lyrical sensuality to it. Plus, Edyta is just doing the maypole dance around him for most of it. The only thing that can possibly save this is if he takes off his shirt — and he doesn't. Bad call. Carrie Ann thinks he was more comfortable in character, but wants him to stop generating movement from his shoulders. Len likes the acting and chastises him for the lack of flow. Bruno calls it stop-motion animation.
Technical Score: 15 ("Were you hoping for more?" Really, Brooke? Who wants a 15?)
Performance Score: 18
Total: 33

Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough: Rumba
Or as Tom says, it's pop star Nicole Scherzinger and "his" partner, Derek Hough. Nicole can't take Derek seriously because they're total goofballs and he whips out his "love hand." That's not supposed to be dirty. Nicole is determined to please Len, who says she's a Ferrari, but can't go 200 miles per hour. That's supposed to be a metaphor. This is easily the best rumba so far with Nicole's gorgeous lines and extensions. Her legs and hips aren't really working it though, and she's shaking like crazy as she goes for a one-legged stand. Don't show the nerves, girl! She's clearly scared to death and not used to dancing anything this slow. Bruno calls her an unobtainable creature of desire, but thinks she was too hesitant at certain points and wants her to "give me a little bit more sex." Carrie Ann says her ankles were quivering all over the place, but loves the traditional lines. Len loves the balance between technique and performance and thinks her arms were too overexaggerated during the sliding doors.
Technical Score: 25
Performance Score: 25
Total: 50

Meanwhile, Tom takes a few seconds to pimp his deadly appearance on Castle. "If you thought I died co-hosting the 2008 Emmy Awards, wait until you see what happens to me on tonight's episode of Castle." Love you, Berge! The reality host Emmy is yours this year (or Phil Keoghan's).

Jake Pavelka and Chelsie Hightower: Tango

Jake never wants to be in the bottom two again, so he's got a new 'tude. He comes into rehearsal with a shirt emblazoned with Len's mantra: "Turn Up. Keep Up. Show Up." on the front and "Trust your pro" on the back. Chelsie appreciates the new approach, and every time he says, "I can't do it," Chelsie orders 10 push-ups. Jake is very into this dance, if you can't tell by his ear-to-ear, aw-shucks grin. It's very dramatic and he's attacking the steps — not perfectly though. The footwork may be too fast for him, and he slips up here and there — most noticeably at the end — and he falls out of postures as well. The legs are still a little flimsy at times. He does, however, nail a dramatic and very quick sequence on the steps. Len loves the enthusiasm, but points out the "incidents." Bruno appreciates the energy, but says the tango itself was messy. Carrie Ann says his biggest problem is the way he's holding Chelsie and not connecting with her, but she loves the performance.
Technical Score: 19
Performance Score: 19
Total: 38

Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani: Tango
Kate thinks the judges' comments last week were accurate because there's plenty she can pick on about herself. She says her problem is that she can't let go of her personal drama long enough to dance, which is worse this week with the custody debacle. Kate tells Tony that she wakes up to check the news and see what "hell I have to go through" every day. Don't we all start our days like that? "If you fail this week, he wins," Tony tells her. Kate says this is the do-or-die week because she can't master either technique or performance. She's crying because she feels sorry for Tony. Ah, the pity edit this week. Kate is covered in chains. Like the old ball and chain? She's going too slow for a tango, but this is way better than she has been in the past three weeks. She's still easily the worst so far (and probably will be for the night), but there's more conscious movement. The small steps work in her favor, and there's less walking and dragging from Tony. The dead-eyed stare is not really helping up the passion factor though. They end with a crazy flip, which I guess is some sort of metaphor for the OCD Kate relinquishing control. Bruno calls it a mini-breakthrough. "At moments, I thought you were actually dancing!" Carrie Ann is really proud of her and respects her determination. "But what's up with the semi-lift at the end?" Len compliments Tony for bringing Kate to produce her best dance so far.
Technical Score: 14
Performance Score: 18
Total: 32

Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke: Rumba
Chad wants to show ladies how good his hips are and thinks it should come naturally to him. But he's having trouble finding it. Cheryl, who's rocking the blinging ring he's given her (as a thank you, duh!) needs him to be soft and gentle. "All this chocolate" is his romantic side, he says. This is finally his breakthrough dance. Everything is clicking: The posture's solid, he's smooth, sensual, hitting all the lines and is wiping up the floor with his hips. He's totally selling the whole package. Carrie Ann says he turned on the heat and calls it his best dance by miles. Len is offended he was flirting with Carrie Ann and not him, but agrees with her. Bruno says the hips were alive and loves that he sustained the lines, which very few men do apparently.
Technical Score: 21
Performance Score: 23
Total: 44

Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood: Rumba
Pam's been struggling with the timing because of the slow pace, but she's excited to do the rumba. "One of the sexiest things is to dance with a man," the very single Pam says. So they're totally doing it, right? And one of the sexiest dances is Pam's rumba. It's simple, sumptuous and romantic, but not raunchy. The half-bedsheet she's wearing helps. She could still up her technique a bit — though they are more connected this week than they were in the paso doble. But the lack of difficulty is masked by her performance, especially with that split at the end. They basically just stop short of doing it right there on the parquet. Len loves the understatedness of it and says she was a bit overdressed. Bruno says Pam can do refinement and elegance while being drop-dead sexy. Carrie Ann says there was magic happening, but says something "strange" was going on with her arms.
Technical Score: 23
Performance Score: 24
Total: 47

So Evan tops the leaderboard for the second week in a row, while Kate brings up the rear — 20 points below the Olympic champ.

What did you think? Did you like the two-score format? Is Kate finally dancing (or doing something close to it)? Was Nicole too nervous? Did Chad finally have a breakthrough? Do you like Jake's new attitude? Why was Kym in her underwear? Who do you think will get the boot? Sound off below!

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It's time for the Double Score Showdown on Dancing with the Stars! The remaining nine couples take on either the romantic rumba or the passionate tango to get not one, but two scores from the judges. Did Nicole and Derek break the rules again? Has Kate improved at all? Find out below!
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