Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 10, Episode 4
Episode Synopsis: The third week of performances.
Original Air Date: Apr 5, 2010

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, April 5, 2010 Season 10, Episode 4

It's storytelling time on Dancing with the Stars! The remaining 10 couples do their best to tell a tale through their routines. Did Chad make a comeback? Did Buzz or Kate make drastic improvements? And who danced blindfolded? Find out below!

Nothing like fancy footwork and some bedtime stories on a Monday night. As Len ordered last week, couples must tell a story in their respective dances. To prep us, we get a pro routine by Val (Maks' brother), Jonathan, Lacey, Snejana, Dmitry and Anna D., acting out the night's three styles through a tale of a tempestuous relationship that ends in true love.

Next we get a tease of the drama to come. Erin will dance blindfolded (the risk Maks mentioned in his blog), Niecy and Louis will portray an interracial couple in the 1960s, and Kate will dance to "Paparazzi," aka the story of her life. There's no teaser for Pam, but she looks like she just stepped off the cover of a trashy romance novel or one of those harlots Jack Sparrow just got done with, so I hope her story is one of those.

Evan Lysacek & Anna Trebunskaya: Quickstep
Evan's got two broken toes, but that's not going to stop him from Dancing.They're performing "Hot Honey Rag" from Chicago (fitting because he's an Illinois native) and their story is that hubby Evan is mad at wife Anna for being late. "I love me some acting," he says. He surprisingly pulls off the acting part well with his solo in the beginning searching for Anna. The routine is crisp, fast, fun and totally works with Evan's skyscraper-esque height. He stays in hold well and his footwork is very light, but it sometimes comes undone. Overall, it's a respectable effort, especially considering he has two broken toes. Oh, and of course, Evan's hair is shellacked yet again. Week 3 and counting! Len totally gets the story because men always wait for ladies to turn up, but he wants him to work on his feet. Bruno says he's ready to give Anna the ride of her life then dump her. Carrie Ann loves the twinkly athleticism and how committed he was to the character.
Score: 26

Buzz Aldrin & Ashly Costa: Waltz

Buzz and Ashly are dancing to "It's a Wonderful World." Their story is that Buzz is coming home from war and Ashly is his daughter. How emotionally manipulative! Buzz feels pressure to learn the routine in the shortened span, which is tough because he thinks too much. Ashly wants him to turn his mind off and just dance. Too bad he doesn't listen to her. I think he's dancing less in this routine than he did last week -- if that's at all possible. It's basically him standing and holding on to Ashly before taking a step or two here and there. It's sweet and all, as usual, but Buzz will need all the votes he can get again this week. Bruno calls it the return of the king for Buzz's regality, but thinks it's better to look at a statue standing still. Carrie Ann says she believed the storytelling, which worked to Buzz's advantage because the older man might be stiffer. Len likes the innocent charm, but says the routine was oversimplified. Buzz tries to decaptiate them with his hat.
Score: 13

Jake Pavelka & Chelsie Hightower: Quickstep

Jake and Chelsie are dancing to "Walk Like an Egyptian," so Jake is going to be a safari guy who opens up a tomb to find Cleopatra. Chelsie's been laying down the hammer this season! (Or maybe she's used to working with athletes the past two seasons). She wants to see some willpower and tells him he's not focusing. He walks out. Too bad Chris Harrison isn't there for him to vent to. He tells her sometimes he feels disrespected by her comments. She apologizes. Hugs all around! The stage is all decked out in Egyptian paraphernalia, and they take a while before they start the routine, which features some cheeky Egyptian movements. Jake keeps in hold well and his posture is good, but his legs need to be firmer. The quicker the steps, the less precise they are. Carrie Ann loves the incoroporation of an Egyptian theme, but thinks his legs were too soft. Len wants him to straighten up, but loves the slick production. Ditto Bruno.
Score: 21

Niecy Nash & Louis van Amstel: Waltz
Break out the tissues for real! Niecy and Louis are portraying a biracial couple in the 1960s. "Where is the love of my life? He's white! What the hell?" she says. It gets far more serious quickly. Tearing up, Niecy says she can't imagine how it would feel not to be with her boyfriend because of discrimination and prejudice. Louis says he's still "in that bump," so she has to help him fight that battle too. The audience applauds over the pre-dance package! Nice! Has that ever happened before? Niecy stumbles in the beginning, but recovers well. The dance is quiet compared to Jake and Chelsie's extravaganza, but no less great. The twirls and spins are gorgeous, but the routine seems far too simple and uncomplicated... which is the problem with most of Louis' routines. Nevertheless, it packs an emotional wallop and Niecy is in tears at the end. Len thinks it was brave to create a story without props and thinks they pulled it off, but wants her to work on her technique. Bruno loves the acting, but calls her out for stumbling. Carrie Ann thinks it's an important story to tell, but was confused by the ending with the bittersweet ending. "Times are confusing, so I guess we had it right in our storyline," Louis says in the celebriquarium.
Score: 21

Chad Ochocinco & Cheryl Burke: Paso Doble
Comeback Chad? Chad has to seduce Cheryl, but she wants nothing to do with him. "That sounds familiar," Chad says. Cheryl says his technique was terrible at first. Chad is determined to make it perfect. Also great? His abs. 10-pack? This is a huge improvement from last week. He's aggressive, powerful, in-step, and the all-important hold — given their huge height discrepancy — is solid. Chad is still dancing a little down to Cheryl, but it's much less noticeable compared to last week. Bruno says he released the kraken, but he doesn't want him to dance like the kraken. Carrie Ann says somebody really wanted the girl and wants him to work on his shoulders. Len wants better posture, but thinks he dominated the dance.
Score: 20

Pamela Anderson & Damian Whitewood: Paso Doble
Pam says her kids didn't watch the show live or vote last week. Tommy didn't even vote! For shame. Their story is that Pam is a gypsy flamenco dancer, but is fighting her feelings about Damian the matador. Pam, an animal activist, says bullfighting is senseless, so she's going to channel some of that into the dance. Charo, fellow anti-bullfighter and flamenco dancer, drops by for some important advice, such as to look straight ahead and not at the camera. "You cannot see your feet with your big 'maracas,'" closed-captioned Charo says. Charo's "maracas" make Pam's proportions look average. As expected, the routine is hot, sexy and lusty, but it's off the scale on the anger meter. This is basically a PSA for anti-bullfighting. Pam is a natural mover, so all of the steps look effortless, even the attacking ones. The only downside is that there seems to be lots of walking around, like for half the routine. Carrie Ann loves the anger and thinks her body moves so beautifully, but Pam was perhaps too into the character this week. Um, that's because she was basically herself. Len loves the focus, but wants refinement. Bruno wants her to come back to prove that she's more than just a sex bomb because she's got it.
Score: 21

Aiden Turner & Edyta Sliwinska: Quickstep
Aiden barfed after his performance last week. Pixelated vomit! Aren't you supposed to to throw up before you dance? In any case, if Aiden's doctor is watching, he should be concerned. Aiden has, like, no lung capacity. He's heaving and coughing up a storm in rehearsals. I know the quickstep is heavy on the cardio, but I've never seen anyone look like they're going to pass out like this. Edyta takes his mind off of it by bringing in his wife and their 7-month-old daughter to celebrate Aiden's birthday last week. Their story is that Aiden is painting his dream woman, who comes to life, and they're dancing to "Hey Soul Sister." Nothing says quickstep ballroom dancing like Train... especially with the incessant voice-cracking by the lead singer. This ain't American Idol, dude. Aiden's a little too happy here, which comes off as kind of weird. But the dance itself is another improvement for him. His posture is good; however, his legs and steps aren't sharp enough. It's kind of reminiscent of Jake. Len finds it too careful and wants him to go for it. Bruno thinks it's too "skippy," but loves the posture and confidence. Carrie Ann says he's too light on his feet and definitely sees improvement.
Score: 20

Erin Andrews & Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Waltz
Their story is all about trust, ergo the blindfold. This could be really hot or kinky and inappropriate, Erin says. She's worried about falling into the audience, but knows she has to dive in (no pun intended) and give Maks what he wants... which she hates. Erin doesn't start off blindfolded; instead, they dance around each other for a bit before Maks whips out a blindfold. They dance most of it in-hold and are only apart briefly, but as she said she would, she dives into the dance. She's not full of abandonment, but it's just enough to sell the thing. Her frame and steps also look really sharp and strong. She needs to polish some of her upper lines though. Bruno calls her "a kinky thing" and thinks the hold was fantastic, but wants her to link movements when they dance side by side. Carrie Ann loves the beautiful storytelling and the blindfold, which added an element of danger, but wants her to stop with the death grip. Len says it was the most boring start and wants more waltz. Boos. "Apparently you weren't the only one blindfolded," Tom says to Erin. Maks says he brought candles and wine in addition to the blindfold. Not helping with the showmance rumors!
Score: 23

Kate Gosselin & Tony Dovolani: Paso Doble
Kate and Tony discuss when photos are permitted (red carpet, events) and when it's not (her life). If there's one dance I think would suit Kate, it'd be this one, but Tony is having trouble teaching her to be aggressive. Who woulda thunk it? She's been bottling up her emotion, so he brings in an acting coach. Is this necessary? Just tell her to envision Jon. Kate says she realized she's been masking her feelings as a means of survival. They do some improv, where Tony's the paparazzo, but she doesn't look Tony in the eye when she punches him. Seriously — go with Jon. She lets loose on a punching bag though. None of that translates on the hardwood though, unless your count her perma-bitchface, but that's nothing new. She starts off well, charging down the steps, and then it all falls apart. Watching Kate dance makes me incomprehensibly uncomfortable. It's past the point of poke-and-laugh bad because it's so awkward and she has zero musicality. This routine is also way too slow. She's her usual cumbersome and lumbering self. It's like a baby learning to walk: She takes a few solid steps here and there and regresses to baby steps. Kate is slightly better than last week if only because she's got the death stare down. But other than that, the routine was devoid of passion and drama. Carrie Ann calls it odd and thinks the emotion was disjointed. Len calls it pedestrian. Bruno loves the super-bitch from hell, but wants it to translate to movement.
Score: 15

Nicole Scherzinger & Derek Hough: Quickstep
Talk about "maracas"! Nicole and Derek are dancing to "Anything Goes," so they're going to be sailors slacking off in a slapstick-y vaudeville routine. Nicole wants to challenge herself every week, so they pretend that she's bad. I mean, she stresses out about looking like an idiot. She does not. It's a lively, spirited routine, but it's more like a freestyle than a quickstep with the random jumping, kicking and side-dancing sequences. She does all of it well, of course, staying in sync with Derek the whole way. Len chews them out for taking "Anything Goes" too literally and chastises them for no not doing a proper quickstep. Bruno calls it an incredible performance, but agrees with Len and says they should've at least kept hold. Carrie Ann docks them for lifts and broken holds, but wants front-row seats when they take the act on the road.
Score: 23

So Evan's score holds up for the whole night and he tops the leaderboard for the first time. Buzz, yet again, is last.

What did you think? Should Nicole have gotten a 9 for not doing a real quickstep? Did Niecy reduce you to tears? What's with Jake and Chelsie's passive-aggressive fights? Did Kate dance slower than Buzz? Can you dance that well with two broken toes? Or blindfolded? Who do you think will get the boot Tuesday?

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It's storytelling time on Dancing with the Stars! The remaining 10 couples do their best to tell a tale through their routines. Did Chad make a comeback? Did Buzz or Kate make drastic improvements? And who danced blindfolded? Find out below!
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