Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 11, Episode 3
Episode Synopsis: The first results show of the season concludes with performances by Santana, Daughtry and India.Arie and an elimination.
Original Air Date: Sep 21, 2010
Guest Cast Adam Carolla Daughtry India.Arie Santana

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, Sept. 27, 2010 Season 11, Episode 3

Week 2 of Dancing with the Stars brings 11 new routines and Sarah Palin! Yes, she's in the house to watch Bristol tackle her dance. So how did her daughter and everyone else do? Let's find out!

So this week, we get the jive and quickstep, but no Hoff. "We won't Baywatch-ing David Hasselhoff anymore," Tom says. Har har!

Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke: jive
Rick can't handle the speed of the jive at first because he was known as "The Tank" on the basketball court, so he has to learn to be light on his feet. He has a foot injury, which ended his career, and is having trouble jumping off of it in rehearsal. He doesn't seem to be having any problems with it now and is nailing the kicks and flicks. He's not very clean with them, but I'll give him a pass for now. It is the second week and he would want to favor his injury a little bit. He's very limber, energetic and smooth with his slides. For such a tall dude, this could've gone two ways: hysterically bad or surprisingly good. It's definitely the latter. Len admits he was really concerned because of Rick's height, but thinks he nailed it. "You have become a contender here," he says. Bruno calls it a feat, but notes that his footwork wasn't sharp. Carrie Ann thinks he was better last week because his posture wasn't as good this week.
Score: 21

Florence Henderson and Corky Ballas: quickstep
Flo wants to be thought of as a contender, not a woman of a certain age. Corky says she's in fantastic shape for a 76-year-old, but the quickstep takes a lot out of anyone. She starts off well, but then falls off pace a little in the middle. She's kind of hit-and-miss throughout the whole routine, but still does a respectable job. She's light on her feet and has an elegant quality to her. But I would dock her quickstep for not, you know, being quick. Bruno says it was lovely at times, but that it looked like Driving Miss Daisy other times. Hey, Jessica Tandy was 80 when she won that Oscar (and remains the oldest person to win one.) Carrie Ann thinks the dance suited her. Len says he never judges by age and only by performance, and judging her performance, "I'll see you next week," he says. Flo goes and makes out with him. Hmm, new couple?
Score: 19

Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: jive
Brandy loves the jive, but hates when she struggles at learning something, so they're butting heads right now. Well, Brandy has learned the whole routine, but there's something unpolished about it. It's full of energy and pep, but her steps and kicks aren't compact enough. She gets a solo in the middle and basically shimmies like crazy, which was just odd. Sarah Palin likes it though! Carrie Ann calls her cute, but she didn't point her toes. Len thinks she took a step back because she didn't dance with full intent and he didn't like the solo. Brandy blames it on Maks. Way to turn on each other, guys! Bruno compares her to Gwen Stefani and says OK from her is not good enough.
Score: 21

Michael Bolton and Chelsie Hightower: jive
Michael is terrified that they're doing the jive, but is pumped that they're dancing to "Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog." So of course, Chelsie wants him to come out of a doghouse. Yeah, because that's not a gimmick at all. The next day, Michael comes in with laryngitis, but still pushes through with a surgical mask. He's having trouble and they get into an argument when Chelsie says "whatever." Um, isn't it the celeb who usually passively throws in the towel like that? Anyhow, yes, Michael — or Bolt as is his dog name — crawls out of a doghouse. Honestly, he maybe should've stayed on his hands and knees because this is very rough. (Not "ruff." Sorry, that was too easy.) I don't know if the laryngitis is to blame, but the whole number is lethargic, awkward and boring. He can't get any rhythm going and the footwork is sloppy. It's hard to watch because you can tell he's trying to get it. Len doesn't think the world is ready for his jive and doesn't think the jive is his cup of tea. Bruno thinks he should've gone back to the doghouse. "You did it all very, very badly. I think this is the worst jive in all 11 seasons," he says. Len says: "You should keep some of the comments to yourself because that's unfair." Whoa! Len being the good cop! Is it the apocalypse? Carrie Ann knows he poured his heart into the routine and respects that, but says his body locked up in the dance. Backstage, Brooke asks how they came up with the dog storyline. Um, were you not watching the package? Or listening to the song? Bruno whips out a 3! Harsh!
Score: 12

Audrina Patridge and Tony Dovolani: quickstep

Audrina is "sacrificing everything" for this show. She's not seeing her family or her boyfriend much, and it's causing friction, so she lets the tears flow in rehearsal. Um, is she wearing Melissa Rycroft's waltz outfit? Now this is what a quickstep is supposed to look like! It's fast, dynamic and crisp and just lovely to watch. Her posture is firm and her footwork is steady for most of the routine — she flubs one part. But overall, the routine was great. Bruno says the show pony is turning into Secretariat, but notes one bum turn. Carrie Ann calls it fantastic and a huge improvement from last week. Len calls it the best dance so far. In the celeb-aquarium, Brooke plays a clip from their rehearsal before they get their score: "If this routine does not get three 8s, I am waxing my legs," Tony says in the clip. They get a 23, thanks to Bruno's 7. Tony apologizes to his wife. "I was annoyed with you for the 3, but I'm loving you for the 7," Tom tells Bruno. "We're going to be hearing Tony go, 'Kelly Clarkson!' later."
Score: 23

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough: jive
Jen feels like it's time to break the bonds after last week's serious and emotional Viennese waltz. But her neck is hurting because she had surgery on it last year after a check-up — for Dancing — showed she had thyroid cancer. She now has a plate and four screws in her neck. "Dancing with the Stars was the catalyst for saving my life," she says. As Derek told me, he has to amp up the jive while not putting stress on her neck. I have faith in him. He's hands-down the best choreographer of the bunch (the two Emmy nods this year don't lie) and he delivers yet again here. The choreography is top-notch and Jen does a bang-up job keeping pace. They're kicking and flicking — full-speed ahead the whole 90 minutes, which is what you're supposed to do in a jive. Jen's totally killing it. Her steps are precise and she's bringing the sassy 'tude. Carrie Ann calls her a sexy, hot, bionic Energizer bunny. Len says it was bright, colorful and full-on. Bruno calls it a killer jive.  As they're getting their scores, a loud "boo" erupts from the audience.
Score: 24

Cut back to Tom ... and he's sitting with Sarah Palin! She says she loves the joy and exuberance in dancing and drops the requisite hockey mention. "It's like before a hockey game, you're not going to chew out the refs before the game starts," she says of the judges. She says she likes all the dancers, but is, of course, awaiting "Bristol the Pistol."

Margaret Cho and Louis van Amstel: jive
After last week's fiasco, Margaret is looking forward to the jive because it's fast, but is having too much fun with it. Louis doesn't want her to hide behind her comedy on the dance floor, so Margaret breaks down and is now taking her jive seriously because she wants to show people she can dance. This is an improvement from last week, but not by much. Margaret's looking at Louis for direction every now and then, which is never a good sign. Still, there's potential there. Her kicks are decent and she has good musicality. But after Jen and Derek, this is a letdown. Len appreciates they listened to their comments and wants her to work on her kicks. Bruno wants her to tighten her buttocks. Carrie Ann wants her to watch her shoulders and her facial expressions. "That's just what my face is like. I can't help it," Margaret says.
Score: 18

Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer: quickstep
Kyle realized he had to get into better shape, so he's been working out to build his endurance. They made a deal that he wouldn't eat any fast food during the show. He sneaks two burgers, though. 'Attaboy. He's not connecting to the quickstep since it's such an older dance, so Lacey throws in some youthful moves. Burgers or not, he's not having trouble keeping up. The dancing, though? It could be cleaner. He's hitting all the steps with his trademark flair, but is unrefined. Still, there's something to be said for entertainment, and he brought it. But he's got to stop making the "O" face when he dances. Bruno calls Kyle a powerhouse of boundless energy but wants him to exert more control. Carrie Ann says he was a little flat-flooted, but she loves watching him. Len says it was hardly a classic quickstep and that it lacked style ... but he liked it!
Score: 22

Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya: jive
Anna wants people to see a new side of Kurt in the jive. He suggests doing a salute in their routine, which she likes. He thinks Anna appreciates him getting into the process. Kurt is a little heavy on his feet, but is still selling the routine, as his impeccable rhythm is making up for it. This somehow suits him better than the Viennese waltz last week. He seems more at ease and is full of zest. He still needs to improve his footwork, but he's not as stiff as he was last week. Carrie Ann says he reminds her of everyone's drunk uncle at a wedding. I don't know about you, but none of uncles look that good! Len says tonight is the penthouse, last week was the outhouse, but wants him to work on his kicks. Bruno says this is a cool guy who does a cool jive.
Score: 21

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and Karina Smirnoff: quickstep
Karina is becoming a drill sergeant in rehearsal, so The Sitch is trying to step it up. She's enjoying kicking his ass because "I don't think a lot of girls get to do that," she says. Oh, poor Sitch! He's trying so hard, and this is just not good. OK, it isn't bad, but it isn't great, either. You can see him counting in his head and checking his feet, but he's slightly off-beat and Karina is leading him at certain parts. He's too rigid and bumbling. Sitch still has a lot of work to do. Len calls it a series of unfortunate events. Bruno wants him to find the right balance, but can see he's trying hard. Carrie Ann wants him to work on his musicality because he's not dancing to the music. Then she asks for his shoe size. He's an 11. "You're a little pigeon-toed," she says. You need to know the shoe size to see that?
Score: 18

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas: quickstep
Bristol takes Mark to Alaska and introduces him to Mom. "Thank you for taking care of our girl. We had so much fun watching you," Sarah says. "We were whooping and hollering." She asks how Bristol shimmied and tries to do one herself. Could you imagine Sarah Palin competing on here? Ha. Bristol doesn't shimmy here, but everything else she does is respectable. She's a really fluid dancer and this dance suits her. She moves effortlessly across the floor and hits the staccato steps nicely. But whether it's nerves or whatnot, she's still too tense and you can see it in her face. If she learns to loosen up, she can give some people here a serious run for their money. Bruno loves the unaffected quality about her, but wants her to learn to get into a character. Carrie Ann says she reminds her of Kelly Osbourne with her vulnerable spirit. Len says it needs a little bit more flair, but says it was lovely.
Score: 22

So that means Jen and Derek top the leader board again with a 24. Trailing a dozen points behind in dead last are Michael and Chelsie.

So that's all for now. What did you think? Did Michael deserve a 12? Could you believe Bruno busted out the 3 paddle? Are you surprised Sarah Palin showed this week (and in her signature leather jacket no less)? Did the audience boo her? Is Kyle secretly pigging out on junk food? Will we see Tony wax his legs?

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Week 2 of Dancing with the Stars brings 11 new routines and Sarah Palin! Yes, she's in the house to watch Bristol tackle her dance. So how did her daughter and everyone else do? Let's find out!

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