Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 10, Episode 3
Episode Synopsis: The first results show of the season. Included: Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine leads Haitian dancers in a tribute performance for their country; and the Beach Boys perform with John Stamos. Also: Adam Corolla offers a comic review of the contestants' dances.
Original Air Date: Mar 30, 2010
Guest Cast John Stamos The Beach Boys Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Tuesday, March 30, 2010 Season 10, Episode 3

After two weeks of performances on Dancing with the Stars, it's time to eliminate the first couple of Season 10. Did Buzz and Kate overcome their low scores? Or was there a shocking boot? Find out below!

Tom already tweeted that the bottom two is quite the "WTF???" so why prolong the suspense any longer? We get the first safe couple and first pair in the bottom two right off the bat. I'm liking this revamped season.

First safe couple: Buzz and Ashly

Surprising? Eh. You can't boot the sweet old man and, you know, the guy who walked on the moon right away. I expect him to stick around a bit longer, a la Cloris.

First couple in bottom two: Pamela and Damian

Stunned silence. Was everyone too enraptured by her Marilyn Monroe impression to vote?

Len recaps Monday night for us because apparently it's not enough to watch everyone's confessionals. He was disappointed by Chad, felt bad for Kate (not Tony?), loved the tall blondes (Pam and Erin) and thought Nicole had huge talent. "Awesome chawesome," she says in their confessional. It's only here I notice the pathetic patch of peach fuzz on Derek's lip. Oh, so cute how he tries to be manly. To no one's surprise, Nicole and Derek get the encore, which is followed by a pretty hot pro number choreographed by Travis Payne and Stacy Walker, who worked for Michael Jackson.

Between the Mirrorballs with Adam Carolla
Adam recounts his favorite moments from Monday in a way funnier way than Len did. Highlights: He wants Buzz to leave the astronaut shirts at home (yes, the astronaut on the shirts is him), teaches Len how to count ("turn up, keep up and shut up" is seven words, not three), believes Edyta has daddy issues between her eye-smacking of Jeffrey Ross and elbowing of Aiden, and mistakenly thinks Bruno and Elton John "bagged every chick in town" when they were filming the "I'm Still Standing" video in the south of France. Well, not chick, Adam.

Next two safe couples:
Aiden and Edyta
Niecy and Louis ... and Maks smacks her butt. Kate? She rolls her eyes. Nice.

The Beach Boys featuring John Stamos
Um, best musical guests ever? Can we watch Full House, like, right now? The boys still rock and Uncle Jesse is still ageless. They jam out "California Girls," "Kokomo" and "Fun, Fun, Fun," but alas, no "Forever." Such is life. Come back next week, pretty please?

Len Commandments of Ballroom
How timely? They are:
Thou shalt not kill time (no gimmicks)
Thou shalt not take the judges' name in vain
Thou shalt not steal... dance moves (no spying!)
Thou shalt not interrupt me (ahem, Bruno)
Thou shalt not do lifts (for you, Carrie Ann)
Thou shall have rhinestones
Thou may honor the judges with gifts (roses, of course)

And for next week only, there's one new commandment, er, challenge: Len wants each dance to show a story without tricks or gimmicks. No one's thrilled.

Next three safe couples:
Evan and Anna
Jake and Chelsie
Nicole and Derek

Kate is still rockin' the bitch face, while Tony's flashing his Crest commercial-worthy pearly whites. Love it!

Macy's Stars of Dance
The dance is a tribute to victims of the Haiti earthquake and is choreographed by pro Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine, a native of Haiti. His adorable little boy was killed in the earthquake. Cue waterworks. Dancing is part of Haitian culture, so the dancers are doing this as an expression of hope, he says. It's a fun, colorful, vivacious number to Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie," which, of course, features Haiti's favorite son, Wyclef Jean.

Brooke's New Life
A day in the life of Tom's new No. 2. Brooke gets her kiddies off to school, then heads to the studio, where she records voiceovers, gets spray-tanned, picks out sparkly and boob-accentuating things to wear. Then it's time for dress rehearsals, where she runs her lines, except for the celebriquarium segments, which are on the fly. Yeah, we can tell.

As if on cue, Brooke and Tom simulteanously and accidentally read the Red Light of Doom intro. Only, for once, it's Tom's bad. He can't be perfect all the time.

Next two safe couples:
Erin and Maks
Chad and Cheryl

Kate? Still sour and dour. Tony? Still grinning ear-to-ear. That's the spirit.

Next safe couple:
Kate and Tony ... and now she's happy.

That means Shannen and Mark are in the bottom two with Pam and Damian. And the first Season 10 casualty is... Shannen and Mark.

Sadness. Shannen wasn't the best, but she had potential. She's low-key and it probably didn't help that they went first on Monday and had a middle-of-the-road score overall. But you have to ask: Who is voting for Kate? Shannen's happy she did it for her pops, who's sitting adorably in the front row. I'm going to miss daddy Doherty. She thinks it's fate that they were eliminated because Mark is injured. (How convenient, or suspicious, they're booted first?) The big reveal: Mark injured his knee in rehearsal on Monday, and by "injured," we mean pulled the muscle off the bone. Ick. He doesn't need surgery, but he would've been out for the next six weeks, which means Shannen would have had a replacement partner — Mark's dad, the always corny Corky Ballas. So I guess it's a good thing we're spared the Corkster.

And so that's that. What do you think? Were you shocked by the result? Did Kate smile at all before learning she was safe? Should Buzz stop wearing astronaut shirts of himself? What do you think of the Len Commandments? How do we get the Beach Boys and John Stamos back on the show? Who's your favorite to win? Vote below!

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After two weeks of performances on Dancing with the Stars, it's time to eliminate the first couple of Season 10. Did Buzz and Kate overcome their low scores? Or was there a shocking boot? Find out below!
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