Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 10, Episode 2
Episode Synopsis: All 11 couples return for the second week of performances.
Original Air Date: Mar 29, 2010

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, March 29, 2010 Season 10, Episode 2

Before the first Dancing with the Stars elimination of the season, the 11 couples get one more chance to impress the judges and win over fans. Did anyone improve? Or regress? Let's find out!

It's the jive or the foxtrot for Week 2! Scores and votes from last week will be added to those from this week. Tom and Brooke implore us to vote because, he warns, had there been an elimination last week, a favorite would've been gone. Uh-oh! Any guesses who that might be? While you ponder that, let's get started.

Shannen Doherty & Mark Ballas: Jive
Shannen is worried because "it's a lot of routine" and they can't simplify it. Mark doesn't want to dumb down the routine, but rather push her. She thinks there's a chance she can pull it off, but a bigger chance she might not. Way to believe, Brenda. First off, Shannen has, like, no thighs. Seriously. Her legs may be thinner than Olive Oyl's. She's got the spunky 'tude and high energy down, but is having trouble keeping up with the pace at times. She needs more strength in her leg movements though; her stick-figure legs look like spaghetti with every kick and flick. But overall, it's a big improvement from last week. Len thinks she showed energy, but a lack of control. Bruno likes the energy as well and wants her to keep her weight on her toes. Carrie Ann calls it a solid routine and wants her to work on her musicality.
Score: 20 (Total: 38)

Aiden Turner & Edyta Sliwinska: Foxtrot
Aiden's feeling the pressure and isn't sure if he can learn a routine in four days. Edyta's mad that he can't get it and walks out. He finds her crying on a stool and they hug it out. Oh, the drama! Maybe the tension's still there: She elbows him in the face twice, once in the eye. Ouch. Aiden keeps his composure though and glides his way through the rest of the dance. This is a huge step up from last week's hot mess. His posture and frame are solid, and his feet are less clunky. Cameron Mathison likes it. Bruno can see a glimmer of hope and likes his frame, but says he gets his knickers in a twist and loses focus. Carrie Ann: "Nice job." Len likes the flow and the improved footwork. Edyta promises she didn't mean to hit him.
Score: 19 (Total: 34)

Evan Lysacek & Anna Trebunskaya: Jive
Anna thinks they could've gotten a higher score last week and that, contrary to Len's opinion, they had chemistry. Evan thinks their chemistry will show with the jive since they're holding hands throughout most of it. They take time out of practice to head to his hometown, Naperville, Ill., on Friday, where he was honored with his own day. This jive, he says, is for his hometown. Naturally, he's a greaser. Gotta keep the hair shellacked! This is a snazzy routine, and their fun chemistry is definitely coming through. Maybe it's just the romantic chemistry he has trouble with? Evan's got long, thin legs, but unlike Shannen, they're firm and strong. The kicks are sharp and tight. Carrie Ann loves the control he had with his long limbs and thinks the connection between him and Anna was there. Len thinks he overcame his height well and wants him to work on his feet. Bruno wants him to point the feet and not to go wobbly. In the celebriquarium, Anna reveals that Evan likes cheesecake. "On this show, you can afford to eat a lot of it," Brooke quips. Crickets. "On this show, you can see a lot of it, too," Tom quips. Laughs. Leave it to the pro, Brooke.
Score: 24 (Total: 47)

Niecy Nash & Louis van Amstel: Foxtrot
Niecy is concerned about communication... until Louis makes a food metaphor. He tells her he didn't have her pegged as a ballroom stunner, to which Niecy takes (mock) offense. After all, she has never been described as graceful. That ought to change now. This is a fluid, gorgeous routine. They start off flirty with some shoulder shrugging — the right amount of Nash sass for this ballroom number. She's effortlessly smooth and elegant, and her singing along to the song makes her even more endearing. Len loves her musicality and the sassy twist and calls her a revelation. Bruno calls it a strawberry milkshake. Carrie Ann did not spot a lift! She calls her spectacular and wants Niecy to go bigger. "I can do big," Niecy promises.
Score: 21 (Total: 39)

Jake Pavelka & Chelsie Hightower: Jive
Jake still feels stupid and tries to make everything a joke to make himself feel better. He wants to change a transition, but Chelsie insists he can do it. He gives in. He starts with a mic stand, a fun gimmick. Their energy level doesn't match Evan and Anna's, but it's still a vivacious routine. He's definitely selling this thing, though at certain points, he's concentrating too hard on the choreography, which slows down his steps. He needs to attack them with more precision... like how he does his pelvic thrust. Bruno likes his energy and determination, but wants him to work on the technique. Carrie Ann thinks they did a lift, so she's going to dock them. Is that how it works now? Len says the routine was a little bit heavy and hopes Jake doesn't get the boot Tuesday because he has more to give. Meanwhile, Brooke doesn't think very quickly on her feet and continues to give us more dead air. How hard is this job?
Score: 20 (Total: 40)

Buzz Aldrin & Ashly Costa: Foxtrot
Buzz asked Ashly to draw out the choreography, which helps him memorize the steps. His wife, Lois — decked out in velour — pops in to give him an extra push. They dance to "Fly Me to the Moon," of course. It's sweet and cute, but definitely not an improvement over his cha-cha last week. His footwork is completely off, and he looks like he's tiptoeing around the floor more than anything else. Plus, for someone who finds Ashly to be a "babe," he's acting like he wouln't come near her with a 10-foot pole. Carrie Ann loves the tenderness of it, but says the dancing was trepidacious. Len won't criticize (!) him because a legend and thinks he inspires people. Bruno, on the other hand, says he looks like he's avoiding craters on the moon.
Score: 12 (Total: 26)

Nicole Scherzinger & Derek Hough: Jive
Derek is still having trouble adding, counting up to a 26, instead of a 25, last week. Nicole was thrown off with the contemporary song (Rihanna's songs are great to jive to!) they were given because she had her heart set on an old-school jive. Derek throws some PCD moves in there, which worries Nicole because she wants to keep it traditional for Len, who scares her. Nicole gets a solo in the beginning before we cut away to Derek in the celebriquarium with Pam and running on stage. Enough with the cheesey entrances, dude. Let's hope Nicole was dancing that whole time. Nicole borrowed one of Edyta's fringe bikini two-pieces for this and is shaking it like crazy. How much double-stick tape do you think she's wearing? This is positively dizzying and I'm breathless just watching it. The fast pace is affecting her steps a little bit as some of them are less bouncy than others. It's a crowd-pleaser and was not traditional for the most part. Of course, Len wants a more traditional jive. Bruno calls it phenomenal and has never seen a jive that good in Week 2. Carrie Ann lists off every aspect of the dance and calls it perfection. Carrie Ann and Bruno give them 10s. A tad too early, guys.
Score: 28 (Total: 53)

Erin Andrews & Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Foxtrot
Tomboy Erin is "so excited" to be a princess. She's frustrated with trying to be "magical," and Maks has to be the calm on in the partnership for once. Not sure what Erin is so worried about because she seems totally at home doing this. She even does a solo at the beginning, spinning nicely toward Maks. She has a great frame and beautiful lines. There's a nice ease to her dancing; you never see the wheels spinning in her head. Bruno says she takes to dance like a duck to water, but wants her to link the movements. Carrie Ann says she's courageous to start off with a solo, but wants her to watch the death-grip on the hold. It's because she can't find Maks' bicep, Erin says. Len loves the posture and wants her to work on the footwork and compliments Maks for handling Erin's complaints. "I'm actually worried that Maks' ego might not survive this season," Tom says.
Score: 23 (Total: 44)

Pamela Anderson & Damian Whitewood: Foxtrot

"Who better to channel Marilyn Monroe than Pamela Anderson?" Damian asks. Nobody, that's who. The look is uncanny. Her dancing is pretty awesome too. Trading sexy for sultry, Pam's fluid and light on her feet. Her arms and frame need some work though as she's leaning into Damian way too much. Or is she just in character? "A busload of Kennedys just pulled up," Tom says. Carrie Ann thinks she brought Marilyn back to life and wants her to work on her shoulders. Len says Pam's been titivating (yes, it's a word, and yes, it does mean "smarten up") and wants her to get her bust away from Damian. Bruno calls it a delicious tribute to Marilyn and can feel the waves of sensuality envelope him and the nation. "Will we see all the sides of Pamela this season?" Brooke asks about the change of character and tone. "I think everybody's seen all the sides of Pamela," she reponds.
Score: 22 (Total: 43)

Chad Ochocinco & Cheryl Burke: Foxtrot

Chad loves to flirt, but Cheryl wants him to focus. If he stops sticking his butt out, she'll give him a kiss. He does, so she keeps her word. Not sure if a kiss is in the cards after this number. The height discrepancy between them doesn't help with the pointy booty. He's keeps it in check a few times, but it's moot because the posture is way off. The footwork is clumsy and hesitant, and he looks lost every five seconds. Len says it's like the snow: "You're just glad when it's all over." Bruno thinks he went backward and wants him to reboot. Carrie Ann thinks he has great potential, but wants him to start understanding the movement, like football.
Score: 16 (Total: 34)

Kate Gosselin & Tony Dovolani: Jive
Kate is stressed. Tony wants her to listen, but she doesn't like the way he's teaching. Tony is baffled because he's never been questioned on his teaching. "You're not hearing what I'm saying," she says. Tony quits. If you close your eyes and just listen, it's like a classic Jon and Kate fight. How can we free Tony? Tony walks back in and says he had a weak moment. "A lot of people quit on me in life," Kate says, adding that their miscommunication will make them stronger. Stronger, but not better. I haven't watched Dancing every season, but Kate has to be the most uncomfortable and dour competitior ever. This is more awkward to watch than her Viennese waltz since, you know, this requires energy and joy. She looks like a dying robot enslaved to dance. The footwork is way off, she's missing steps, and the kicks are non-existent. In a way, she's worse than Buzz, since he at least looks like he's enjoying himself. Bruno says she's going through the motions like a Stepford wife and wants her to portray a character. Carrie Ann says the positive is that she made it through the routine and says she spots a lift. Len says nerves are breaking her and wants her to at least go out fighting.
Score: 15 (Total: 31)

Once again, Nicole tops the leaderboard and Buzz brings up the rear. If Derek has figured out addition by now, he'll realize that their score is more than double that of Buzz and Ashly's.

What did you think? Did Pam channel Marilyn? Was Niecy a revelation? Did Nicole deserve those 10s? Does Maks have biceps? Can you see a lot of "cheesecake" on the show? Is Kate the most joyless dancer the show has seen? Who do you think will get the boot Tuesday?

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Before the first Dancing with the Stars elimination of the season, the 11 couples get one more chance to impress the judges and win over fans. Did anyone improve? Or regress? Let's find out!

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