Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 11, Episode 16
Episode Synopsis: The eighth week of performances includes the debut of an Instant Dance challenge, in which contestants learn the song they'll be dancing to shortly before they perform.
Original Air Date: Nov 8, 2010

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2010 Season 11, Episode 16

Dancing with the Stars locks in its four semifinalists as one more couple gets eliminated. Plus: DanceCenter returns!

I know, I can't wait for DanceCenter either. But first, some business to attend to: Kyle and Lacey's Instant Dance jive gets the encore for, well, being awesome. And they immediately get some equally awesome news afterward.

First round of results:
Kyle and Lacey are safe.

Kenny Mayne, Jerry Rice and Len are back! I'm not sure whose cheek jewelry I like more: Kenny's mini diamond or Jerry's fuchsia star. Toss-up, I know.
Kurt: His nickname is "Crunch Time" and his secret weapon is "heat-seeking footballs"-- he's been using those to phase out the pros, apparently. Jerry grills Len about why the judges won't let up on Kurt's "frying pan" hands. "Jerry and I believe big hands are good," Kenny quips.
Kyle: He's notorious for his six-pack (drawn on, of course) and is "straight outta Magic Kingdom, yo!" Kenny is flummoxed as to what Disney kids rap about. "More bling on your 10-speed?" he asks before ripping on Kyle and Lacey's thrift store-esque fashion sense. "It's not how much it costs, it's how you wear it," Jerry says. OK, fuchsia star wins.
Bristol: She knows how to ride a Zamboni and is named after the Bristol Inn, where Sarah Palin was working. Good thing she wasn't working in Barf Inn, Kenny says. He points out that the Republicans just took over the House of Representatives. Cue Bristol and Mark's monkey(suits) business.
Brandy: Her hobbies include botany and her dislikes include cognac, whisky and scotch. Jerry says he loves "The Boy Is Mine." Preach it! Brandy's verses were way better than Monica's. Agree? Kenny says Len has issues with Brandy as Jerry busts out a half-empty bottle of brandy with Brandy on the bottle. Guilty as charged.
Jennifer: Jamie Lee Curtis is the president of her fan club and she's a dirty dancer. "Faking injuries — nothing dirtier than that," Kenny says. Even creepier, Derek is her "baby," he says, as we get proof of her rocking in his arms. "He's trying to comfort her," Len says. "No one comforted me when my ass was kicked off," Kenny retorts, while Jerry embraces him. And my heart grew three sizes.

After performances from Taio Cruz, and John Legend and The Roots, intrepid reporter Brooke asks her usual hard-hitting questions backstage. Case in point: to Brandy regarding Maks and Carrie Ann's argument: Do you understand what she was saying? Um, of course she understands it. I think we all understand it. It's a matter of whether she agrees with it. Ever the cool cucumber, Brandy says she was thinking "Stay out of it" during the whole tiff.

Next round of results:
Jennifer and Derek are safe.
Kurt and Anna are still in jeopardy.

Backstage, Maks apologizes to the fans for losing his cool Monday night because the show is about the celebrities and entertaining fans. "I'm going to go back to being cool," he says. "Is there anything you'd like to say to Carrie Ann?" Brooke asks. "Let's do our jobs," he says. Oh, snap! "So being cool lasted for 12 seconds," Tom says. Carrie Ann tries to laugh it off. This is almost as epic as the cracked-out smile Bruno tried to hold when his public enemy No. 1, Michael Bolton, returned earlier this season.

After another number from John Legend and The Roots, and a precocious performance from Emily Bear, 9-year-old pianist, and two pairs of kiddie dance champs, we get down to the remaining couples.

Next round of results:
Bristol and Mark are safe.
Brandy and Maks are still in jeopardy.

Brandy and Kurt are not necessarily the bottom two. Bruno says we would lose a true gentleman and an "American idol" (ha) if Kurt leaves. Carrie Ann says she expects Brandy to be in the finale and tells Maks that she's always respected the pro dancers. "I hope that you would let it go," she says, as Maks shakes his head. Water under what bridge?

And the couple leaving is... Kurt and Anna.

The crowd boos and gives them a standing O. Kurt thanks everyone at the show for the relationships he's developed, his family, Anna and the fans, who chant "MVP." Kurt was never technically the best, but he tried his best, and this is an undeserved exit for someone who continued to improve and performed way better than Bristol has (even if the scores say otherwise). Too bad the judges never rewarded him with a higher score than an 8, while they continue to coddle Bristol's stiffness.

What do you think? Did Kurt deserve the boot? What do you make of the final four? Did DanceCenter bring the funny? Will those kiddie dancers be on Dancing Season 30 (gulp)? Will Maks and Carrie Ann ever settle their feud?

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Dancing with the Stars locks in its four semifinalists as one more couple gets eliminated. Plus: DanceCenter returns!

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