Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 10, Episode 16
Episode Synopsis: The ninth week of performances.
Original Air Date: May 17, 2010

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, May 17, 2010 Season 10, Episode 16

Dancing with the Stars' four remaining couples make their last bids for a spot in next week's final as they perform two routines in the semifinal. Who stepped up their game? Find out below!

So Tom tweeted over the weekend that he had some big news that will fuel everyone for the finale. The big news? They're going to "pull the curtain back" and reveal that each of the four pairs have, at one time or another, led in votes this season, so y'all have got to vote your booties off to get your favorites into the final. But first, the dances. The ballroom round is up first, followed by the Latin round, in which the celebrities must perform a solo.

Ballroom Round
Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovksiy: Viennese Waltz

Maks feels like he has a chance of winning with Erin, so he's pushing her, and she's focused to do well. Is this the first time they have a non-fighting video package? About time! First of all, this is a lovely shade of blue on them. Erin seems to be less awkward. She's very light on her feet and flexible, and all of her lines are fluid. No jerky movements anymore. She trips slightly during one of the many spins, but it's only noticeable thanks to the close-up of her feet. I feel like she still needs more stability though. Maks looks like he's pulling her in certain directions. Is it just me or did it feel like they wasted the last 20 seconds walking around and sitting on the steps? Len says Erin made a giant step through the door to the final. Bruno says she's improved tons, but points out a minuscule stumble. Carrie Ann sees her grow every week and thinks she's doing wonderfully. Bruno accidentally flashes a 10, but he insists he meant to score them a 9. No takesies-backsies! "If you're wondering what happened, Bruno had a premature paddle," Tom quips.
Score: 27

Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough: Argentine Tango
Birthday boy Derek hurt his neck and the pain has stiffened up his back. He basically can't turn in any direction or lift Nicole. But he's still deteremined to dance. Watch, he's going to be fine... and he is. Can we say "sympathy vote"? I kid. It helps Derek that the A.T. has short and sharp movements. Nicole is killing it. She's the most restrained she's ever been in a dance, but it works in such a seductive dance. Her lines and extensions are beyond gorgeous. I would say the only downside is that neither of them seem to be connected to each other, like they're each dancing separate, albeit totally awesome halves of a totally awesome dance. The choreography is also stellar for a guy with a broken neck. Bruno calls her a divine enchantress who used each move to draw us deeper into a love spell. Carrie Ann was reduced to tears. Sniffles. Len says it was more delicious than his grandmother's apple pie, which is the best compliment Len can ever give.
Score: 30

Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke: Waltz

Cheryl says Chad is going to dance like he's never danced before so they can make the finals. He's not getting the steps though and gets stressed out. What an inspired cutaway from him sitting on the steps in rehearsal to him sitting on the steps on the stage! This is a mass improvement from last week. Is Chad actually dancing? He's nowhere near, say, Nicole's league, but his footwork and extensions are smooth and effortless as opposed to his usual clunky, stiff self. He's also much lighter on his feet and it's nice to see him excel at the ballroom dances. However, I feel like Cheryl danced around him for the last half of it. Carrie Ann says, or sings rather, that he just nailed the waltz. Len calls it fantastic. Bruno calls him a star and says he's finally fulfilled the potential they all saw in Week 1.
Score: 27

Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya: Foxtrot
The focus this week is performance since Evan's been grilled about his lack of characterization. Anna wants to figure out what makes Evan happy. "Coffee...cars...my nephew," he answers. Coffee makes me happy too, Evan! Cars? Not really. And I don't have a nephew. One out of three ain't bad, right? Anyhow, we next get video of his adorable baby nephew. Cuteness overload! Evan's in the zone now and starts off in a little solo by himself, happy as a clam. The smile plastered on his face is über-cheesy, but that's a Lysacek trademark. The routine is peppier than most foxtrots — very Fred Astaire-ish. He's still the top-notch technician we know him to be with nice, crisp footwork and posture, but he's finally selling a character that's not serious. Len loves the happy-go-lucky side of Evan. Bruno didn't know he had that vitality in him. Carrie Ann feels the connection between them and thanks them for listening to her plea. Yes, because you're the only one who criticized him.
Score: 29

Latin Round
Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Paso Doble
Aw, the bio packages are back. Erin was insecure growing up because she was tall and gangly. Erin talks about her stalker case for the first time. You have to give her props for not bringing it up at all the whole season. Dancing was a way for her to prove to people that she was not going to be the victim. We miss part of Erin's solo in the beginning thanks to a camera mishap. Sabotage? I'm going to say it was good since Maks has been throwing her little solos here and there. Her high-high boots rock. The gold lamé? Not so much. And this music is awful too. (Prince? Really?) Erin's attacking the steps with pizzazz, but there's something a little off about them the whole routine. Maybe because it's a funkier paso than usual. They only mess up the hold at the end when Maks slips. This doesn't hold a candle to Maks and Mel's paso. Bruno calls Erin amazing and yells at Maks for falling. Carrie Ann says that's what it feels like "to be in your power." Len wishes it was more traditional. Maks is not pleased... strips in the celebriquarim. "Don't miss Maks' regional production of Spartacus, coming to a town near you," Tom says.
Score: 29
Total: 56

Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough: Cha-cha
Time to go to Hawaii. Nicole's grandma — her "tutu" — was always singing and performing. How adorable are her grandparents? Nicole later moved to Louisville after her mother remarried, and that's where she became an artist! How can you not be one with testimonials from Diddy and Ron Fair in a toolish fedora?  Nicole starts off with a chair solo. Ugh. I hate props. This looks less like a cha-cha and more like a lap dance gone wrong, especially with the puffy shirts they borrowed from Seinfeld. It's apparently Prince night. First, Erin and Maks danced to "U Got the Look" and now we have "Kiss." "Purple Rain" is more apt for their outfits here. The routine is flashy and Nicole is hitting all the marks, as always, but I'm honestly bored by this. It just doesn't feel like a cha-cha, but of course the judges give her a tongue bath. Carrie Ann is feeling the aloha. Len doesn't think the solo showed off a lot of cha-cha, but thinks she needs to be in the final. Bruno calls her the sexilicious purple queen of the cha-cha-cha.
Score: 29
Total: 59

Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke: Samba
Chad was born in Miami and his first words were "Child, please." He was raised by his grandmother and knew sports was his way out. We meet his four kids, who are proud of their daddy. It's officiall night of the cute children! Guys, they don't get a Prince song! But they get Lady Gaga instead. Sigh. Chad continues to make his case for the final. He's oozing charisma and cheekiness, but there's not enough free-flowing bounce from him in this party dance. He's still a little hesistant with some of the rolls and the details are a bit off. They save the solo for the end and, naturally, he goes shirtless. Raise your hand if you actually paid attention to the dance moves. That's how you get the votes. Len says his torso is a bit like his with fewer tattoos. Bruno is torn between admiration and bitter envy. "I will never take my clothes off again," he says. Carrie Ann calls him phenomenal. Chad says he'll go the "no pants" route if he makes the final and wishes his fallen Bengal, Chris Henry, a happy birthday.
Score: 25
Total: 52

Sidenote: Can someone get Donny Osmond a better seat in the house? The defending champ is in the second row behind Kareem Abdul-Jabaar and Rick Fox. For reals?

Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya: Paso Doble
Evan started skating at 8 when his grandmother got him skates. He had a growth spurt at 14, but was determined not to let his height derail him. His shyness is the only thing about himself that he'd change, but Scott Hamilton commiserates because skaters spend so much time alone. Frank Carroll, his coach, notes that he's never coached an Olympic champion until Evan (don't remind us about Michelle, Frank. It'll just break my heart) and that's because Evan is the most driven skater, not the most talented. These guys get Evanescance's "Bring Me to Life," which is basically what happens to Evan. He's aggressive, intense, compact, powerful and basically dominates the whole routine — and Anna. Check out that near mouth-rape of a kiss at the end. The footwork is precise and quick, and his solo is mesmerizing, from the crazy cape-twirling to the high-flying spins and kicks. I vote this for Tuesday's encore. Bruno calls it strong and artistic. Carrie Ann says his movements were bigger than ever. Len says the paso is the man's dance and it's so difficult for a celebrity guy to do that, but he did it.
Score: 30
Total: 59

Sidenote 2: Jake and Kate get front-row seats and Donny doesn't?

That leaves Nicole and Evan tied at the top with 59 and Chad last with 52.

What did you think? Did everyone bring their A game? Do you buy Derek's neck injury? Who's stripping did it for you: Maks' or Chad's? Do coffee, cars and your nephew (if you have one) make you happy too? Did Nicole's Argentine tango make you cry? What was with the Prince homage? When do you think each of the pairs led in votes? Who do you think should make the final? Who do you think will make the final?

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Dancing with the Stars' four remaining couples make their last bids for a spot in next week's final as they perform two routines in the semifinal. Who stepped up their game? Find out below!
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