Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 10, Episode 15
Episode Synopsis: The eighth-round results show. Included: The Gipsy Kings perform; Kenny Mayne, Jerry Rice and Len Goodman host Dance Center; and dance teams from Purdue University and the University of California San Diego compete against each other.
Original Air Date: May 11, 2010
Guest Cast Gipsy Kings

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Tuesday, May 11, 2010 Season 10, Episode 15

The semifinal is set as Dancing with the Stars cuts one more couple. Which pair fell short of the final four? Find out below! Plus: The College Dance Championship kicks off and DanceCenter returns!

Did Tom just say Erin's drive and determination has kept her safe from the bottom two? How soon we forget. Thankfully, we get a confessional of her claiming, yet again, that being in the bottom two last week was "gross." Erin is worried about landing there again despite getting a 10 for their Argentine tango since they got good scores last week, too. Recappin' Len says Erin really "pushed herself up there" with the routine. You mean, she pushed her crotch up Maks' face. Len remains flummoxed by Evan's waltz and futuristic cha-cha, and dubs Chad and Niecy the "followers" behind leaders Nicole, Evan and Erin. Nicole and Derek get the encore for their "genius" '50s paso doble, which, Len says, is "possibly the dance of all seasons." Let's not go that far, buddy. I do have to say, though, Derek can sure paso.

The Gypsy Kings take the stage next to perform a Spanish version of "You've Got a Friend in Me," off Toy Story 3. They're accompanied by Kym, Dmitry, Cheryl and Tony for a killer paso that the latter two choreographed as a dance for Jesse and Buzz Lightyear. The whole routine is quite fabulous, as are the Kings, who later returned to perform their hit "Bamboleo."


Kenny, Jerry (in a blond wig) and Len are back! Oh, how I've missed thee.

Niecy: Her player card lists: "Jiggly parts: Many." There are so many that she's president and CEO of myjigglyparts.com, Kenny says. Niecy, he adds, may also be the first contestant to gain weight on the show thanks to her weaknesses: donuts, cheeseburgers and cookies. Gotta keep up those jiggly parts, right?
Chad: He's danced 1,679 dancing yards, according to his stats. He may also have the softest lips in the world, which means he should launch his own line of lip gloss, Kenny says, named Chadstick. Len points out that Chad has a million-dollar smile, but Kenny says his net worth is down after giving Cheryl so much bling. Jerry, of course, doesn't know what giving away jewelry feels like since he has three Super Bowl rings and Chad has zilch. Burn!
Nicole: She's apparently a proud member of Criers Anonymous (except they chyroned it "Cryers.") I don't think they're talking about Ducky, though. Nicole is awesome, Kenny says, but is weird. Cases in point: She spits gum into Derek's mouth and they smell their armpits. Derek, though, is a lucky dude to have always danced with gorgeous women: Shannon, Brooke, Joanna ... and Mark!
Evan: Oh, the (fake) things you learn! Evan holds the Illinois state record for longest long program. Len loves Evan's lush and full-bodied hair, but they all lose points for not pointing out how he religiously shellacks it to his skull on performance nights. Still, it's an iconic mane that apparently inspired Justin Bieber and a Lego man. Kenny appreciates how our Olympic champ is "Mr. Excitement." Cue footage of Evan mundanely talking about his technique. Did he even blink in that clip?
Erin: She's the second-best ESPN reporter to compete on Dancing, obviously. Kenny tries not to comment at first, because they have the same employer, but he can't resist. Erin is incorrectly calling Maks her Russian because he's from the Ukraine, Kenny says. "Next time you visit one of those college campuses, Erin, stop by a geography hall."

Jerry picks Nicole to win it all, but Kenny disagrees. The winner will the one who's the hungriest — "and that's Niecy."

First safe couple:
Nicole and Derek

First couple in the bottom two:
Chad and Cheryl

College Dance Championship
UC San Diego Tritons: Samba
Is this better than having the kiddie competition they had last year? Shattering the dreams of twentysomethings is easier than shattering those of 9-year-olds, I guess. I've never seen team ballroom dancing live, but I have to give props to anyone who can dance in sync like this. The routine is energetic, the footwork is crisp, and the varied choreography is great. Len loves the pattern changes, but says the lines weren't clear. Bruno loves the effect and the synchronicity. Carrie Ann says they have "Evan Lysacek Syndrome," where they're too precise. Uh, what? Is that a bad thing?
Score: 24

Purdue University Boilermakers: Mambo
These guys' motto is BTFU -- "Boiler the Floor Up." Kris, the president, joined the team because he didn't date when he got to school, so he looked for some human interaction. And now he's around girls all day! Was it a requirement for both teams to wear red and black? These guys seem less polished than the Tritons and their choreography is less difficult, but it's a nice, little mambo number. I'll give the edge to the Tritons, who had the more exciting routine. Honestly, I have to say that the kid dancers last season would blow both these teams out of the water. Bruno says they had some timing issues and there wasn't enough changing of figures. Carrie Ann loves their spirit, but agrees with Bruno about the lack of pattern-changing. Len, ditto.
Score: 22

Next two safe couples:
Evan and Anna
Erin and Maks

That means Niecy and Louis are in the bottom two with Chad and Cheryl.

And the couple going home is ... Niecy and Louis.

"The past two weeks of elimination have been very tough on our jiggly parts quota," Tom quips. Niecy says she lived out a childhood dream and is happy to have survived this long because she "cannot hula-hoop with a Cheerio and [is] one of the last women standing." She thanks Louis for "molding this lump of clay into something." It's a shame (or is it not?) she never had a "wardrobe malfunction" as promised. Niecy was never the best dancer, but she was definitely the most entertaining. Might I suggest she join the DanceCenter panel?

What did you think? Was Niecy the correct boot? Will you miss her jiggly parts? What do you think of the college dance teams? Should Chad start a Chadstick line? Do you covet Evan's hair, too? Was DanceCenter all that and more? Is Nicole and Derek's '50s paso the best dance ever? Does Erin need to take a geography class? Who's your current pick to win? Vote below!

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The semifinal is set as Dancing with the Stars cuts one more couple. Which pair fell short of the final four? Find out below! Plus: The College Dance Championship kicks off and DanceCenter returns!

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Who's your current pick to win Dancing?

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