Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 11, Episode 13
Episode Synopsis: The sixth-round results show. Included: performances from rock band Heart and Kylie Minogue.
Original Air Date: Oct 26, 2010
Guest Cast Kylie Minogue Heart

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, Nov. 1, 2010 Season 11, Episode 13

Dancing with the Stars turns 200! To celebrate, 50 alums return, old dances get new looks and we get a group dance of Olympic proportions. Who shined the brightest on this big night? Find out below!

Ah, how time flies! Can you believe it's already the 200th episode? Me either. (It actually premiered on my birthday in 2005 ... but I was not watching then.) I barely even remember the 100th episode celebration two years back, but they are going all out this time. A bevy of stars are back and we kick it off with a pro number to the first-ever song played on the show — Beyonce's "Crazy in Love" — featuring all the pros from 11 seasons.

It's Icon Week, which means each couple reinterprets a famous routine from a past contestant and will be judged by that contestant. But first, the group dances: Team Kristi Yamaguchi vs. Team Apolo Anton Ohno.

Team Kristi: Rick and Cheryl; Bristol and Mark; Kyle and Lacey
They're using Kristi and Mark's freestyle music. Kyle and Bristol have already done the cha-cha, so Rick hopes they can help him out. Cheryl and Lacey try to get Bristol to do some sexy moves. "It's not embarrassing; it's hot," Cheryl says. Isn't everything on this show? The height difference between Kyle and Rick is kind of hysterical. But the guys are all killing it. The girls? Bristol does her best to keep up, but her shortcomings are clear when she's dancing next to two female pros. Rick and Cheryl get the first solo, and he totally sells the feistiness of the dance with quick footwork. Bristol and Mark follow, and she's got more 'tude this time, but is too hesitant on some steps. Kyle and Lacey end the solos with a snazzy routine. They all line up for the grand finale, and Bristol does a better job of keeping pace. Len says they put up a big fight. Bruno loves the Michael Jackson elements, but points out Bristol's missteps. Carrie Ann loves the group choreography and how they stayed in sync.
Score: 24

Team Apolo: Kurt and Anna; Brandy and Maks; Jennifer and Derek
Apolo has so much confidence that he doesn't even show up to pick the teams (I kid! I know he was on his book tour. Love ya, Apolo!) They have Apolo and Julianne's freestyle music, so this cha-cha will be hip-hop-inspired. Jennifer has to take breaks every two hours because, as her doctor says, "You're 50, not 25." Apolo finally shows up and fires them up with some words of inspiration. Kurt — sporting a soul patch — and Anna get the first solo. He's still kind of lumbering, but his footwork has improved — everything is quick and tight. Brandy and Maks with some major shimmying and hip action. Jennifer and Derek finish up with some crazy spinning. They all end with some rousing flips and Bruno says they've got the "flava of the 'hood." Carrie Ann says they were working at their best. Len loves the pattern changes and says they all upped their game individually.
Score: 27

Individual Routines
Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer: Mel B and Maksim Chmerkovskiy's paso doble

Season 5 runner-up Mel B (she was totally robbed!) is on hand to judge. Kyle is learning to turn off his fun side and turn on his happy side, so he comes in shirtless with a drawn-on situation. He's not sure if they can be as sexy as M&M, but they're going to try. Kyle keeps the shirt on for the actual number. I'm still unsure about the sexiness, but he's definitely bringing the anger and attack. He's aggressive, powerful, and is flowing beautifully between the fluid holds and hard stances. This is definitely a whole new level of technique for him. Len says it was his best dance. Mel calls it amazing and says he was very sexy. Bruno says there was testosterone everywhere, but wants him to keep his shoulders down during the Spanish lines. Carrie Ann says he was in his own power and own strength like Mel was.
Score: 35
Total: 59

Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunksaya: Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke's tango
Who didn't see this coming? Kurt gets Season 3 champ Emmitt's tango, which I've never seen until now. Kurt's annoyed because Anna keeps saying the steps are easy, which they are for her, so he takes her to an Arizona Cardinals practice. Kurt's looking very suave, and the tango is a good dance for him since they get to stay in hold. He shows off his great posture and frame, and there's something very focused about him. His footwork is also sharper and cleaner. Bruno says he went from Mission: Impossible to mission: accomplished, but wants him to watch sticking his head forward. Carrie Ann loves the authoritative tone in his posture. Emmitt says he understands why he stuck his neck forward — because football players do that — and that he saw something special. Len says he's come back stronger, but he wants him to learn the difference between flexed knees and bent knees.
Score: 34
Total: 61

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas: Kelly Osbourne and Louis van Amstel's Viennese waltz
Season 9 third-place finalist Kelly, looking thinner than ever, says she wants to see honesty and heart from Bristol. Bristol says her family and the Osbournes are very different (understatement of the year) so it'd be weird for them to be united through this song. Bristol is emoting better too, but she's not committed to the character enough and falls back into her scared and nervous face. That affects her steps and stiffens up her posture. Overall, it's a nice routine — but nowhere near Kelly's fluid, revelatory level. Carrie Ann says she has the power to touch us, but thinks she's still slightly detached from going all the way. Kelly says she gave her goosebumps and that she did fantastic. Len loves the reverse turns. Bruno wants her to ignite a bit more.
Score: 33 (Kudos to Kelly for being the first pro not to award a 10)
Total: 57

Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke: Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough's quickstep
Banana Man? Try the Jolly Green Giant. Rick trades Season 5 champ Helio's banana suit for an all-green one. Rick's goal is to show joy like Helio always did, so his gal pal Eliza Dushku drops by to show "how we practice at home." Not like that! It's actual dancing! She loosens him up, so he's hoping this can be his breakout dance. I dare say it is. He's all personality and sports a goofy grin on his face — just like Helio — the whole time. It really adds more zest to the already peppy quickstep. Rick is not as fast as Helio, but that could be due to his height. At the same time, given his height, it's incredible to see how at ease he is with all the lightning-fast steps. Len says he can out full throttle. Bruno says it was like the Indy 500 and says he made more faces than Jim Carrey did. Helio can't believe he stole his trademark kiss at the end. Carrie Ann says it's by far his best dance.
Score: 37
Total: 61

Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Gilles Marini and Cheryl Burke's foxtrot

Season 8 runner-up Gilles wants to see Brandy take charge. Maks says the biggest detail about the routine was the steaminess, but Brandy is having trouble nailing the character. She starts off fingering his back and brings major sass to the floor. I don't know if this eclipses Gilles and Cheryl's in seductiveness, but it's up there. Brandy attacks the sultriness with full force and moves elegantly into hold with Maks. Bristol could take some lessons about staying in character. Brandy stays in sync with Maks when they break hold, but stumbles a little bit toward the end. Bruno says it was sizzling with sex and "every step was driven by relentless eroticism." Gilles says it was unreal. Carrie Ann loves her transition between characters and is sorry about her flub. Len says we've just witnessed the most fantastic foxtrot, so he doesn't mind the little misstep.
Score: 37
Total: 64

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough: Drew Lachey and Cheryl Burke's tango
Season 2 champ Drew — who else wishes he was the co-host? — is looking for Jennifer to embrace the music in his tango, which I've never seen until now either. Jennifer went to the doctor, who says her body is "fatiguing out." She's getting frustrated and starts crying. "It's just a dance show," Derek says. Ain't that the truth. Jennifer's body is holding up just fine, but I'm not sure about her state of mind. She looks tired and there's little chemistry between the two of them. Thank goodness she has an intense dance, otherwise she'd really have some trouble if she had, say, the quickstep. Technique-wise, her lines and extensions are gorgeous. Frankly, I'm kind of distracted by her giant pit stains. Carrie Ann says she came back from a tough week. Len says she vented all her frustration in the routine. Drew loves her musicality. Bruno says it was like watching a phoenix rising from her own ashes.
Score: 37
Total: 64

So Brandy and Jennifer tie for first place with 64, while Bristol is last with 57,

What did you think? Did you enjoy the 200th episode? Did you enjoyed seeing all the old faces? Who did you spot? Were the reinterpretations a good idea? Did Team Kristi stand a chance against Team Apolo? Did Rick finally have a breakthrough? Is this the first time the judges weren't hard on Kurt? Did Jennifer make a huge comeback? Were the alums good judges? Should Drew be the co-host? Have you made anyone cry in a good way like Kelly has?

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Dancing with the Stars turns 200! To celebrate, 50 alums return, old dances get new looks and we get a group dance of Olympic proportions. Who shined the brightest on this big night? Find out below!

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