Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 10, Episode 11
Episode Synopsis: The sixth-round results show. Included: Melissa Etheridge sings two songs, and Spanish flamenco guitarist Benise performs.
Original Air Date: Apr 27, 2010
Guest Cast Benise Melissa Etheridge

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Tuesday, April 27, 2010 Season 10, Episode 11

One unlucky couple gets eliminated as Dancing with the Stars cuts its cast down to six couples. Did votes save Evan and Anna after their nosedive to fifth place? Or was there another surprise boot? Find out below!

With the leaderboard all shaken and stirred — Evan's out of the top two for the first time ever! Chad is in the top three! Nicole leads! (OK, that's not so new) — it could be anyone getting the axe. One pair it's not:

First safe couple:

Erin and Maks, who's beyond thrilled. Unfortunately, Maks does not express this via stripping. Sigh.

Recap time! Len says no one mastered both technique and performance on Monday. Nicole was all sizzle and no sausage, he says. Hmm, and yet Bruno loved it. Evan has "fallen from heaven" (who writes this stuff?), and Jake's judges' table stumble was the fault of the table for being there, Len says. Say what? Can we blame every crash on inanimate objects now? Pam wasn't precise enough, Len says, while Niecy's cookie gimmick is still satifsying a day later. Chad and Erin were the breakthroughs — though Len can still do without Maks' shirtlessness. "Maks, can you stop taking off your clothes so Len can give us better scores?" Erin says. "Never," he answers. Thanks! Len dubs Chad's Argentine tango the best dance of the night (um, really?), which means they get the encore. They're really trying to spread the wealth this season, huh? No couple has done more than one encore.

After a totally rockin' performance by Melissa Etheridge, feautring Tony, Chelsie, Anna and Maks — who's flashing his chest yet again — we get our second safe couple.

Next safe couple:
Chad and Cheryl

Spanish flamenco guitarist Benise (who's actually American — he's from Nebraska) takes the stage and carefully navigates — and plays — through a field of scantily dressed flamenco dancers, or as Tom calls it, "the world's sexiest obstacle course." Anyone else thinks he looks like a cross between Fabio and Keith Urban?

Sport Science
Dancing is a tough sport, guys, and John Brenkus is here to show us the physics of dancing, with an assist from test subjects Edyta and Dmitry. There's a bunch of math and numbers about the strength needed for a split jump (more than 1,800 pounds of force), backbend (53 percent of Edyta's weight is behind her), spinning (at 800 degrees per second — faster than the pedals on Lance Armstrong's bike at top speed!) and precision (Edyta and Dmitry stay in sync within 2 milliseconds of each other). It's all fascinating and confusing, as I haven't done math since my AP chemistry test years ago. "Dancing with the Stars: The sexy way to improve your SAT scores," Tom says.

Edyta then shows off her spins and backbend with hubby Alec to the tune "Come to My Window." Old-school Melissa is the best, no?

Next safe couple:
Nicole and Derek

The leaders live to dance another day, but bottom-dwellers Jake and Chelsie will learn their fate later, Tom the Tease says. Backstage, Brooke shares that Jake said earlier he was "fairly confident" he would make it through this week. That means he's totally going to leave. Now, with his fate hanging in the balance, he's not so sure. Niecy says there's still a family atmostphere on set, which is exemplified through lying. "We love each other enough not to tell each other the truth," she says. "Even when we have a bad performance, we're like, 'You rock!'"

Now that we're past the halfway mark, it's time to get down to business. Cue serious package with the celebs about working their booties off and being "engineered to win," as Jake says. I'd love to meet those who are engineered to lose.

Next two safe couples:

Pam and Damian
Evan and Anna

That leaves Jake and Chelsie and Niecy and Louis in the bottom two.

And the couple leaving is... Jake and Chelsie!

Vienna's sad. Jake thanks Texas and Mavericks fans and says he's honored to have been part of the show before tearing up as he takes the mic from Tom to thank Chelsie. "You're one of my best friends," he tells her. "I have loved every second of this." I spaced out for a second and half-expected him to propose to her. Anyone else? Who can blame him? That's all reality shows have asked of him until this.

That's all for now! What did you think? Did Jake deserve to get cut? Did the judges' table doom him? Are you glad Maks will never keep his shirt on? Who do you think will be the team captains for next week's team cha-chas?  Do you feel smarter now that you know the physics of dancing? Is lying the best policy when it comes to family? Who's your current pick to win? Vote below!

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One unlucky couple gets eliminated as Dancing with the Stars cuts its cast down to six couples. Did votes save Evan and Anna after their nosedive to fifth place? Or was there another surprise boot? Find out below!
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Who's your current pick to win Dancing with the Stars?

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