Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 10, Episode 10
Episode Synopsis: In the sixth week of performances, contestants take on the samba or the Argentine tango, as well as a swing-dance marathon.
Original Air Date: Apr 26, 2010

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, April 26, 2010 Season 10, Episode 10

The remaining seven couples luck out with two routines on Dancing with the Stars. Each pair must perform either the samba or the Argentine tango before they all face off in the swing marathon. How did everyone fare? Find out below!

It's a shame Kate missed out on learning two routines, says the masochist in me. After last season's successful (albeit cluttered) mambo marathon, we get the swing marathon this time, and I, for one, can't wait — if only to hear Tom's awesome golf-announcer voice. But first, the main routines:

Jake Pavelka and Chelsie Hightower: Samba

Chelsie takes Jake to meet samba dancers to get into the spirit, where he learns to shimmy and shake his tail feathers. Jake's goal this week is to close the gap between him and the the leaders, Nicole and Evan, because, as he admits, he's not as great of a dancer. Pants are on this week, but Jake's shirt is unbuttoned. Is he the first male on Dancing not to wax his chest? Maybe it gives Chelsie better grip as she repeatedly pushes off his chest. Jake's got the hips working, but is sort of overdoing it to a degree. Dude really needs to lay off the caffeine before he hits the floor. His footwork is also a little stiff for such a chipper dance. It's all going fairly well until he twirls into a step by the judges' table. Will he ever dance a clean routine? Len likes that he's showing more confidence and polish, but wants him to get into rhythm of the dance. Bruno says he lacks bounce and didn't wiggle correctly aside from his pelvic gyrations. Carrie Ann loves that he performs at the max, but wants him to ride the music "like the ocean." What? In Jake and Chelsie's defense, who wants to ride that crap music?
Score: 21

Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya: Samba
Anna wants Evan's hips going much wilder than they did in the rumba. He's not getting the hang of it yet, so they move onto lifts in the swing. He bangs his head on the mat and gets a mild concussion. "They're just admitting me to the psych ward now," he says. So that's two broken toes and a concussion thus far for our Olympic champ. Whatever damage he did to his noggin, he sure ain't showing it here. He's hitting all his steps and shaking those hips — albeit not as well as Jake — but the whole routine is too elegant for a samba. His posture, frame and extensions look like they're straight out one of his figure-skating routines — not very befitting of this party dance. Still, it's a very well-performed and gorgeous number. Bruno says his lyrical lines don't work in the samba and his legs were turned out, which stops the hips from working the right way. Carrie Ann thinks he lost the battle with the samba. Len says it was his worst dance and everyone comes up against a dance that doesn't suit them, and the samba is that for Evan. Harsh much, guys? It wasn't that terrible. All three give them 7s, which is total B.S. if you consider that Nicole managed an 8 and a 9 with a quickstep that "broke the rules."
Score: 21

Niecy Nash and Louis van Amstel: Argentine Tango
Too bad Niecy doesn't have the samba, no? Instead, they're trying to do the first "funny Argentine tango." The feet are the most important part of the A.T., but of course, Niecey thinks her jiggly parts are the most important. This "funny" routine starts off with her chewing on a rose petal and spitting it out. Her technique is much improved — the footwork is firm and sharp. It could still be more refined, but this is way better than anything she's done. There's not much intensity between them, but I guess that's given since this is supposed to be funny? They do a crazy lift over his leg (lifts are OK in the A.T.) and ends with Louis whipping out a cookie from his pocket. She reaches for it and slides down his leg and he stuffs it in his mouth. Oh, comedy! Carrie Ann says it's nice to see Niecy really dancing and likes that they went for a lift. "Can you believe he picked all this up?" Niecy says. Len likes the comedy and didn't think it interfered with the performance because the Argentine tango is about a woman trying to get money. "You were trying to get food," he says. Bruno tells her to stay away from his lunchbox, but thinks it lacked a carnal energy. "This show is brought to you by the paddle 7," snarks Berge.
Score: 21

Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovksiy: Samba
The hardest thing for Erin in the samba is keeping up with Maks because she wants to look as good as him. She thinks she can shake her hips, but starts overanalyzing it. "Erin overanalzying everything is not affecting her learning; it's affecting my health," Maks says. Did they sacrifice some purple Muppet to make Erin's skirt? I've never seen so much purple fur in my life. I worry this may hide her lack of hip-shakage, but they prove me wrong right away. She's moving freely throughout the dance and has the proper musiciality that Jake and Evan lack to tackle the rolls. She also stays in sync as they dance side-to-side. Maks strips as they go on. Nice way to solicit votes! Len, crotchety old man that he is, doesn't enjoy the striptease. He says Erin will be getting another 7 from him when she should be gettin 8s, 9s and 10s. "How can she get them if you don't give them to her?" Tom asks. Len says she's getting another 7 because she's too good for the striptease gimmicks. Maks defends the dance (for more of his thoughts on the judges, read his blog.) Bruno disagrees and says Erin did the dance well and loves her placement of the arms. Carrie Ann says she nailed the samba. As promised, Len gives her another 7. "We'll see if Len forgot to bring the other paddles tonight," Tom says.
Score: 25

Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke: Argentine Tango
Chad is down because the judges have been hard on him. He and Cheryl head to Cincy for the NFL draft party and to refocus. "The Argentine tango is about pressing the chest and hips together. I have a feeling I'm going to like that," he says. He does a lot of standing around in the beginning while Cheryl gropes his bod. Once he gets going though, he holds his own for the most part. The kicks and leg tangles are sharp and dramatic. There's a nice sense of tension between them, which you didn't feel in Niecy and Louis' dance, unless you count Niecy and the cookie. Chad is still a little stiff at times when he's in hold though. Bruno calls it strong, powerful and demented — that's a good thing. Carrie Ann says he nailed it. Len says he grew with the dance.
Score: 24

Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough: Samba
Nicole wants to do her Ricky Martin and Gloria Estefan moves, but then realizes they're not doing the salsa. She then proceeds to freak out about Derek standing to her side in the dance, which he rightfully says is stupid. Are you the choreographer, Nic? She then says she feels like she's dancing so much that she wants to go, "Oh!" I don't even understand. What is she so worried about? Is she feigning concern? Wouldn't her Pussycat Dolls "booty dips" and such make her and the samba a perfect fit? And they are — she's killing the shimmies, the rolls, the hip action and various dips and gyrations. It's going by incredibly fast, so that you sort of miss everything... or are left in awe by the speed. Carrie Ann calls it ridiculous (in a good way) and can only criticize her for her "O" face. No, not that "O" face. Len loves the difficulty and performance, but chastises Derek for leaving out vital samba moves (bota fogas and vota walks) for a "hodgepodge of sexy moves and gyrations." I feel another 7 paddle coming on. Bruno calls her a singular sensation. So to recap: Nicole can do an improper quickstep and leave out samba moves and still get a 9 and a 10.
Score: 26

Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood: Argentine Tango
Pam doesn't want to end up in the bottom two again, so she wants to kill the Argentine tango, but is having problems with the lifts. Donning a brown wig and a black negligee, Pam is sexing the floor up again as usual. The seductive mood is palpable, especially when she mounts Damian every four steps. She still needs to work on her footwork though. Her legs are flailing all over as they try to clamp Damian's torso. Len calls it smoldering and thinks she did a good job overall. Bruno loves the character — Angelina the sultry Latina — and gives her props for living the part. Carrie Ann loves the commitment to the character, but says her legs were too loose. Brooke asks Pam how she motivates herself to come out after being in the bottom two twice. "Well, I prefer to be on top," she says.
Score: 22

Swing Marathon
Refresher: Everyone dances at once and judges eliminate a couple at a time until there's one left. Winners get 10 points, then 9, and so forth. Lifts are allowed! Niecy wishes it was survival of the jiggliest. Chelsie thinks Jake can do lifts better than anyone else. Um, what about that football player? Chad strategizes with Xs and Os. "Niecy, we have to find a way to take her food away from her," he says. No food on the floor this time as Tom introduces them all to the floor in his golf voice. Pam seems to be going the slowest and least bounciest so far, but it's Jake and Chelsie who are out first and get 4 points. We got, like, one shot of them in the beginning, so I have no idea what they did. Chad strips and jumps over Cheryl. Is that a good idea with ornery Len around? Niecy and Louis hump the floor, but are eliminated with 5 points. Maks starts crawling before flipping Erin. "Erin is upside-down," Tom whispers, as we get a nice look at her butt for, like, 30 seconds. Evan and Ann actually do some dancing, but go out next with 6 points. Nicole is now upside-down and all up in Derek's crotch. Is this what he means by topping last season's head-bob? Chad and Cheryl do more leapfrogging, but get tapped out with 7 points. Pam and Damian, meanwhile, start doing more flips, but seem to be struggling as they end up in third with 8 points. Maks and Erin spread out and are making great use of the floor, while Derek continues to hold Nicole under his crotch. Erin and Maks get eliminated with 9 points, which leaves Nicole and Derek the winners with 10 points. Derek Hough, two-time Dancing marathon champ!

That puts Nicole and Derek on top with 36 points and Jake and Chelsie in the bottom with 25 points.

What did you think? Are Nicole and Derek the rightful marathon champs? Can Derek win without the crotch moves? What's with the overuse of the 7 paddle? Was Len overly surly this week? Will Jake ever not stumble? Is a funny Argentine tango better than a sultry Argentine tango? Does Pam make a hot brunette? Should Maks stop wearing shirts for good? Could you imagine how Kate would have done in the swing marathon? Who do you think will get the boot Tuesday?

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The remaining seven couples luck out with two routines on Dancing with the Stars. Each pair must perform either the samba or the Argentine tango before they all face off in the swing marathon. How did everyone fare? Find out below!

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