Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 11, Episode 1
Episode Synopsis: In the 11th-season opener, 12 couples perform either the Viennese waltz or the cha-cha. Competitors include Florence Henderson, Bristol Palin, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, Rick Fox, Kurt Warner, David Hasselhoff and Jennifer Grey.
Original Air Date: Sep 20, 2010

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, Sept. 20, 2010 Season 11, Episode 1

Are you ready to hit the floor again? Dancing with the Stars is back with a brand new season and 12 new celebs eyeing that Mirrorball trophy. All 12 couples showed off their stuff in the premiere — complete with tears (Jennifer Grey) and a striptease (Bristol Palin).

Hey, y'all! We're back! Hope you had a nice summer. Seems like it was just yesterday we were crowning Nicole and Derek, right? Speaking of Nicole, there's no clear front-runner this time around, which should make for a more interesting season, no? So without further ado, let's get down to it!

Audrina Patridge and Tony Dovolani: cha-cha
Tony gets yet another reality star, but I think he's genuinely happy about this one. You? I haven't seen this big of a smile on his face since his run with Melissa Rycroft. Audrina learned the whole routine after two weeks, but since they're going to be first, Tony decides to add harder choreography to set the bar high. You know Kate would've never agreed to this. Audrina starts it off with a solo. Ballsy! She can sure shimmy and isn't short on confidence. Her legs look a little flimsy, but that may be because she weighs, like, 30 pounds. All in all, they did a good job and it's nice to see Tony have a contender again. Len loves her technique but wants her to be more feisty. Bruno says she looks like a beautiful show pony who looks like she needs to be pushed into shape. Carrie Ann loves her cojones for starting with a solo, but wants her work on "connectiveness."
Score: 19

Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya: Viennese waltz
Lots of footballers have graced the Dancing floor, but Kurt is the first quarterback to do the show. He's mega-stiff in rehearsal, but luckily they have the Viennese waltz. His posture is good, but he's very heavy on his feet. There's nothing fluid about his steps yet. He is, however, very charming and that can get him far, even if he doesn't improve at all. Bruno says he's a natural and can see great potential. Carrie Ann says he has an easy connection with the audience, but wants him to watch his turns. Len vehemently disagrees.
Score: 19

Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer: cha-cha
Full disclosure: I've never heard of Kyle before (he stars on Disney's Cory in the House), but he's got personality for days. Lacey, now blonder than ever, thinks he's got the performance factor down, but needs to work a lot on technique. "Were you just staring at my boobs?" she asks "It's my center point," he says.  This guy is a hoot to watch. He's totally going for every step, shimmy and booty shake, which is really refreshing to see from a 19-year-old, since some people twice his age can't hack it on this show. It's more style over substance right now, but he has time to improve. I fully expect him to stay for a while after this. Carrie Ann thinks she just fell in love. "You are officially my first crush of Season 11." Thank goodness he's legal. Even crochety Len likes it. Bruno wants to take him home.
Score: 23

Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke: Viennese waltz
Cheryl's been wearing heels to compensate for their humongous disparity in height (he's 6-foot-7; she's 5-foot-4). You can hardly see the height difference when they're on the floor though. His posture is gorgeous and he's not dancing down to Cheryl at all, which is what Chad always did last season. There's an easy elegance that you wouldn't expect from someone so tall, and his lines are beautiful and fully extended. Eliza Dushku (his gal pal) loves it too! Hi, Faith! Len loves the elegance and his posture. Bruno can see the story line: the quarterback vs. the basketball player (hey, Brooke called it). Carrie Ann thinks he's a ... fox. Someone had to say it first, right?
Score: 22

Margaret Cho and Louis Van Amstel: Viennese waltz
Margaret thought she would be good until she got to rehearsals. "You're doing it like you're sitting in the bathroom doing No. 2," Louis says. She hasn't danced since a classmate told her she was the fattest ballerina in dance class when she was a kid.  A Viennese waltz to "We Are the Champions"? Er, OK. It starts off fine, but things take an odd turn when she whips out a gold cape (or "Liberace's shower curtain," as Tom calls it) and purposely gets caught in it. They spend the rest of the routine fighting with it, and that includes a spill at the end — again, on purpose. She also looks mad as hell throughout the whole thing, which I don't think is the emotion you want to convey in the Viennese waltz. It was a bad call to bust out the comedy on the first dance. At least establish your standing with the judges and audience first. I'm sure some people took it seriously and, if they did, thought she sucked. The comedy aside, Margaret can dance, judging from the few bars in the beginning. Bruno says it looked like she was going to eat somebody with her facial expressions. Carrie Ann finds it overly dramatic. Len would've preferred her to have danced it straight.
Score: 15

Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Viennese waltz
Brandy's very hard on herself, which Maks is happy to see because it means she wants it. Brandy looks like she did in Cinderella, no? She is a natural on the floor, very fluid and elegant. The turns and spirals seem to be throwing her off a little though (too many of them?) but she keeps them in check. She also has a huge smile on her face during the whole routine, which is a welcome image after Margaret's demon face. Brandy's definitely going to be one of the favorites this season. Carrie Ann says she's very comfortable out there, but thinks she's too strong in her movements. Len calls it fabulous. Bruno loves the taste of Brandy in the evening. As promised, Maks manhandles Tom.
Score: 23

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas: cha-cha
Bristol classifies herself as a "public advocate for teen pregnancy prevention" before calling herself Sarah's firstborn daughter. They're dancing to "Mama Told Me (Not to Come)," which Bristol says is symbolic of her relationship with Levi Johnston. Mark plans for her to dress up like her mom and then to rip it all off. Actually, he does the ripping for her, revealing a fringed red minidress. Bristol is clearly nervous and needs to loosen up, but she does a respectable job — no worse than the average celeb does the first week. She has great legs and the footwork isn't a complete disaster. Neither is the booty-shaking. Kate Gosselin she's not, thankfully. Len thinks it was adequate for Week 1. Bruno knows "this is virgin territory" for her (um, no comment) and thinks she can be better. Carrie Ann admits she thought she was going to be boring, but loves the way she undulates her body.
Score: 18

Florence Henderson and Corky Ballas: cha-cha
Carol Brady! She's written in her journal 50 times that she would be on this show. And here she is! Corky asks how she feels about being cheeky on the dance floor. Florence is game. No surprise, since Tom told me she's the "covert Cloris Leachman" of the season. Cue the cursing and the "dominatrix pose." Who caught her flashing her bra before the commercial break? Florence is no Cloris in terms of dancing though, in that she can actually do it. It's kind of adorable to watch. Her facial expressions are hysterical and her movement and shimmying are adequate. She phases out every now and then, but she's definitely the best of the Stars of a Certain Age that have paraded through these doors. Bruno says she's still got it, but says she's got to work on the technique. Carrie Ann says she was having the time of her life, but agrees with Bruno about her technique. Len calls it great entertainment and says what Corky did with Florence is incredible.
Score: 18

Michael Bolton and Chelsie Hightower: Viennese waltz
Dance is something Michael's always avoided, but now is time to tackle it. "Chelsie's an amazing dancer, but I have shoes older than her," he jokes. Chelsie says he's very stiff and clunky, and that's her biggest worry. I'm not sure about this pairing. They kind of look like father and daughter right now, which I guess is OK for the Viennese waltz. But what about when it's time for, say, the rumba? Anyhow, Michael looks really nervous. He's tentative on some steps and you can see it in his face. Every now and then, he remembers to smile. His frame and posture aren't completely strong, either. But it's a decent first outing. Carrie Ann thinks Chelsie was leading instead of him and tells him to smile. Len thinks he has musicality (duh!) and wants him to tuck in his butt and lift up his diaphragm for his posture. Bruno wants him to relax and enjoy it.
Score: 16

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and Karina Smirnoff: cha-cha
The Sitch has learned his routine in five (!) days instead of three weeks like everyone else because he was filming Jersey Shore. Their first rehearsal was last Tuesday. "I'm usually Mr. Confident, but I'm actually pretty nervous," he says. As he should be. The whole routine is really rough. The Situation clearly has rhythm and can dance, but learning this in five days did him no favors. The whole thing is also kind of slow. I think Florence's was faster. He's very stiff and you can see him counting in his head. Also, who knew he was so bowlegged? I will give him credit for one thing: He keeps his abs clothed throughout the whole thing. Len thinks he has potential, but he's just under-rehearsed. "Did I tell you I like your suit?" The Sitch tells Len. "Did I tell you you've got the guns, but not the ammunition?" Len replies. Oh, snap! Bruno thinks there's a spark there somewhere, but he has to apply himself. Carrie Ann agrees there's something there and wants to see him next week.
Score: 15

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough: Viennese waltz
Jennifer wants to reclaim something that gave her joy, which is dancing, obviously. They're dancing to "These Arms of Mine" from Dirty Dancing. (Are they going to pull the DD song selection card every week?) Jen was excited at first, but then breaks down, thinking of Patrick Swayze. She says he was fearless and wants to go out there now and be the same. Well, if she's nervous, she isn't showing it. The whole routine is lovely, and Jen looks like she's floating throughout all of it. Her footwork is a bit soft though and it looks like Derek is dragging her along at certain points. Bruno says Baby is back where she belongs. Carrie Ann says there was a connection with "what's beyond and what's here." Len says it was great, but is waiting for her jive next week.
Score: 24

David Hasselhoff and Kym Johnson: cha-cha
Kym meets The Hoff for the first time in Hanover, Germany. Um, where else?! He says his biggest challenge is his body keeping up with his heart. I see Kym has replaced Edyta as the scantily clad pro of the season. Anyhow, this is a hot mess. Or should I say "Hoff mess"? There's some skill there, but he's totally all over the place. His footwork's sloppy and the technique is all off. Never mind the fact that he's making random constipated faces. That being said, it is very entertaining and you can't turn away. He's putting the "cheese" in Dancing with the Stars. (No cheeseburgers, though!) Carrie Ann says he's the offspring of Donny Osmond and Jerry Springer and that dances more with his mouth than his body. Len says it's never early too panic and likes it the same way he likes Florence's. Bruno loves the madness. "There was no dancing," he says. "It was a potpourri of insanity."
Score: 15

So the golden boy Derek tops the leader board once again with Jennifer with a score of 24. The Hoff, The Situation and Margaret are locked in a three-way tie at the bottom with 15.

That's all for now. What did you think of the premiere? Who surprised you? Who disappointed you? Has Brooke improved since last season (her wardrobe notwithstanding)? What did you think of Bristol's striptease? Are you scarred by visions of Florence's bra? Does The Situation have the guns, but not the ammo? Who do you think will get the boot Tuesday?

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Are you ready to hit the floor again? Dancing with the Stars is back with a brand new season and 12 new celebs eyeing that Mirrorball trophy. All 12 couples showed off their stuff in the premiere — complete with tears (Jennifer Grey) and a striptease (Bristol Palin).

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