Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 10, Episode 1
Episode Synopsis: In the tenth-season opener, 11 couples perform either the Viennese waltz or the cha-cha. Competitors include Pamela Anderson, Buzz Aldrin, Erin Andrews, Shannen Doherty, Kate Gosselin and Chad Ochocinco.
Original Air Date: Mar 22, 2010

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, March 22, 2010 Season 10, Episode 1

It's time to hit the floor again! Season 10 of Dancing with the Stars kicks off with 11 new couples as they tackle either the cha-cha or Viennese waltz. Who made a great first impression? Who fell flat? Find out below!

A new season means new opening titles, a new stage and a new co-host, of course. At first glance, Brooke Burke looks like Samantha Harris, no? The Season 7 champ looks perfectly at home, if a little nervous. Meanwhile, the stage has been revamped to house a "celeb-quarium" at the foot of the stage, where all the couples hang out to watch the competition. No more red room, people! So with that, let's get down to it.

Chad Ochocinco & Cheryl Burke: Cha-cha
Chad is excited to do the show because he won't be fined for his creativity like he is by the National Football League commissioner. So for those keeping count: Dancing: 1. NFL: 0. As Cheryl told me, he doesn't want her to compliment him unless he's actually doing a good job. "You suck. Do it again," she tells him. She tells us he likes to goof around, but is completely serious about this. You don't say? His face is emotionless as this cha-cha gets going. The beat is fast, and Chad is having trouble keeping up. He's a little stiff and seems to ebb and flow out of character. But he, like gridiron giants of Dancing's past, is light on his feet. There's lots of potential here. Len says he came out like a tiger and is a rough diamond at the moment. Bruno can see that he has a huge, huge, huge talent. Carrie Ann starts laughing at the second "huge." She thinks there's a "raw something" that will take him far, but wants him to extend his arms more. (Side note: What's with these horrible new graphics? They look like something I made when I was first experimenting with Microsoft Word's Word Art in fourth grade.)
Score: 18

Shannen Doherty & Mark Ballas: Viennese waltz

Brenda! Shannen is doing Dancing for her pops, who suffered a massive stroke and asked her to do the show for him. She says she can never say no to her dad. Who knew Shannen was such a daddy's girl? She's totally nervous about performing live and thinks she's going to break out in hives. Shannen starts off awkwardly, then slowly gets into the rhythm. She's very fluid, but needs major help on her footwork ASAP. She's too hesitant in certain parts and doesn't seem to know what to do with her arms. Daddy Doherty loves it. Bruno appreciates that Shannen tackled such difficult choreography, but thought she was flipping her arms around like a primate. Carrie Ann is impressed with her ambition as well, but says she has a lot of work to do. Len thinks she portrayed ease and elegance throughout. Shannen's crying backstage because her dad is there. 'Atta way to get votes, girl. (By the way, Brooke, you need to finish your sentence before you move the microphone away from your mouth.)
Score: 18

Erin Andrews & Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Cha-cha
Erin the perfectionist is determined to nail their cha-cha, so she frequently stops mid-routine in practice to complain, annoying Maks. "It's my only pleasure in life — to bitch at people, and you're taking it away from me," he says. These two are going to bring the laughs all season. They start off fast and furious, and are showing off Erin's greatest assets: her legs. Apparently they're the longest in Dancing history. The dance is sexy and fun, and I can almost forgive them for dancing to Ke$ha. Erin's attacking her steps. She needs more hip action, but her leg movement is enough to compensate for that. Carrie Ann says she has "good moving," but wants her to hit her lines more. Len calls her a "funky monkey" and wants her to strengthen her forward leg. Bruno likes the way she places her feet right on the beat and wants her to throw her legs in the air more often. And with that, Maks pinches Tom's butt. Shades of Mel and Maks!
Score: 21

Jake Pavelka & Chelsie Hightower: Viennese waltz

Jake meets Chelsie at an airport with a rose, of course. Unlike The Bachelor, this is more of a competition, he says. Jake is worried and says feels dumb every day in rehearsal. I think this is the first time he doesn't have that toothy smile plastered on his face. They're dancing to "Kiss from a Rose." Are we going to do this every week, guys? Jake is not as bad as he thinks he is. He's charming and elegant throughout the routine. He needs to work on his posture and polish his lines. Ever the proud fiancee, Vienna is thrilled and flashes her toothy grin. Len thinks he moved very well and liked that he did most of the dance in hold. He wants him to stop sticking his bum out though. Bruno likes that Jake leads, but says he was a little rough. Carrie Ann thinks there's a bravado about him.
Score: 20

Niecy Nash & Louis van Amstel: Cha-cha
Louis is going to be the ivory to her ebony, Niecy says. She likes her jiggly parts and her junk in the trunk, so she hopes she can be the "nice, thick grown woman who can dance in the front." (Note the burger she ate before the commercial break.) This chick's got personality to spare, and sometimes that's enough to sell a dance, which is what she's doing here. They're going a little slow, and she needs more hip action, but there are no egregious errors. She's very precise with her footwork — perhaps a little too much — that I think they can be doing more here. Bruno says it was like watching two personalities out there — a sassy mama and a born-again virgin — and wants her to focus. Carrie Ann loves her energy and personality. Len finds it clean, but thinks the routine as a whole was uneventful. "Don't listen to them. They're only the judges," Tom tells her. Backstage, Niecy dedicates the performance to thick girls everywhere.
Score: 18 

Evan Lysacek & Anna Trebunskaya: Viennese waltz
Evan wants to prove his critics wrong by showing that he has artistry, but he's feeling like a klutz in rehearsal because they're turning clockwise, as opposed to counterclockwise, which is what he does in skating. Am I the only one who thinks he should've worn his "Rhapsody in Blue" outfit? Yes? OK. Anyway, some things don't change. Evan's hair is still shellacked to his skull. All joking aside, he's very smooth and graceful and, yes, has artistry. His arm extensions are gorgeous, probably the most obvious carryover from skating. His feet, on the other hand, are a little clunky. You're not in ice skates anymore, dude. He almost trips over himself at some points, but keeps it together. Anna definitely choreographed this routine to his strengths. Carrie Ann loves his lines, but wants him to watch his toes and connect with the audience. Len loves his artistry and musicality, but thinks his butler-outfit is covering up his pointy booty. Bruno says he has the wingspan of a 747 and loves his spatial flow.
Score: 23

Buzz Aldrin & Ashly Costa: Cha-cha
Buzz likes risks, his wife, Lois, says, and Dancing is just another risk. Ashly hasn't been on since Season 3, which means I've never seen her dance before. Buzz thinks Ashly's a "really cute babe," who is just worried about Buzz memorizing all the choreography. Buzz has got the choreography down; performing it is another issue. He is robotic at first, but gets his groove going eventually, if glacially. He is 80, after all. He does some kicks here and there, but spends most of the dance with at least one arm on his hip. Does that count as hip action? Len remembers watching Buzz walk on the moon and commends his bravery then, but says he cannot reward him for his bravery now. "How's that British space program going?" Tom quips. Bruno doesn't know how he can criticize a hero and a legend, but tries to anyway, telling Buzz that it looked like he still had his moon boots on. Carrie Ann thinks she saw a moonwalk and says he inspired a bunch of people with that dance.
Score: 14

Nicole Scherzinger & Derek Hough: Viennese waltz
Nicole's not a ringer, people! OK, but her experience, of course, helps. This is probably the best dance yet. It's a lovely routine, and Nicole has a natural nimbleness to her moves. Her spins, in particular, are gorgeous and looks like she's floating at certain points. She stays in position and is in sync with Derek. Bruno calls it a performance of startling finesse. Carrie Ann says the bar has been set. Len the party pooper says she has no footwork and says she lacked musicality. Backstage, Nicole downplays the ringer talk again, calling her Pussycat Dolls dances "chest bumps and booty dips."
Score: 25

Aiden Turner & Edyta Sliwinska: Cha-cha
Aiden's British and a former All My Children star, so he should be around for a while, right? They're dancing to "Hungry Like the Wolf." This could be awesome or incredibly lame. Edyta starts off in a coat before stripping down to next to nothing, naturally. Aiden's all-brown outfit (with the wolf stamp on the back), meanwhile, isn't doing him any favors. He looks like a janitor or a park ranger. Their costumes, unfortunately, were about the best parts of this performance. It just was not there. Dude can definitely move, but Edyta doesn't seemed to have harnessed his talent into anything cohesive. He's basically bouncing around and kicking his feet up. Carrie Ann likes the gusto, but finds the dance disjointed. Edyta rolls her eyes. Len thinks there's a dancer in there, but hates the gimmicks, like Aiden standing there and shaking his "wobbly bits." Bruno says there was nothing going on in the groin and says he was stiff as a plank. Interesting choice of words. Brooke tells him she knows what it feels like to come out nervous the first night. Um, the lowest score you ever got was a 21, Brooke.
Score: 15

Kate Gosselin & Tony Dovolani: Viennese waltz

Kate wants to prove her kids wrong and show them — and everyone — that she can dance. It's not looking promising in rehearsal. Cue montage of Kate's classic irritated face. Kate assures Tony she wants to do this and is excited underneath her insecurity. This is actually kind of hard to watch. You can tell she's trying hard, but she's way too nervous. On the bright side, her latest 'do looks nice — frozen to her scalp. She's too heavy on her feet, and there's no fluidity yet. You can tell she's counting in her head. Loosen up! Is it just me or did their dance seem shorter than anyone else's? Len says she looks nervous and wants her to come out and enjoy it next time. Bruno says it looked like Tony was pushing around a shopping cart and wants her to exude personality. "So, like you should exude tact?" Tom says. Carrie Ann says Kate's very different from past cast members since she's not a performer or an athlete, so she's impressed by the mom of eight's sweet vulnerability.
Score: 16

Pamela Anderson & Damian Whitewood: Cha-cha

Pam is doing Dancing for her auntie Vie. Newbie and Aussie Damian wants to be known as the wizard of Oz. Pam says she can run in slow motion, but can't dance in slow motion. Good thing that's not needed in the cha-cha. She's rockin' the "just rolled out of bed look," if you roll out of bed in a hot pink, fringed mini. Her tousled hair has a life of its own. Seriously, it's moving better than she is now. Pam is either slightly tipsy or really having a good time here. She's just going for everything. Some of it actually looks like dance steps. The rest? Eh. Damian was dragging her around at times. Bruno says he can only think of sex, sex and more sex. Carrie Ann says she was having fun and fully engaged. "I feel about 12 right now," Tom says. Len says it was a mess, but the sexiness was good.
Score: 21

So that's that! Nicole leads and Buzz brings up the rear. Everyone dances again Monday before the first elimination Tuesday. What did you think of the premiere? Do you like the new set? How did Brooke do on her first night? Who was your favorite? Your least favorite? Did Kate look like a shopping cart? Will Jake ever stop giving out roses? Is ballroom dancing harder than walking on the moon? Who's your current pick to win Dancing? Vote below!

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It's time to hit the floor again! Season 10 of Dancing with the Stars kicks off with 11 new couples as they tackle either the cha-cha or Viennese waltz. Who made a great first impression? Who fell flat? Find out below!
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Who is your pick to win Dancing with the Stars?

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