Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 9, Episode 7
Episode Synopsis: The third-round results show. Also: Queen Latifah sings, and the dance crew JabbaWockeeZ perform.
Original Air Date: Oct 6, 2009
Guest Cast Queen Latifah JabbaWockeeZ

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2009 Season 9, Episode 7

The remaining 13 couples get cut down as one more pair is eliminated from Dancing with the Stars. But the bigger news is: Will Tom DeLay's feet live to dance another day? Find out below!

So has Tom had his last dance? Possibly, but, of course, we won't know until later. It would be a lot simpler if he got the least amount of votes, but I somehow don't think he's the bottom-dweller here. His posse knows how to work a campaign, even if it's at the expense of his health.

In the meantime, we get the recap of the dances. Donny's not worried about his smooch with Bruno because "I've had my shots." Aaron breaks down and finds his face on top of Karina's breasts. Sneaky, sneaky. Tom DeLay thinks the adrenaline covered the pain during his dance (taking advice from Louie Vito). Natalie wants to stay so she'll be sexy if she has to. Well, if you keep borrowing Edyta's strategically and minimally draped dresses, then you'll have no problem being sexy. The encore follows and it goes to Chuck and Anna. Oh show, how you try to keep us all on our feet! (No pun intended). Natalie was robbed, I say, but I understand the choice of Chuck: 1) just for the "unpredictability" and 2) it was fun to watch. After the first of two performances from Queen Latifah, we get our first round of elimination.

First two safe couples (out of the lowest-scoring men):
Tom and Cheryl
Chuck and Anna

Michael and Anna are still in danger of saying bye-bye. Unsurprising, as is Tom being safe. Told ya so! But will he be able to continue? Nope. His heart is breaking, too, because he would've done the Texas Two Step next week. The Berge tells him he can perform it in November's finale if he's all healed by then. But because there's still 30 minutes left, the drama's not over. Unlike with Misty May-Treanor's withdrawal, when they did not eliminate anyone that week, the Berge tells us a couple will bid adieu based on the scores and votes. Good call since I still feel like I can't keep track of all of them. Seriously, guys, 16 couples is too much.

Next five safe couples:
Mya and Dmitry
Natalie and Alec
Donny and Kym
Louie and Chelsie
Mark and Lacey

Joanna and Tarzan Derek, and Aaron and Karina will join Michael and Anna under the ominous red light. Oh, how the mighty have fallen! However, I don't think either of them have anything to worry about. If either of them are in the bottom two, that'd be a shocker. The conspiracy theorist in me says this is all a ploy from the show to get them more votes. You know the show loves Aaron, especially, lest we forget the Muppets last week.

We pause for a totally awesome dance from JabbaWockeeZ (the Macy's Stars of Dance performances this season have rocked my world) and to learn that Sabrina Bryan, Queen of the Wrongfully Eliminated, has won the Design-a-Dance competition. Tom thinks it was appropriate she was chosen. She agrees, somewhat snobbishly. I had no real opinion of her during Season 5, but, um, it's time to let it go. You were eliminated two years ago. Move on!

It's time for one final package: Numbers. That's not to be confused with Numb3rs. The Woz is in it, so it totally makes up for the first lame package about how hard Dancing is. We know! Anyhow, the Woz and Matthew Berry, an ESPN Senior Analyst, use an "algorithm" (where letters correspond to numbers) and past stats to predict the final two. But hey, you have to factor in luck too. Cut to an adorable toddler. Matt picks Aaron and Natalie as his top two. The Woz goes for Donny and Mya. And the toddler? Well, he peeled off Melissa's photo if that means anything.

Next two safe couples (out of the lowest-scoring women):
Kelly and Louis
Melissa and Mark

Poor Debi and Maks are still in danger. And now we can finally get down to business.

Last two safe couples:
Joanna and Derek
Aaron and Karina

That leaves Michael and Anna, and Debi and Maks in the bottom two. And it will be Debi and Maks hitting the road. Unfortunately, for all the potential Maks talked about, Debi never delivered. Who knew someone so fun, wild and lively in life and on-screen could be so timid and tense on the floor? In her parting words, Debi clears up the pronunciation of her last name: Her grandma says MUH-zar, but she goes by MAY-zar.

Next week, we get four new dances: the bolero, Charleston (paging Trudy Campbell!), Texas Two Step and the Lambada.

What did you think of the results? Were you surprised by Tom's withdrawal or Debi's exit? Should they have eliminated someone after Tom's withdrawal? Are you happy Sabrina won the Design-a-Dance? Did Chuck deserve the encore? Which new dance are you looking forward to? Does the Woz have a infalliable algorithm in place for determining the winner? Who's your current pick to win? Vote below!

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The remaining 13 couples get cut down as one more pair is eliminated from Dancing with the Stars. But the bigger news is: Will Tom DeLay's feet live to dance another day? Find out below!
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Who's your current pick to win Dancing with the Stars?

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