Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 9, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: The third week of performances.
Original Air Date: Oct 5, 2009

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, Oct. 5, 2009 Season 9, Episode 6

The remaining 13 couples take on either the rumba or samba in Week 3 of Dancing with the Stars. Can Aaron Carter and Mya hang onto the top spot? Can Tom DeLay climb out of last place? And more importantly, will his foot hold up? Find out below!

It's Latin night, y'all! And things are already heating up with drama. No, I'm not even talking about Paula Abdul sitting in the audience (next to Lance Bass, no less). Sam tells us Tom DeLay's pre-stress fracture in his foot has taken a turn for the worse. Ruh-oh. Will he dance? Something tells me he will. The Hammer never says die.

Mark Dacascos and Lacey Schwimmer: Rumba
Mark needs to take it down a notch for the slow-burning rumba, so he tries talking slowly. Now if only the rumba required talking. He starts off flirting with his wife before turning his undivided attention to Lacey. Mark's slowed down his pace, but not by much. It seems very forced and almost like his legs are jealous of how fast his hips are going. There's also a gentleness that's missing from it, which kind of takes you out of the whole routine. I think his martial arts background is holding him back here. He's used to being choppy and precise, not connected and flowy. Lacey is certainly doing her part though — although those crotch flashes made me extremely nervous. Len finds it too hard and aggressive, and wants more chemistry between them. Bruno thinks it's an anti-climax and he, uh, basically wants one. Carrie Ann wants him to find his sensuality and says it was uncomfortable to watch. Hey, now. Tom hasn't hit the floor yet.
Score: 18

Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough: Samba
Joanna takes 423 of the 426 hair extensions off her head this week, but is still seemingly unrecognizable. Derek tries to teach her the ambitious samba roll in anticipation of Len's return to the judges' table. He swings in from the back and for once they make great use of the floor. Joanna is shaking it, but she's still a little sloppy in her footwork at certain parts. Maybe it's the quickness of the routine or the complexity of Derek's choreography, but she needs to buckle down and nail the moves. It's a vibrant routine and they survive the roll at the end, although I did think she was going to tip over at one point. Bruno loves the excitement, but wants her to work on her strength. Carrie Ann thinks she's fearless and calls the routine super-sexy. Len is in love with the quality and basically goes overboard with the praise. Guess that week off cooled him down?
Score: 23

Mya and Dmitry Chaplin: Rumba
Party's over! Dmitry's determined to please Len with a traditional rumba so as to not get his booty chewed out again. Mya tries to set the mood to get into character with a rose petal-cluttered studio. How romantic. I'm not sure if she needed that (but hey, anything to make her seem less of a ringer, right?) because this was one hot rumba. It was smooth and sensual, and Mya looks like she's floating across the floor. There's a lot going on, but she does it well. I think the only thing missing was the smokin' chemistry. They both look hot, but you don't really feel anything between them. Back to the rose petals, guys! Carrie Ann has chills and was so mesmerized that she can't even call a lift. Len loves the chemistry, but wants more simplicity. I think he just hates Dmitry. Bruno says they put all of America in the mood for love. They get the first 10s of the season. Um, really? It was good, but not that perfect.
Score: 27

Melissa Joan Hart and Mark Ballas: Samba
Melissa's out of touch with partying with two babies at home, so Mark needs to get tough with her. These two get the "fight of the week," thought it pales in comparison to Maks and Debi's "fight" last week. First of all, did Mark borrow Wolverine's hair? Lay off the gel, man. Melissa's putting her all into the "partying" aspect and her footwork has improved, but her hips are still off-rhythm and her shoulders are stiff. There's something about it that doesn't seem natural, and if she can't be taught, time's running out. Len loves the performance, but wants more rhythm through the hips. Bruno loves the major improvement, as does Carrie Ann, but says she can still sense fear in her.
Score: 19

Louie Vito and Chelsie Hightower: Rumba
Louie's rockin' a slicked back 'do courtesy of Maks! He's been preparing the look for a while since he was quite well-versed in what the rumba entailed, unlike with his other dances, Chelsie says. This is what you call a recipe for romance, people. Or a showmance, I guess. I wholeheartedly approve, though, because Chelsie and Louie are adorable, and I'd much rather see her with him than Aaron. Anyhow, their routine, hands down, has the best chemistry of the night. Mya and Dmitry were great technically, but Chelsie and Louie look like they need to find a room ASAP. And let's be honest, that's half the battle in the rumba. Technically, Louie is holding his own for the most part. He seems to lose control during the turns and looks a little stiff. Bruno loves randy Louie and the chemistry, but wants him to work on the placement. Carrie Ann thinks their chemistry is unbelievable and thinks he "gives good frame." Len thinks there wasn't any finesse and was too hectic. Tom: "I think that means you did great." And let's not forget this later gem: "When we come back later, Len will read from his essay, 'Beethoven Is a Hack.'"
Score: 20

Debi Mazar and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Samba
When are they going to stop mispronouncing Debi's last name? It's MAY-zar, not MUH-zar. Maks brings in Mel B. to inspire Debi because, like Maks says in his TVGuide.com blog, he and Mel were in the bottom two one week and rebounded the next week with the samba. Unfortunately, I don't think this will be Debi's comeback dance. Why? Well, for one, that Roy G. Biv-feathered skirt is blinding and secondly, Debi looks like she's regressed from her great tango last week. She's flat at parts and alive in others. There's no attacking consistency here. Carrie Ann finds it cute and wants her to work on her turns. Len thinks what she did she did well, but lacks flavor in the routine. Bruno wants her to work it.
Score: 17

Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson: Rumba
Donny's trying to be a Latin lover here, and he's doing a pretty decent job. The routine is tasteful and certainly not as flat-out sexy as Louie's or Mya's. He's got the fluid motions down and this looks rather easy for him. He keeps the hip action to a minimum, but manages to pull it off too. Still, I think this is too sweet and soft to be a real rumba. Len wants him to straighten his legs, but thinks he did a great job. Bruno thinks it was too "airy fairy" at times and wants him to turn to the dark side — so Donny goes and makes out with him. Latin lover, indeed. Carrie Ann gives him credit for doing a solo and loves the "genu-wine" vulnerability. Bruno only gives Donny a 7 after that makeout session. "You should've slipped him the tongue," Sam says. Where do we sign to never see Bruno and Donny embrace ever again?
Score: 21

We pause to chat with Paula Abdul, who chides Len for not being a Goodman, but a badman. Har Har. Then she suggests she and Carrie Ann make out. Make it stop!

Michael Irvin and Anna Demidova: Samba
Anna and Michael have trouble seeing eye-to-eye on things, so Anna has to set a checklist for Michael in order to master the samba. We may have to go back to page 1 here. Is it just me or have all of their routines looked similar? I'm seriously having déjà vu of their Week 1 cha-cha. Michael's oozing the charm again, but everything is honestly painful to watch: the sliding, hip-shaking, booty-grabbing. Part of it is the choreography. Anna's just not choreographing to his strengths. We know Mike's not the most rhythmic or graceful guy, so don't expose that. Anna's really underwhelmed in her debut season, which is sad. Maybe she's the one who needs a checklist. Bruno says he looks like a tank and wants him to get back into gear. Carrie Ann thinks he's dancing too small. Len calls it a disappointing effort from the gridiron giant.
Score: 14

Natalie Coughlin and Alec Mazo: Rumba
Just as Natalie predicted, this week's package is about Natalie trying to be sexy. Alec brings Edyta, his wife, in to show Nat how to bring the sexiness and look Alec in the eye during the routine. And she does. I guess Natalie doesn't lie because this rumba is intense and sexy. She's totally in character and has fantastic form and lines. They're playing her flexibility to their advantage here with those sultry extensions and splits. This is so totally going to be her breakthrough dance. Carrie Ann loves the intensity and says her muscles came alive. Len loves the legs, the hips and the chemistry. Bruno thinks she's gone stratospheric. Am I hearing things? Or are they all in unison about a good performance?
Score: 26

Chuck Liddell and Anna Trebunskaya: Samba
Chuck's trying to get in touch with his feminine side for the samba. One thing that helps? His weekly pedicures with his daughter. (Read about his toenails here.) Chuck's rockin' the goofy lookin' grin (not to mention the frilly sleeves for a hot second), but it's kind of adorable since you can tell his trying hard to knock this out of the park. A knockout, it's not, but just like their tango last week, their samba is insanely entertaining to watch. Technique-wise, Chuckie boy has long ways to go, especially for a dance as light as the samba. Len congratulates Anna for her progress with Chuck. Bruno loves it because it looks like a samba from Zombietown (or, as it's known on Earth,Zombieland.) Carrie Ann loves the spirit and gives him points for that.
Score: 17

Aaron Carter and Karina Smirnoff: Rumba
Aaron's overdoing it in rehearsals, Karina says. She wants him to feel it. No comment. Aaron's toned down a little in the routine, but he seems to have picked up Mark's kung-fu arms. Stop with the flingin', dude. The staccato arm swings really kills the romantic mood of the number. There's nothing smooth and effortless about it. For a Dancing couple who's rumored to be more than just a Dancing couple, they have, like, zip chemistry out there. This may be due to my good pal Joey Tribbiani's rule: Two people with no chemistry on stage means they're doing it in real life. Bruno loves the determination, but thinks it lacks fluidity. Carrie Ann thinks it was good, but he still needs to calm down. Len wants him to control his arms. Backstage, Sam eggs Aaron on about whether he "felt it" out there with Karina. Vomit.
Score: 21

Tom DeLay and Cheryl Burke: Samba
Tom's feet are basically dying. He has stress fractures in both feet now, and producers and doctors have advised him to withdraw, but the Hammer won't give up. So Tom, repping, duh, the Elephants, is trying to do his thing with Cheryl, the Donkeys. Why can't they be friends? For someone who has stress fractures in his feet, he sure isn't showing it. Unlike Melissa, there is a natural dance ability within Tom and that's carrying him through here. The routine is like walking on eggshells. Everything is slow and Tom's looks like a Bambi learning to walk. Carrie Ann thinks he's easy on the eyes when he dances, but wants more excitement. Len calls him a hero. Bruno thinks he's a super-trooper and warns him they have to judge on the lesser performance. Still, they don't get the lowest score of the night. How crappy must Michael feel, huh?
Score: 15

Kelly Osbourne and Louis van Amstel: Samba
Kelly gets the pimp spot again. Girl had a breakdown last week after her slip-up, but Louis wants her to put it behind her and focus on the samba this week. This is a major step-up from their tango. Kelly seems to be back in the zone. When she's good, she's great. And when she's not (a.k.a. messes up like she did last week), she can fall apart. She holds it together here and the routine is fast, fun and flirty. She has that je ne sais quoi quality to her when she hits the floor and if she stays focused, she'll go a long way here. Len thinks Kelly's problem is confidence and wants her to convince herself she's a good dancer. Bruno thinks she's back and wants her to stop doubting herself. Carrie Ann, ditto.
Score: 20

That leaves Mya and Dmitry in the top spot with 27 and Michael and Anna down in the bottom with 14.

What did you think of Latin night? Who brought the sexiness and the hip action to the dance floor, and who failed miserably? Was Len off his rocker again, or right on point? Did Mya deserve those 10s? Should Tom have danced through his bum feet like that? Could you have done without the Bruno and Donny makeout session? Who do you think will get the boot Tuesday?


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The remaining 13 couples take on either the rumba or samba in Week 3 of Dancing with the Stars. Can Aaron Carter and Mya hang onto the top spot? Can Tom DeLay climb out of last place? And more importantly, will his foot hold up? Find out below!
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