Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 9, Episode 21
Episode Synopsis: A winner is announced in the ninth-season finale. Included: two performances by Whitney Houston and two dance-offs. Also: return appearances by all 16 of this season's contestants, Jeffrey Ross, Adam Carolla and the Muppets.
Original Air Date: Nov 24, 2009
Guest Cast The Muppets Whitney Houston

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2009 Season 9, Episode 21

And the Season 9 Dancing with the Stars champ is ... not so fast. Mya, Donny Osmond and Kelly Osbourne face off one more time with a repeat dance before the newest winner is crowned. Plus, Whitney Houston performs, a slew of Dancing alum return and we see the first-ever battle for the Mirrorball ring. So what happened — and who won? Find out below!

Barely five minutes in and we already have our first surprise. Mid-recap package, we get a shot of Miss Piggy's touseled hair. What a ham, hogging the camera! "Have I mentioned that our show is live," the Berge says, going to commercial. I worry this may be the most exciting part of the night. We resume with the recap after the break. Kelly says she had fun despite the imperfections. Mya thinks she and Dmitry did a good job with their freestyle. Donny's hips are sore and cries after getting his first perfect 30 for his freestyle.

Whitney Houston takes the stage with "Million Dollar Bill," still rocking the same 'do from the American Music Awards. Why does her upper lip always sweat when she performs? Anyone?

The Losers' Club Induction Ceremony 
Yeah, you remember this illustrious, not-so-elite club reserved for the first bootees of the season. Jeffrey Ross welcomes Ashley Hamilton into the group with a glittered jacket as a token of his all-around bad performance. "I learned it from you, Jeff," Ashley tells him. He takes the floor with Edyta for his final dance (to "Simply the Best," natch), before dropping her — literally — for Jeff. Nothing will beat Jonathan and Guttenberg's mango, guys. Not even stripping at the end.

Parade of Fallen Dancing Stars, Part 1

We've got time to fill, guys. Kathy and Tony, Macy and Jonathan, and Debi and Maks kick things off with a tango medley. Kathy needs knee surgery after this, but doesn't seem bothered by her knee at all. Macy is still as weird yet charming as ever. Debi still has the right amount of 'tude suited for the tango. After his bum feet denied him the chance to perform the Texas Two-Step, a positively giddy Tom DeLay hits the hardwood to show off his inner cowboy and to rival Donny in unreal hip action from men of a certain age. Chuck and Anna, and Mark and Lacey follow with a totally awesome medley. UFC champ Chuck picks a fight with acrobatic martial arts master Mark and they engage in a pseudo battle. Seeing this just highlights all the potential Mark had. Natalie and Alec follow. "Is it too late to vote her back in?" Tom asks. Sigh. Ditto, Tom, ditto. Melissa and Mark do their knockout salsa they never got to perform and it's pretty stellar. Maybe she's been practicing all these weeks, but she's sharper and more cohesive than she ever was on the show. And she nails a split at the end. Who knew?

Coach Carolla
Adam Carolla gives Donny one last pep talk since he's the last man standing. Mya and Kelly drop in, much to his chagrin. He can't let the Mirrorball trophy go back to England. "I live in America," Kelly tells him. "If you live in America, why do you sound like Madonna?" he asks. Nice.

Repeat Dances
Kelly Osbourne and Louis van Amstel: Viennese Waltz

Louis told me they chose to reprise this dance — their revelatory debut performance — to show how far Kelly's come and how much she's improved since then. She's still as elegant and fluid as ever, but you can tell she's way more comfortable and confident on the floor. She gets a standing O from the crowd, who start chanting her name. Len says he will miss Kelly the most. Bruno says she may come from rock 'n' roll royalty, but has become a ballroom princess. Carrie Ann starts crying. Sniff.

Mya and Dmitry Chaplin: Jive
Mya opts to re-do her jive from the second week, which earned her a 27. She's doing her thing, kicking, flicking and pounding the ground like it's no one's business. I kind of wish her and Dmitry went with a slower number just to show her mastery of every style since she's done all high-tempo numbers this week. It's kind of jarring to see her follow Kelly, whose improvement you can clearly see. But Mya? She's always been good. The one thing Kelly has over Mya is pure enjoyment of her dances. You're still not feeling much emotion from Mya here. Bruno calls it sharp and slick and says she's got it all. Carrie Ann says she set the pace all season and calls her a star. Len says she's, without a doubt, fantastic.

Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson: Argentine Tango
Donny gives it another go with his breakthrough dance. After seeing everything, I think this is my favorite dance of his. It's the total opposite of what he is: restrained, intense, sultry, passionate. Carrie Ann calls it artistry in motion. Len says he's finishing well. Bruno says he's reached the Dark Side. I thought he already did? When did he leave? The crowd starts chanting Donny's name. No one chanted Mya's. Just sayin'...

3rd: Kelly and Louis - 26 points
2nd: Mya and Dmitry - 28 points
1st: Donny and Kym - 30 points

Parade of Fallen Dancing Stars, Part 2
My boy Louie and Chelsie are up next clothed in his designs (Remember "what's chiffon?") they never got to wear. It's a totally sweet and eventually energetic routine performed to ... "Puppy Love"... performed by, yup, Donny Osmond. Please make it more obvious who you're touting, guys. Aaron and Karina follow with their Muppet-ized quickstep. He then makes things awkward like he always does with his "I want to inspire kids" speech. Fittingly, Miss Piggy, who knocked out Sam (someone finally had to do it) backstage, takes over interviewing duties, talking to Cloris Leachman, Jerry Springer, Steve Wozniack and Joanna Krupa, who are about to face off in the competition mambo. "I don't want to get too close to you because I don't want to get swine flu," Cloris says.

Michael Irvin vs. Jerry Rice Dance-Off: Paso Doble
It's the Battle of the Wide Receivers (or the Battle of the Annas, depending on how you look at it). Michael has been chasing Jerry his whole career, so of course he's got to do the same on the dance floor. They pair with their Annas (Demidova and Trebunskaya, respectively) for a Monday Night Football-inspired paso doble. Winner gets the Mirrorball ring. I didn't watch Jerry's season, so I've never seen him dance before, but I know he finished second and you can kind of see why here. He's got that natural ability. The very new and improved Michael just attacks it full-out. Len says it wasn't obvious and you have to be game-ready for something like this and that was Michael. But since there are no losers, Jerry wins his own Mirrorball ring for winning the Battle of the Bodies.

Competition Mambo
Cloris Leachman and Corky Ballas; Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough; Steve Wozniack and Karina Smirnoff; and Jerry Springer and Edyta Sliwinska hit the parquet with Tom going all hushed, golf-announcer voice on us again. Cloris has trouble turning it on, but slowly starts shaking it. "When will we see the head bob?" Tom asks of Derek and Joanna. Not yet. Cloris gets tapped out first, followed by Jerry and Edyta. The Woz is actually showcasing some pretty sweet moves, including his signature (Apple) worm. But it's not enough. "The champions of the competition mambo, in what appears to be a set-up, are Derek and Joanna," Tom says. And now, there's the head bob — swapping places. Careful, guys, GMA will drop you like a bad habit. 

Whitney comes back to sing "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" with a dynamic pro routine. Nothing beats vintage Whit, except that she doesn't sound like vintage Whit anymore. Is she singing with food in her mouth?

And now, with nine minutes to spare, we finally get down to it. The third-place finisher is... Kelly and Louis. It's not that surprising and I think they both expected it too, but I wouldn't have objected to her winning at all. She's not the best dancer, but she epitomizes what the show's about. Kelly thanks America for voting for her and giving her a chance to grow. Tom, like Len, looked forward to seeing Kelly the most. Sam calls her a swan. Kelly runs to her clan for hugs and kisses. Aww.

So it's down to Donny vs. Mya. He's already trumped Marie for family bragging rights. Can he win this too? Yes! Donny and Kym take it! It's a well-deserved win. He's been consistent all season and didn't ride on judges' scores. I think a lot of people were dreading his participation at the beginning, but have been won over by his ability, personality, professionalism and lack of a creepy doll dance. Besides, it's all about finishing strong and he stepped it up in the freestyle when others didn't. And now Kym finally gets her trophy! Mya says she's happy to have made it to the final. Donny carries his wife onstage and later pulls Marie out. Thankfully, only his immediate clan surround him for the celebration.

So that's that! What did you think? Did Donny deserve the win? Are you happy Kym finally has a Mirrorball trophy? Would you rather have a Mirrorball trophy or a Mirrorball ring? Did Mya lose it with her freestyle? Did you enjoy Mark and Chuck's karate-off? Should Miss Piggy become a permanent co-host? Who do you want to see next season?

That's a wrap for now. Thanks for reading! See you next year!

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And the Season 9 Dancing with the Stars champ is ... not so fast. Mya, Donny Osmond and Kelly Osbourne face off one more time with a repeat dance before the newest winner is crowned. Plus, Whitney Houston performs, a slew of Dancing alum return and we see the first-ever battle for the Mirrorball ring. So what happened — and who won? Find out below!
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