Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 9, Episode 2
Episode Synopsis: The first round of competition continues, with the female celebrities performing.
Original Air Date: Sep 22, 2009

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2009 Season 9, Episode 2

It's ladies' night on the dance floor! After a night off, Dancing with the Stars' eight female celebrities debut their routines Tuesday. Who delivered and who fell apart? Find out below!

The pro ladies kick off the show with a fun little number that only really catches my attention when Karina struts across my screen. Why does she insist on wearing old costumes? Yes, Karina, we could see through your bodysuit last season and we still can now. Someone buy the girl some new clothes!

Now, onto the dances.

Debi Mazar & Maksim Chmerkovksiy: Salsa
If you don't know, Debi Mazar is freakin' awesome and everyone should be able to talk to her at least once in life. She told me she requested Maks and Maks thinks he got the perfect partner this season, even with her monkey arms and all. Unfortunately, their salsa is very rough. Her legs look like they have 11-ton anchors weighing her down. She's off the beat and Tom DeLay has more rhythm in his hips than Debi does. Len thinks there's potential, but there was no hip action. Bruno loves her bazooms, but not her feet. Carrie Ann wants her to connect the character to the moves.
Score: 16

Melissa Joan Hart & Mark Ballas: Viennese Waltz

Melissa, your most famous role may be on Sabrina, but you'll always be Clarissa to me. Raise your hand, er, share below if Clarissa Explains It All rocked your socks as well. Melissa should share some acting skills with Debi because she's definitely in character. The routine is sweet and saccharine — classic Ballas choreography — but Melissa is too tense to pull off the delicate-ness of the dance at times. She's floating one second and looks like she borrowed Debi's legs the next. Bruno thinks it's adequate, but says she needs to watch the shoulders. Carrie Ann thinks she created some moments and wants more connection to the beat of the music. Len loathes the start of the dance and her feet, but loves the holds and the movement.
Score: 18

Mya & Dmitry Chaplin: Viennese Waltz
It's safe to say everyone expected great things from Mya, and she did not disappoint. This is the best dance of the season so far. It's gorgeous and sumptuously romantic. Her lines and turns are beautiful and the choreography is top-notch. Carrie Ann says she's set the bar. Len, ever the old stooge, doesn't think it was a Viennese Waltz, chastising Dmitry for letting her down. Bruno vehemently disagrees, deeming it magnificent. Bruno and Carrie Ann give them 8s, while Len gives them a 5, which is beyond ridiculous for a routine that was executed well. Uh, did they kill your pet hamster or something?
Score: 21

Kathy Ireland & Tony Dovolani: Salsa
Kathy wanted to work those hips and she is — sort of. She has some rhythm in them, but it's nothing to write home about. The whole routine is very conservative, which we all know a salsa is not. Where's the sass and spunk? There's no bite in Kathy's steps and if it weren't for the quasi-hip action, she would've been wooden all around. Len thinks it was too careful. Bruno knows she can sell anything, but she's not selling this — namely sex. Carrie Ann loves her posture and wants her to be loose. No, not like that.
Score: 16

Natalie Coughlin & Alec Mazo: Salsa

If you frequented this space last season, then you may remember I am quite obsessed with the Olympics and any Dancing Olympians, so naturally, Natalie is an automatic favorite of mine. (And if you've never seen her swim, you should because she has the sickest underwater dolphin kick.) Nat's got good arms, Alec says, but she needs to work on losing her badass competition face. She loses it for the salsa and loosens her hips too. Natalie has some fine lines and great flexibility, but you can tell she's counting the steps in her head. Bruno says she freezes mid-performance. Carrie Ann thinks she's a diamond in the rough and needs to sync (not sink) into the beat. Len is bewildered because he didn't find it as sexy as the salsa should be. Carrie Ann says it's because he's getting old. No comment.
Score: 19

Macy Gray & Jonathan Roberts: Viennese Waltz
"Eccentric" Macy's having trouble being ladylike. Even more troublesome? Rehearsing for the past month while on her European tour. Maybe a jet-setting schedule is the secret because girl's looking quite lovely and ladylike. It's rather intoxicating, if only because I don't think many of us expected this from her. Technique-wise, she's sloppy and off the beat (and offbeat). Carrie Ann finds her fascinating and "gen-u-wine," even with her poor technique. Len agrees and says he'd be voting for her if he were at home. Bruno is reminded of a child exploring a new world. And Macy? Well she's just happy her first dance is over because it was like "busting [her] cherry." Family show, people!
Score: 15

Joanna Krupa & Derek Hough: Salsa

Poor Joanna. She's gotten a bad rap for her Superstars outburst, but she's a fun and nice chick... who has borrowed Karina's fringed pants from Monday. In the Battle of the Models, Joanna is the clear winner. Her hips are on fire and she's oozing sexiness that will surely and finally satisfy curmudgeon Len. It's a fast and energetic routine that cements Derek's status as the best choreographer. And Len is happy because we've seen a "hot, smokin' salsa." Bruno thinks that's what a salsa should be. Carrie Ann, ditto.
Score: 24

Kelly Osbourne & Louis van Amstel: Viennese Waltz

Kelly wants to transform herself from a tomboy into a lady, and she's doing a bang-up job here. She's light on her feet and is the absolutely picture of elegance and grace. Her form is proper and the follow-throughs are nicely done. It all looks perfect until the end when her foot comes off the floor during a spin. Paging the Lift Police! Ozzy and Sharon are moved to tears. Adorable! Bruno loves the impeccable style. Carrie Ann thinks mom and dad will be very proud, but will dock her for the lift (duh!). Len says it's the best Viennese waltz of the night.
Score: 23

Foxtrot (Natalie and Alec; Kathy and Tony; Joanna and Derek; Debi and Maks)

Natalie and Alec kick it off, and she looks 10 times more comfortable than she did in the salsa. Her lines are smooth and her arm extensions are beautiful. Kathy and Tony follow. The sophistication of the foxtrot definitely suits her better, but her footwork is still off. Joanna and Derek are next. Her posture is solid and they're both in sync. Debi and Maks close it out, and she too looks more relaxed. She does, however, need to bring out more elegance. All three judges love Joanna to pieces, and agree Kathy and Debi have improved. I personally think Natalie was the best in the relay.
4th: Kathy and Tony - 4 points
3rd: Debi and Makes - 6 points
2nd: Natalie and Alec - 8 points
1st: Joanna and Derek - 10 points

Cha-cha (Macy and Jonathan; Melissa and Mark; Mya and Dmitry; Kelly and Louis)

Macy and Jonathan start it off, and as charming as Macy was in her foxtrot, the opposite is true for her sexiness here. Did she even learn the choreography? Trainwreck alert. Melissa and Mark follow, and she pulls off some decent hip action. Her footwork was well done and it's a great improvement from her foxtrot. Mya and Dmitry are still kicking serious booty with a feisty routine. It's the most ambitious so far of all the cha-chas. Kelly and Louis finish it off with another superb number. Her feet are sharp and she can really move. Kelly is a real revelation this season. The judges agree Macy left much to be desired, Melissa is the most improved, and that Kelly and Mya rocked.
4th: Macy and Jonathan - 4 points
3rd: Melissa and Mark - 6 points
2nd: Kelly and Louis - 8 points
1st: Mya and Dmitry - 10 points

That leaves Joanna and Derek with the top score — of the ladies and overall — with 34 points. Macy and Jonathan are last with 19 points, tying Ashley and Edyta, and Michael and Anna.

What did you think? Were the ladies better than the men? I think so. Did Kelly surprise the hell out of you too? Was Len out of line giving Mya and Dmitry a 5? Which two couples do you think will get the boot Wednesday?

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It's ladies' night on the dance floor! After a night off, Dancing with the Stars' eight female celebrities debut their routines Tuesday. Who delivered and who fell apart? Find out below!

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