Dancing with the Stars

2005, TV Show

Dancing with the Stars Episode: "Dancing With the Stars"

Season 9, Episode 18
Episode Synopsis: The ninth week of performances.
Original Air Date: Nov 16, 2009

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, Nov. 16, 2009 Season 9, Episode 18

Dancing with the Stars' semifinal action sees the final four hit the floor with three individual dances: two new ones and a previously prepared knockout dance. How did they do? Find out below!

Oh, show. You never fail to make life more difficult for everyone involved. For the first time ever, couples have to perform three routines on the show. The good news: One is the 30-second knockout dance everyone has had in their arsenal the past few weeks. The bad news: The stars need to do a solo in their Latin numbers. Give and take, you know?

Round 1
Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson: Tango

"You work me so hard this week," Donny orders Kym, disappointed they tied for last place last week. Gilles Marini visits to help with their tango because he got 10s for his last season. He tells Donny it's about making everyone uncomfortable. So far, I feel perfectly comfortable, except for the fear that Kym's boobs may pop out at any second. Let the ladies breathe! OK, now I feel uncomfortable — because they've effed up badly and obviously as they both get caught in Kym's dress. Unlike past flubs, Donny can't cover this up. It's actually kind of hard to watch this dance self-destruct. The slip-up has completely zapped any and all drama and intensity out of the tango. They're basically just getting through it. Donny's pissed when they're done and and lets out a primal scream. Dude really needs to get a better game face. Break down after you get offstage. You don't do yourself any favors doing it before you get your scores. "I saw Marie," he explains. "That's enough to put everyone off," Len says. Bruno says he was not a master of disguise here. Carrie Ann says there was no push-and-pull.
Score: 21

Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough: Viennese Waltz
Derek gets tough on Joanna and starts attacking the wall. So Brooke Burke drops by to lighten the mood and suggests some roleplay. No, not like that. J. and D. play imitate each other and everything's fun and cute again. They start off with a beautiful twirling sequence up top. Joanna looked like one of those music-box ballerina dolls come to life. Her posture is perfect and they look great in hold, but there's still a little bit of uncertainty in her steps. Bruno says it has the grace of angels in heaven, but it wasn't perfect enough to send him to paradise. On a related note, when can these metaphors go to hell? Carrie Ann thinks she's grown into a statuesque beauty, but wants her to find meaning in her arm reaches. Len loves the choreography and the holds.
Score: 27

Kelly Osbourne and Louis van Amstel: Rumba
Kelly lost Mr. Bo, her mom's Pomeranian last week, but buckled down and rehearsed. She told me they were going to make their rumba more spiritual than sensual. Let's see how well that goes over with the judges. The routine is enrapturing, as is Kelly. She is far from perfect — not enough hip action and some hesitancy in certain steps — but she's overwhelmingly charming. Her solo suffers from the same problems, which are unfortunately magnified. They finish with a risky hold in which Louis stretches her arm out and her hip is "2 feet off the floor." Or it was supposed to be, at least. Carrie Ann is brought to tears and says Kelly reached right into her heart. Seriously, people, can it. Len says she's turned into a competent dancer, but doesn't think it's one of her best dances. Bruno calls her endearing and doesn't think there was a sense of eroticism.
Score: 24

Mya and Dmitry Chaplin: Waltz
Mya has some boot camp rules: Don't be late, five push-ups for any mistake, breaks last 10 minutes only and listen to Dmitry. They're camping out in the studio (a.k.a. we need to shoot some cutesy package this week). Mya can probably camp out somewhere and still be able to pull this off. Their waltz is sumptuously romantic with effortless movement. They look like they're gliding on ice. The best part of it is by far the ultra-fast and elegant spins. Len says it has romance and elegance and is absolutely a joy to watch. Bruno calls it love set to music. Carrie Ann, always the party-pooper, doesn't think they were totally connected.
Score: 28

Round 2
Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson: Samba

Bios first! As if we don't know Donny's bio already. But we get some talking heads from his sons and, suffice it to say, the Osmond gene is very strong. Donny's motto at home is "Let's make a game out of it." He's definitely not playing on the floor though. You know he's determined to nail this after his abysmal tango. He's loose, effervescent, but is too eager here to prove himself. At some points, it looks like he's going off on his own and freestyling it. His solo portion is great though, and really showcases his natural ability and personality. Bruno says he nailed it. Carrie Ann thinks it was sloppy for him and wants him to expand out from his space. Len sides with Bruno.
Score: 26

Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough: Cha-cha
Polish-born Joanna moved to Chicago when she was 5. She took ballet lessons as a child, but had to quit because they didn't have enough money. (Her dream is to perform to a song she would've danced to at a recital.) The Hef speaks and thinks Jo's got what it takes to win. Are you just saying that because you've seen her naked? Joanna, who's rocking the Koosh ball pants this time around, starts off with her solo, which is underwhelming since she spent most of it walking slowly. The rest of the routine is moving kind of slowly for my taste. Joanna's still a little stiff and lacks some conviction in her steps. For the most part, they're crisp and clean. Carrie Ann loves the wild child transformation. Len loves the rhythm, but thinks it could be more cheeky... so Jo shakes her booty for him. Bruno can't get her out of his bed (because they danced to "Can't Get You Out of My Head"... get it?) "You are just natural sex," he tells her. So what's unnatural sex?
Score: 27

Kelly Osbourne and Louis van Amstel: Quickstep

Kelly says everything changed for her after The Osbournes hit the airwaves as she turned to drugs to deal with the media scrutiny. She's sober now and Dancing has given her confidence she never had. Sharon can't believe she's their daughter. Tear. Kelly and Louis pounded this whole routine out in a day in apparently the best rehearsal ever, so I have high expectations. For the most part, they're meeting them. It's fast, energetic and Kelly's keeping up with the pace well. Her steps are still too small at certain points and she falls out of sync during one sequence, but she recovers well. Len says the two people who are really happy are Sharon and him because that exceeded his expectations. Bruno calls her Speedy Gonzalez, but points out her slip-up. Carrie Ann says she was riding Louis like there was no tomorrow. No comment.
Score: 27

Mya and Dmitry Chaplin: Salsa

D.C. girl Mya learned to tap from her mom, who taught her from a library book, and would sing in secrecy in her teens because she's a perfectionist. Her buddy says she can persevere through anything after simultaneously dealing with her parents' divorce and her mom's breast cancer battle. Now, Dmitry, what's the point of waxing your chest if you're going to wear a jacket? That's probably the one flaw in this number. It's spunky and full of complicated and perfectly executed choreography. Mya's shimmying, booty-shaking, hip-thrusting solo puts everyone else's to shame. Bruno calls it sen-sa-tion-al! Carrie Ann says the solo was slammin'. Len says tooty-fruity, what a booty. He couldn't stop looking at her buttocks. I guess we've established here that Len's a butt man.
Score: 30

Round 3: Knockout Dance
Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson: Jitterbug

Busting out his inner showman, Donny puts on another high-energy show. He's perfectly suited for these types of dances. He's exuberant and nails all the steps. At least he hasn't faltered since the first round. Carrie Ann says his mojo's back. Len calls it a winner. Bruno tells the green-outfitted duo that it's a party on St. Patrick's Day.
Score: 27

Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough: Salsa
Now that's what you call hot pink. C'mon, guys. I'm almost tempted to switch back to standard definition. Maybe that was to distract us from the recycled moves and Jo's stiff bod. If Joanna had the only salsa of the night, this wouldn't be bad at all. It's sultry and flirty, but after seeing Mya's salsa, not to mention Mya's insane hip action, this is somewhat lacking. But at least we know their signature crotch move isn't exclusive to the mambo. Len calls it hot, tasty and full of spice. Bruno says it's delicious and flirtacious. Carrie Ann likes that Joanna generates heat and that they reprised their move.
Score: 27

Kelly Osbourne and Louis van Amstel: Cha-cha
Kelly bombed the cha-cha during Week 2, so this is supposed to be redemption — and it is, a brief one at least. Is it just me or did her routine seem even shorter than 30 seconds? She still packed a punch with some very clean and sharp steps. Bruno says the quickie was perfect. Carrie Ann says she hit her hand extensions. Len is impressed she nailed three dances. Kelly can't believe her night because she had to get a cortisone shot in her foot in the morning. "Dancing beyond the bunions," Sam says. "I saw that movie, Dancing Beyond the Bunions. Unbelievable. I can't believe there wasn't a sequel," The Berge quips.
Score: 27

Mya and Dmitry Chaplin: Cha-cha
Again, Dmitry, why are you wearing a shirt? And why did you pull off Mya's skirt, but not your shirt? Anyhow, these two continue to be on their A-game. Mya's still working those hips and I think has more technical prowess in 30 seconds than most have in a full routine. Carrie Ann says the beginning didn't speak to her. "You're deaf," Bruno says. Len is disappointed because he wanted it to be longer. Bruno calls it an action-packed reel for a blockbuster.
Score: 29

That leaves Mya and Dmitry on top with 87 points. Donny and Kym, once again, bring up the rear with 74.

What did you think? Should they have performed three dances? Who stepped up their game? Should Mya clear her shelf for the Mirrorball trophy yet? Can Donny make up for his points in votes? Would you watch Dancing Beyond the Bunions (and its sequel)? Who will get the boot Tuesday?

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Dancing with the Stars' semifinal action sees the final four hit the floor with three individual dances: two new ones and a previously prepared knockout dance. How did they do? Find out below!
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