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Halloween Horror (Spoof Trailer)
Strange, scary things are happening at the ALDC. Is it all a coincidence? Or has the team's greatest asset become its biggest threat? Happy Halloween!
More Solos!
02:08 — Abby and Marcia argue about who should get solos this week, in this bonus scene from Dance Moms Season 3 episode 2 (Out With the Old, In With the New) (more…)
Season 3 Look-Back: Top Ten Craziest Moments
04:15 — Watch Abby Lee Miller, the Dance Moms and the girls in the first part of this look-back at Season 3's top 10 craziest moments.
Parenting Around Abby's Rules
02:08 — The moms talk about Abby's rules and parenting in this extra from episode 7 of Season 2.
The Superfans Ask Burning Questions
01:43 — The super fans get to ask questions of Abby and Melissa, in this scene from Dance Moms Chatter: Part 2
Dear Abby, Episode 17
02:00 — Abby shares her thoughts about what happened in episode 16. The moms' petty gossip, Maddie and Chloe's duet, Maddie's solo, and Mackenzie's first over (more…)
The Moms' Take: Christi & Kelly Have a Terrible Fight
02:06 — The moms discuss Kelly's meltdown that week; her refusal to see Brooke's dance as a good thing, and her terrible fight with Christi, in this video ext (more…)
Solo Dance: The Animals Know
02:32 — Watch Brooke's full solo dance, The Animals Know.
Abby Demonstrates How to Exit the Stage
01:14 — Abby humorously demonstrates how a dancer should exit the stage, with pure confidence, in this scene from Episode 36 (Do-Si-Do and Do-Si-Don't) of Dan (more…)
Jill & Holly Are Excited That Their Girls' Duet Could Help Them Move up
01:34 — Holly and Jill talk about how excited they are for Kendall and Nia's duet dance, in this bonus scene from episode 10 of Dance Moms Season 3.
Reunion Full Group Dance: Rosa Parks
02:16 — Watch the full group dance "Rosa Parks," performed during the Dance Moms Season 3, Tell All Part Two, reunion episode.
Etiquette in Society
02:10 — Abby takes the girls to a nice restaurant to learn proper etiquette from "Mother May I" instructor Demetria Pappas.
My Last Text
01:56 — The girls perform the group dance My Last Text for the studio audience, in this scene from the special The Smoke Before the Fire.
Leslie's Back
01:55 — The moms talk about having Payton's mom Leslie back in the group and Maddie being the only girl to get two solos, in this extra from episode 17.
Kelly Comforts Chloe Backstage
01:12 — Kelly finds Chloe crying in backstage and comforts her, in this bonus scene from Dance Moms Season 3 Episode 35 (Diva Las Vegas).
The Cutest Dance
01:42 — The adorable dance that won Mackenzie her first crown.
Christi and Kelly Fight
01:12 — Christi accuses Kelly of being a bad friend, in this scene from the Dance Moms special Abby's "So Far This Season...".
Dear Abby
02:06 — Abby shares her thoughts about what happened in episode 4.
Callback Challenge
01:42 — Chloe is selected for the "callback challenge", much to Maddie's disappointment
Anthony Thinks Girls Should Be Dainty
01:40 — Anthony fights with Rick over the unfair amount of pushups he's forcing the boys to do.
Family Feud
02:06 — Kelly and Christi talk about the fight between Abby and Holly that got both Holly and Nia kicked out of the dance studio.
Maddie's Crowns
02:07 — Hear from the Dance Moms and Abby Lee Miller about why the moms were upset when Abby made Maddie bring her crowns into the studio, in this extra from (more…)
Who's Gonna Get It?
02:17 — Abby is making the moms choose between Chloe, Nia, and Kendall to decide who gets the last solo.
Stage Moms
02:14 — The moms discuss whether or not they're "stage moms."
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