Dance Academy

  • 2010
  • TV Show
  • TV-PG

Series following a group of teens attending a prestigious ballet school.

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Dance Academy Season 2
Tara returns to the National Academy of Dance with the goal of representing Australia in the world's most prestigious ballet competition. But perhaps (more…)
Fear Of Missing Out Trailer
01:53 — Ethan is promised a spot in the professional troop only is Damien's injury is incurable.
Heartbeat Trailer
01:55 — Myles Kelly picks his choice for the next video.
Dance Academy - Season 3
Tara and her friends are now seniors at the Academy and no one can forget for a second that the Company is watching.
Heatwave Trailer
01:55 — Sammy has his first ever close friendships, and is really cherishing it.
Minefield Trailer
01:18 — The boy-girl dance partners are assigned.
Growing Pains Trailer
01:25 — Sam gets made fun of for wearing regular underwear.
The Deep End Trailer
02:00 — Christian finds out in stages that Sammy has feelings for him.
Real Men Don't Dance Trailer
01:48 — Sammy is scared that his dad is going to withdraw him from the Dance Academy for getting a B.
Crush Test Dummies Trailer
01:57 — Christian agrees to dance in Ethan's ballet set.
Perfection Trailer
01:17 — Mia, who joined a group in Israel, finally makes a visit to her boyfriend, Sammy.
One Perfect Day Trailer
01:34 — Ethan asks Tara to be in his new solo piece.
Better Bunheads Trailer
01:08 — Scout re-enters Kat's life when she auditions for the summer program.
Fairest And Best Trailer
01:55 — Jocks from an all-boys school are welcomed to The Academy.
Free Falling Trailer
01:46 — Kat decides to throw a huge party for her birthing, and gets extremely drunk.
Pressure Trailer
01:33 — Everyone is under a lot of pressure with it being exam week.
Family Trailer
01:52 — Exams are over. The families arrive to take their kids home for the holidays.
Week Zero Trailer
02:00 — Audition results are finally mailed out.
My Life En Pointe Trailer
01:06 — Kat sneakily "adopts" a stray dog.
Best Friends Forever Trailer
01:23 — The boys come together and admit their wrong doings.
A Midsummer's Night's Dream Trailer
01:55 — Parents find out about Kat's party and everyone is punished it.
Flight Or Tight Response Trailer
01:32 — Christian's trial is coming up in a week, but Aaron has left.
Learning To Fly Trailer
01:55 — The annual audition process is taking place.
Turning Pointes Trailer
01:17 — There are some new editions this semesters, such as a nightclub and park.
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