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May 03, 1991 Season 14 Episode 22 watch on (Paid)

Adam, a visiting angel, gives despairing J.R. a view of what life would have been like had he never been born, in a special two hour series finale.

The Decline of the Fall of the Ewing Empire

Apr 26, 1991 Season 14 Episode 21

J.R., nearing a breakdown from recent losses, faces another major defeat when a vengeful enemy from his past returns with unwelcome news. In other developments, Cliff is shocked to learn that his nemesis is now his business partner.
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Some Leave, Some Get Carried Out

Apr 19, 1991 Season 14 Episode 20

At her daughter Jory's request, Hillary Taylor, aka Sheila Foley, agrees to meet with Bobby at Southfork, unaware of the danger that lurks there.
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Farewell, My Lovely

Apr 12, 1991 Season 14 Episode 19

After learning that he's the father of Cally's baby, J.R. leaves Southfork to track her down. Later, Clayton returns to Southfork with shocking news from Miss Ellie for both J.R. and Bobby.
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Those Darned Ewings

Apr 05, 1991 Season 14 Episode 18

J.R. must decide whether to encourage James to remain married to Debra Lynn so that Jimmy will remain with the family, or to divorce her and re-marry Michelle so that the family with retain a stake in Ewing Oil.
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When the Wind Blows

Mar 29, 1991 Season 14 Episode 17

J.R. treads lightly as he keeps Debra Lynn, the woman who claims to be James' wife, at bay while manipulating James into returning to his current wife, Michelle.
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Fathers and Sons and Fathers and Sons

Mar 08, 1991 Season 14 Episode 16

Bobby and J.R. get a respite from their troubles when they take their sons -- James Richard, John Ross, and Christopher -- on an authentic Southfork cattle drive.
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Win Some, Lose Some

Mar 01, 1991 Season 14 Episode 15

Southfork experiences another turbulent marriage and this time J.R. plays referee as James and Michelle duke it out. Meanwhile, Liz bargains to sell her company to J.R. in exchange for Cliff's appointment as the government's energy czar.
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Smooth Operator

Feb 15, 1991 Season 14 Episode 14

Bobby gets a jolt of adrenaline when he learns that Sheila Foley will be in town soon, but he can't ignore his growing involvement with his unsuspecting ally, Jory, Sheila's daughter.
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Feb 08, 1991 Season 14 Episode 13

Unaware of her grand scheme for revenge upon him, J.R. is forced to face the sobering fact that Michelle owns Ewing Oil. J.R. gets thunderstruck when James informs him that Michelle is his wife while Bobby finds the daughter of Sheila Foley in Malibu.
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Designing Women

Feb 01, 1991 Season 14 Episode 12

Lee Ann continues her sly seduction of J.R., taking the final steps in her elaborate plan to drastically change his personal and professional life forever.
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S is for Seduction

Jan 18, 1991 Season 14 Episode 11

J.R. contemplates romancing Lee Ann in his effort to win back Ewing Oil, unaware that he's falling into her trap.
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Lock, Stock, and Jock

Jan 11, 1991 Season 14 Episode 10

A forgotten moment from J.R.'s past returns to haunt him as Lee Ann takes control of Ewing Oil and plots with Michelle to destroy every facet of J.R.'s life.
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Sail On

Jan 04, 1991 Season 14 Episode 9

Things go from bad to worse for J.R. when Ewing Oil slips further from his grasp and James makes a shocking announcement about Cally in the midst of J.R.'s engagement toast to Vanessa.
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The Odessa File

Dec 21, 1990 Season 14 Episode 8

Venezuelan oil magnate Lee Ann De La Vega attempts to cast a spell over J.R. Ewing when she maneuvers to buy his precious Ewing Oil. Despite J.R.'s vehement objections, Bobby decides to rid himself of the oil company.
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