Power, passion and duplicity drive this landmark saga set at the Southfork ranch, home of the oil-rich Ewing clan and ground zero for prime-time soaps in the late '70s and through the '80s. The most successful prime-time soap in TV history, `Dallas' spawned the popular `Knots Landing' and inspired a plethora of clones, most notably its chief ratings challenger, `Dynasty.' It also ushered in the use of cliffhanger endings to bolster interest and ratings with its 1980 `Who Shot J.R.?' episode.


Guest Stars

65 Episodes (2014-2014)
Michelle, Michelle Stevens
Angelica, Angelica Nero
Pepter, Peter, Peter Richards
Marilee, Marilee Stone
Ben, Wes, Wes Parmalee
Jeremy Wendell, Wendell
Holly, Holly Harwood
Harv, Harv Smithfield, Smithfield
Dowling, Senator
Clint, Clint Ogden
Leland, Vaughn, Vaughn Leland
Willie Joe, Willie Joe Garr, Willy
Liz, Liz Adams
Barry Corbin
Sheriff Washburn, Washburn
Driscoll, Walt Driscoll
Tammy, Tammy Kent
Mrs. Shepard, Patricia
Alex, Alex Barton
Ames, Jeb Ames
Punk, Punk Anderson
Rebecca, Rebecca Wentworth
Demerest, Scotty Demarest
Eugene, Eugene Bullock
Jeanne, Jeanne O'Brien, Pam
Farraday, Jeff Farraday
Ben Maxwell
Mrs. Scottfield
Detective Horton, King
Connors, Les Crowley
Joe Morris, Sloan
Father Mallory
Dr. Miles Pearson, Dr. Pearson, Pearson
Greg, Greg Forrester
Alex, Alex Ward
Judge Thomas
Arliss Cooper
Dave, David Stratton
Duke, Wally Hampton
Craig Stewart
Frank Crutcher
Chick, Chick Harvard
Kit, Kit Mainwaring
Priscilla Duncan
Dr. Langtry
Harrison Van Buren III
Arthur Elrod
David Stanley
Brooks Oliver
Gen. Fritz Longley
Willie Guest
Sally Bullock
Amanda Ewing
Mel Ferrer
Harrison Page
Peter Ellington
Anita Smithfield
Hutch McKinney
Andy Sampson
Leo Wakefield
Cathy Baker
Hank Johnson
Martin Cole
Eugene Bullock
Senator Newbury
Kyle Bennett
1 Episode (2000)
Charles Deanery
Patrick O'Riley
Dr. Kessler