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Wed Jun 1 12:00am
Command+P(Season 9, Episode 11) TNT

Two separate murders are linked by a very unusual weapon.

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Wed Jun 1 1:00am
Civilized Lies(Season 9, Episode 12) TNT

An off-duty police officer is killed during a robbery, and the CSIs use the art of interrogation to break down the suspects and get the truth.

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Wed Jun 1 2:00am
Nine Thirteen(Season 9, Episode 13) TNT

The CSIs investigate the link, if any, between a skyscraper with a notorious history and a masked man found dead at the bottom of it. Meanwhile, Jo's day off takes an interesting turn when she runs into a stranger who has a connection to her past.

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Wed Jun 1 3:00am
White Gold(Season 9, Episode 14) TNT

A pizzamaker is the victim of a carjacking, and the CSIs try to determine what the perpetrators were really after.

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Wed Jun 1 4:00am
Blood Actually(Season 9, Episode 16) TNT

Mac and the team investigate three twisted tales of love on Valentine's Day. Josh Groban appears and sings "Happy in My Heartache."

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Thu Jun 2 12:00am
Today Is Life(Season 9, Episode 17) TNT

The ninth season ends with widespread unrest over the police shooting of an unarmed man. The community uproar forces Mac and his team to move quickly to solve the case.

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Thu Jun 2 1:00am
Blink(Season 1, Episode 1) TNT

Mac struggles with memories of his late wife when he tracks a serial killer who imprisons his female victims before murdering them. Later, Mac rescues a victim who cannot move, feel or speak, and can only communicate through blinking. Ivanov: Vitali Bagano (more…)

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Thu Jun 2 2:00am
Creatures of the Night(Season 1, Episode 2) TNT

A girl is brutally attacked while walking through Central Park, leaving her with no recollection of the assault. Meanwhile, Mac and Aiden investigate the murder of a drug dealer. Prescott: William Russ. Robin: Michele Hicks. Mata: Germaine De Leon. Karl: D (more…)

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Thu Jun 2 3:00am
American Dreamers(Season 1, Episode 3) TNT

Mac must determine whether someone is playing a practical joke or if a murder has occurred after a skeleton is discovered on a double-decker bus in Times Square. Moreland: Charles Parks. Mrs. Moreland: Susan Ruttan. Danner: Thomas Kopache. Joel: Johnny Sne (more…)

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Thu Jun 2 4:00am
Grand Master(Season 1, Episode 4) TNT

Mac investigates the murder of an up-and-coming hip-hop deejay who just won a prestigious championship for spinners. Across town, Stella probes the death of an acclaimed fashion designer who is found dead in her penthouse swimming pool, the victim of an al (more…)

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Fri Jun 3 1:00am
A Man a Mile(Season 1, Episode 5) TNT

Mac and Danny go 700 feet below ground to investigate when a construction worker is killed in a tunnel explosion. Elsewhere, Stella probes the death of a teen girl found floating in a creek. Mitford: Terry Kinney. Pete: Eric Ritter. Joe: Joe Sikora. Zito: (more…)

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Fri Jun 3 2:00am
Outside Man(Season 1, Episode 6) TNT

Mac and Stella investigate when a male human leg is found near a loading dock and a human finger from a different victim is discovered in a freezer. In a Brooklyn diner, Danny and Aiden probe a multiple homicide in which the victims were all shot and their (more…)

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Fri Jun 3 3:00am
Rain(Season 1, Episode 7) TNT

Mac and Stella investigate a botched bank robbery in Chinatown that leaves two crooks dead after an explosion sets them on fire and burns their homemade masks into their skin. Unfortunately, rain washes away key blood and DNA evidence, and burns destroy mo (more…)

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Fri Jun 3 4:00am
Three Generations Are Enough(Season 1, Episode 8) TNT

Mac is called in when an abandoned briefcase discovered on the trading floor of a mercantile exchange yields not a bomb but blood evidence from the owner, who has gone missing. The investigation quickly centers on a man involved in illegal trading. Across (more…)

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Tue Jun 7 11:00pm
Officer Blue(Season 1, Episode 9) TNT

A mounted officer riding to investigate a fight between two men in Central Park is slain by a sniper. In Queens, Aiden probes the death of a 19-year-old man found in an alley with burn marks on his face. Mitford: Terry Kinney. Jane: Sonya Walger. Chancey: (more…)

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Wed Jun 8 12:00am
Night, Mother(Season 1, Episode 10) TNT

Mac and Stella investigate the murder of a woman who was stabbed in the heart with a wooden stake. The police arrest a woman who was kneeling over the body with blood on her, but Mac isn't convinced that she committed the crime. Elsewhere, Danny and Aiden (more…)

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Wed Jun 8 1:00am
Tri-Borough(Season 1, Episode 11) TNT

In Brooklyn, a man is found dead on train tracks, an apparent victim of electrocution, but the evidence points to murder. In Manhattan, an art dealer is discovered shot to death in his gallery, while in Queens a construction worker is killed. Maka: Kelly H (more…)

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Wed Jun 8 2:00am
ReCycling(Season 1, Episode 12) TNT

Stella investigates the death of a bicycle messenger who was stabbed as he rode along his route, while Mac probes the murder of a dog handler at a national kennel show who was found with a foot-long knitting needle rammed through her. Both investigations r (more…)

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Wed Jun 8 3:00am
Tanglewood(Season 1, Episode 13) TNT

Mac and Stella investigate after a young man is beaten to death with a baseball bat in a park. A tattoo found on the victim may link him to the mob. Elsewhere, Danny and Aiden probe a hit-and-run accident that killed a woman and find the evidence points to (more…)

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Wed Jun 8 4:00am
Blood, Sweat and Tears(Season 1, Episode 14) TNT

The body of a teen is found stuffed into a small box that washed ashore on Coney Island, and the investigation leads Mac and Stella into the world of circus performers. The probe reveals that the victim worked for a small traveling circus, but that he want (more…)

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Thu Jun 9 12:00am
'Til Death Do We Part(Season 1, Episode 15) TNT

A bride falls dead just as she is about to walk down the aisle to marry a wealthy groom, and Mac believes she may have been poisoned. In an abandoned Staten Island monastery rumored to be haunted, a severed human hand is found near a dead man who apparentl (more…)

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Thu Jun 9 1:00am
Hush(Season 1, Episode 16) TNT

Half of a human torso is found smashed beneath a huge shipping container on a flatbed trailer leaving a marine terminal at New York Harbor. Mac and Stella investigate and soon discover the other half of the body on the docks. In Queens, Danny and Aiden pro (more…)

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Thu Jun 9 2:00am
The Fall(Season 1, Episode 17) TNT

A prominent and much-feared movie producer is found dead after apparently falling from a Chelsea apartment terrace. In the Bronx, a wineshop owner is murdered by a trio of gang members during a robbery. Flack's former training officer is assigned to the Br (more…)

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Thu Jun 9 3:00am
The Dove Commission(Season 1, Episode 18) TNT

A commissioner who coauthored a report exposing corruption in the New York City police department is gunned down at a party the night before the document is to be released. Also killed is a woman with whom the commissioner was dancing. Further uptown, a gy (more…)

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  • Premiered: September 22, 2004
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