CSI: Miami

2002, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Habeas Corpse [HD]

Apr 08, 2012 Season 10 Episode 19 watch on (Paid)

When one of the CSI's biggest enemies is murdered, Horatio must determine which of his team members is a suspect.

Seeing Red [HD]

May 18, 2009 Season 7 Episode 25

Horatio fights to save Yelina and when Delko goes against Calleigh's plea and helps his dangerous father, his life is put in jeopardy.
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Apr 13, 2009 Season 7 Episode 21

When a plastic surgeon gets put through a wood chipper, it's up to CSI to find out whodunit. Meanwhile, Ron Saris returns to exact revenge on Julia.
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25-Jul [HD]

Mar 09, 2009 Season 7 Episode 17

The CSIs make a shocking discovery about their murder victim, while Horatio tries to save his son from Julia's erratic behavior.
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Presumed Guilty

Feb 09, 2009 Season 7 Episode 15

Horatio and the team go head-to-head with a defense attorney who may be involved in a murder cover-up.
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CSI: Miami: Smoke Gets in Your CSIs

Feb 02, 2009 Season 7 Episode 14

Alexx Woods returns when a murderer puts Calleigh and Ryan's lives at risk.
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CSI: Miami: Head Case

Jan 12, 2009 Season 7 Episode 12

The CSIs use radical technology to unlock the secrets of a man's mind when he shows up covered in blood with no memory of where he's been.
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CSI: Miami: Cheating Death

Nov 10, 2008 Season 7 Episode 7

A man is found handcuffed and stabbed in his hotel room, while a prank at the lab causes a rift in the CSI team and threatens their investigation.
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CSI: Miami: Bombshell

Oct 20, 2008 Season 7 Episode 5

When the CSIs investigate a murder in Miami's hippest fashion boutique, Horatio discovers that Julia's instability has turned her into a ticking bomb.
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Raging Cannibal

Oct 13, 2008 Season 7 Episode 4

After a horrific double murder in the Everglades, Horatio and the team have to face off against none other than the Russian mob.
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Won't Get Fueled Again

Sep 29, 2008 Season 7 Episode 2

When gasoline gets so expensive that Miami's residents are literally killing for it, the CSI's come face to face with one of the city's most sadistic crime rings.
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