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CSI: Miami Season 7 episodes

CSI: Miami Episode Recap: "Seeing Red" Season 7, Episode 25

Crashes, gunfights and mobsters abound in this Season 7 finale of CSI: Miami.

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CSI: Miami Episode Recap: "Dissolved" Season 7, Episode 24

Jimmy Castagen is at a party at Ron Saris' house where he brags about all the people he's killed. Ron tells him to be careful and Jimmy accuses him of talking to the police. Ron then pushes him in the pool, which is apparently not filled with water after all but some sort of acid. We watch this guy die a horrific death. The CSIs are on the scene, but there's no sign of Tara.
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CSI: MIami Episode Recap: "Collateral Damage" Season 7, Episode 23

A family is hit with a grenade, a waitress has her children taken away, Dr. Price still has a pill problem and the Russians return to the scene, all on this episode of CSI: Miami.

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CSI: Miami Episode Recap: "Dead on Arrival" Season 7, Episode 22

Television love, murder and betrayal all play out on this episode of CSI: Miami.

Ripped from the headlines, Neil Palmer is the bachelor on a dating show called The Marrying Kind where he aims to find love with one of 12 possible women. Neil appears to first pick Kaitlin Sawyer but then takes away the special necklace and tells her he hopes they're friends forever. It's a little bit of a spoof of the real life Bachelor story that unfolded just a couple of months ago. Neil then opens the door to the second limo and the girl he wants to marry, Grace Carlson, is dead inside.

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CSI: Miami Episode Recap: "Chip/Tuck" Season 7, Episode 21

In this episode of CSI:Miami, one person arises from the dead and another is reincarnated. read more

CSI: Miami Episode Recap: "Wolfe in Sheep's Clothing" Season 7, Episode 20

In this episode of CSI: Miami, someone's shot, someone jumps off a building and Ryan gets a beat down - all in the opening sequence. read more

CSI: Miami Episode Recap: "Target Specific" Season 7, Episode 19

The CSIs find out they're being watched while Sarnov remains a threat from jail.

Megan Hamilton is stabbed in the back by an intruder. She fires two shots and calls 911 and Horatio shows up simultaneously with the EMTs.  She's in critical condition at the hospital and the CSIs try and figure out what the intruder was after. Ryan and Horatio find one bullet hole in the wall of the room where Megan was shot and think the other bullet may be in the intruder. They follow blood drops to the knife that stabbed Megan in the bushes. There's a print on the knife which Eric dusts. Natalia says all the blood in the room belonged to the victim so the intruder probably wasn't shot after all. They found Patrick Garrity's print on the knife but he claims he reported the knife stolen a week ago.  Megan was his personal chef and he had confronted her about possibly stealing that knife, which happened to be worth $75k.

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CSI: Miami Episode Recap: "Flight Risk" Season 7, Episode 18

Passengers get more than just their luggage from baggage claim and those that work to protect the friendly skies have a few secrets of their own in this episode of CSI: Miami.

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CSI: Miami Episode Recap: "Divorce Party" Season 7, Episode 17

This episode of CSI: Miami opens with a lighter tone and ends with the heaviest of subjects. And Kyle and Julia are back — is it to stay this time? read more

CSI: Miami Episode Recap: "Sink or Swim" Season 7, Episode 16

In this episode of CSI: Miami, Diddy's back (oh joy), Eric's in trouble, and Calleigh and Eric's budding relationship is almost foiled (again). 

Everyone's gathered on the boat of "Miami's most famous defense attorney" (guest star Sean "Diddy" Combs) when a man comes aboard and opens fire into the sky above the guests. It's a robbery, and Derek's fiancée Nadine is shot and killed in the moment of escape.  The CSIs arrive on the scene and begin by fingerprinting everyone on the boat to see where the gunshot came from. They think the robbers ... read more

Presumed Guilty Season 7, Episode 15

A golf instructor at a ritzy country club is convicted of strangling a woman in the club's locker room, but new evidence suggests he may be innocent. Unfortunately, the man's attorney (Sean Combs) now represents the new suspect and may be involved in covering up the crime. read more

Smoke Gets in Your CSIs Season 7, Episode 14

Calleigh collapses from severe smoke inhalation after she and Ryan become trapped in the attic of a burning house while investigating a doctor's murder. At the hospital, she is attended to by Alexx Woods (Khandi Alexander), who is a part-time worker in the emergency room. The investigation reveals that the fire was arson and the victim was a drug addict. read more

And They're Offed Season 7, Episode 13

A race-horse owner is murdered in his private luxury suite while watching his horse compete in a high-stakes race. The investigation reveals that Ryan has a personal connection to the track's veterinarian, who may be involved in the crime. Meanwhile, Calleigh meets a handsome stable worker who cares for the victim's horses. read more

Head Case Season 7, Episode 12

A man is found wandering a downtown street covered in blood but has no knowledge of what happened to him, so the CSIs attempt to unlock his memory. Their probe reveals the blood isn't from the man but is from three other people who belong to the same family and are feared to be dead. read more

Tipping Point Season 7, Episode 11

A minister living in a gang-infested neighborhood is shot and then buried alive on a construction site, where he is later found dead. The investigation reveals the victim worked to rid the area of violence and that didn't go over well with local thugs. The probe leads Horatio to a just-released convict who may be linked to the murder and to a robbery in which explosives are stolen by gang members. read more

The Deluca Motel Season 7, Episode 10

Horatio investigates the shooting death of a college student found blindfolded and floating in the swimming pool of the dive motel where Delko is staying. Delko is wounded in the attack when a bullet blasts through his room window. The probe raises questions about why he is living at the motel and reveals the real target may have been him. read more

Power Trip Season 7, Episode 9

A woman is abducted on a Miami street, blinded with eyedrops and electrocuted. Her body is then dumped. Her murder matches evidence from an earlier crime, and the lead detective on that case is certain he knows who the killer is and will stop at nothing to prove it, even though he is on restrictive leave. It's then up to Horatio to protect the suspect from the overzealous cop and discover the truth. read more

Gone Baby Gone Season 7, Episode 8

A 10-month-old girl is snatched from her mother at an outdoor restaurant by a man and a woman. Soon, a $500,000 ransom is demanded, but Calleigh urges the parents not to pay it to ensure the girl is kept alive. The investigation reveals the person behind the kidnapping may be someone closer to the case than at first imagined. read more

Cheating Death Season 7, Episode 7

A hotel's tanning butler is found handcuffed and stabbed in one of the property's rooms. A drugged prostitute is with him. The investigation reveals the victim may be linked to a madam (Lucy Lawless) who claims to have retired. Back at the lab, Delko and Ryan pull a prank on the new medical examiner and their joke threatens to derail the case. read more

Wrecking Crew Season 7, Episode 6

Calleigh and Delko are assigned to protect a witness in a safe house located in a vacant high-rise building. The man is set to testify against a Miami crime boss in a murder trial, but he's killed when a 200-foot crane smashes into the safe house. The crime unnerves Calleigh and makes her feel responsible for the man's death. Without the witness, Horatio works to prove his case using other evidence. read more

Bombshell Season 7, Episode 5

A 17-year-old girl is murdered in a trendy fashion boutique when the dress she is trying on, which is rigged with a bomb, explodes. The investigation reveals the victim was part of a shoplifting ring. Meanwhile, Julia becomes increasingly unstable and volatile when she goes off her bipolar medication. Making things worse, a nosy neighbor is found dead in her driveway. read more

Raging Cannibal Season 7, Episode 4

Two men involved in a Miami fight club that may be a training facility for killers are murdered in the Everglades. The investigation reveals the victims are linked to the Russian mob. Later, a man who is a target of extortion by the mob goes missing, and he was last seen alive at the club. read more

And How Does That Make You Kill? Season 7, Episode 3

The 16-year-old daughter of Delko's therapist, Rachel Marsh (Gail O'Grady), is stabbed to death during the night in her mother's office at their home. Earlier that evening, a patient revealed to Dr. Marsh that he had vivid dreams of murder. The investigation reveals someone also stole the psychiatrist's private files, which hold the secrets her patients have told her, including Delko's. read more

Won't Get Fueled Again Season 7, Episode 2

A man who was set on fire crashes through a beach party and dies on the sand. The probe reveals the victim was involved in stealing gasoline from high-end vehicles and that he may have stumbled onto a much bigger crime taking place. A new medical examiner, Tara Price (Megalyn Echikunwoke), joins the team and immediately catches Delko's eye. read more

Resurrection Season 7, Episode 1

The seventh season begins with the team searching for the person who shot Horatio while he was standing on an airport tarmac. Several suspects quickly emerge, and one of them is a member of H's own group. The investigation propels the team to track down and recover cases of fused-alloy bullets, capable of piercing armored vehicles, that are flooding the streets. read more

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Premise: A spin-off from 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' follows a South Florida forensics team headed by the brooding Horatio Caine. Against a backdrop of simmering ethnic and cultural tensions, Caine's team probes cases similar to those of their Las Vegas counterparts.



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