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CSI: Miami Episode: "Seeing Red"

Season 7, Episode 25
Episode Synopsis: The seventh season concludes with Russian mob boss Ivan Sarnoff escaping from prison after being poisoned. Meanwhile, Yelina's undercover role is discovered and Horatio fights to save her; and Delko considers helping his criminal father who was involved in the escape, even though Calleigh pleads with him not to.
Original Air Date: May 18, 2009
Guest Cast Malcolm Foster Smith: Armed Guard Andrew Divoff: Ivan Sarnoff Brian Austin Green: Anthony Green Ben Bray: Nathan Bertram Mark Ivanir: Gregor Kasparov Vicellous Shannon: Todd Harris Tamlyn Tomita: Dr. Sarah Fordham Rade Sherbedgia: Alexander Sharova
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Season 7, Episode 25
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Aired: 5/18/2009
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CSI: Miami Episode Recap: "Seeing Red" Season 7, Episode 25

Crashes, gunfights and mobsters abound in this Season 7 finale of CSI: Miami.

Ivan Sarnov is eating in the jail cafeteria when he collapses and is taken to Dade General. The ambulance is cut off by a car and then pushed by an SUV into the path of an oncoming train, which hits the ambulance, setting it ablaze. An who rises from the ashes? Sarnov. The police arrive and a shootout ensues. Sarnov runs off, and the officer is left for dead on the ground. When Horatio arrives, one of them tells him that he has a daughter and in typical fashion, Horatio offers to take care of her.

Horatio is on a mission to find the owner of the car. He goes looking for Sarnov at a bar, where his number two, Gregor Kasparov, claims to not have seen him. Yelina comes over and kisses this guy and then throws a drink in the face of Horatio, who has her arrested.

"Your curtain is down on your country Caine. The future is ours," says Gregor.

"The show ain't over," says Horatio.

Of course, Yelina is undercover again. She tells Horatio what she knows about a gun shipment that was intercepted from the Russians by undercover agents. The deal was set up by Sarnov from the inside. The Russians may be planning on stealing back the shipment.

Eric and Calleigh show a picture to the owner of the car, Anthony Green (played by Brian Austin Green), at the scene of the accident. He admits that it's his car, but he says he was carjacked and that he had reported it. He says he was at work all morning, showing a house to a client.

Sarnov was shooting in every direction at the scene, so Natalia and Ryan wondered if the guys in the cars weren't trying to help him, but rather trying to kill him.

They track down the owner of the SUV — Jacob Yarovski. Under questioning by Tripp and Horatio, he admits that the guys were mad because Ivan messed up the gun shipment. They poisoned him in the jail to get him out, but wanted to publicly kill him. 

Calleigh zooms in with the computer to a picture of the guy driving the stolen car, and it's Alexander Sharova, Eric's dad. She tells him and he gets mad. She doesn't want him to contact him.

Yelina goes to meet Gregor, who takes her to a place where a man is digging a shallow grave. He says it's for Ivan, and he wants her to kill him to prove her loyalty. He wants a body in the grave by sundown — "his or yours."

Sarnov finds a doctor and holds a gun to her head until she fixes him up. His old bandages have the markings on them from the old boxing club which means Ivan had been there. The guy in charge there says he can arrange a meeting for Horatio with Sarnov as long as he's alone. Sarnov tells him he wants to help him take down Kasperov.

Eric meets up with his father, who admits to being in the car at the crash. He says he wasn't there by choice, however. If he didn't do it, the others would have killed him. Eric tells him it's his chance to get out and Sharova says he can't.

A tip about the carjacking is anonymously phoned in and Calleigh gets mad at Eric because she thinks he had something to do with it. Calleigh and Ryan find an ATM receipt from Anthony Green from that day, which means he wasn't carjacked at all.

Yelina calls Horatio and lets him know what the next move of the Russians will be. They are stealing confiscated guns at an armory. The police and SWAT teams arrive and there's a shootout in progress. The CSIs jump in, and as Calleigh is shooting at a car, she see's it's Eric and his dad pulling away.

Horatio goes to find Yelina and finds Gregor on the floor, beaten up by Sarnov. Gregor tells him where Yelina is so he can have his gun back in order to kill himself.

In a parking garage, Horatio finds them and kills Sarnov to save Yelina. He and Trip then find Eric's car partially submerged in a lake. Sharova is there, but there's no sign of Eric. Calleigh arrives in a panic and Sharova says Eric was bleeding and that he was hit. Calleigh is crying and that's how the episode ends, with Eric still missing.  

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Crashes, gunfights and mobsters abound in this Season 7 finale of CSI: Miami.

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