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2002, TV Show

CSI: Miami Episode: "Flight Risk"

Season 7, Episode 18
Episode Synopsis: A flight attendant is murdered on the job, and her body tumbles out onto a baggage carousel in the Miami airport. The investigation reveals that the victim wasn't particularly liked by her coworkers because her flirtatious manner often landed her the best assignments. She also may have been stalked by a passenger.
Original Air Date: Mar 16, 2009
Guest Cast Jaimie Alexander: Jenna York Sarah Buxton: Carolyn Morrow Michelle Pierce: Suzanne Grady Seth Gilliam: Aaron Nolan Wes Ramsey: Dave Benton Tom Parker: Grant Lawson Kimberly Huie: Molly Nathan Baesel: Marvin Duffy
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Season 7, Episode 18
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Aired: 3/16/2009
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CSI: Miami Episode Recap: "Flight Risk" Season 7, Episode 18

Passengers get more than just their luggage from baggage claim and those that work to protect the friendly skies have a few secrets of their own in this episode of CSI: Miami.


This episode opens to Suzanne Grady, a flight attendant, tumbling out on the luggage carousel — dead and bloody for one of the flight's young passengers to see. The ME determines she was drunk at the time of her death, which occurred because she bled out her carotid artery.

Kyle, who if you'll recall is the proud inhabitant of a new "apartment," cleans her up in the lab for Dr. Price. Suzanne had a heavy sleeping pill in her system so they have to run a sex kit to determine whether she was taken advantage of before she died. She has a cigarette burn on the inside of her hand so Calleigh and Eric look for evidence of a cigarette in the plane bathroom. They find the cigarette and take it to the lab where they take a print and trace it to Marvin Duffy who apparently has a history of illegally smoking on planes. Suzanne's DNA was on the tip of the cigarette.

Nastasha and Ryan go to the plane cargo area to look for evidence. Natalia spots some blond hair on the panel leading into the plane. They track down the passenger sitting in the seat directly above the entry point to the plane. He's a federal air marshal who gives them a tough time and says he's only there to protect the cabin, but not the crew.

The scene turns to Eric and Calleigh on a relaxing and spacious first class trip to somewhere...and then she jolts him to reality where they are on the plane looking for more evidence. Eric finds a bunch of empty bottles near the flight attendant's seat. They hear a noise from the back of the plane and it's another flight attendant who was "tidying the plane." But, she was very bruised which made her somewhat suspect, although she claimed it was just a product of being assigned to coach.

They can't find a match in the lab when they run the sex kit against the databases. However, Horatio thinks it might be a pilot involved and they track down a Grant Lawson. He says he hooked up with Suzanne in the "romper room."  They show a picture of their private unmarked refuge on the plane. So that's what happened to all that extra carry baggage room that seems to have disappeared in the last couple of years. Ryan doesn't believe this romper room exists until Natalia steps on a floor that gives through to this special room.

"I guess we found the mile high club," says Ryan.

Natalia comments on how they should have one at work, and Ryan mentions how he could think of two people that would enjoy that. Natalia doesn't believe him though and doesn't want to hear about it. I guess Calleigh and Eric's relationship is not quite out in the open yet.

They question another flight attendant who claims she sent her up to the romper room to sleep off her 6 vodkas she had while they were in their jump seats. But she tells Tripp and Calleigh about a stalker that was obsessed Suzanne. Eric is back in the lab cross checking the stalker note handwriting with handwriting on luggage tags that were attached to luggage on board the plane. It matches with Marvin Duffy, who, turns out, shared 28 flights with Suzanne in the last year. He lit that cigarette to get her attention.

Marvin had taken pictures of her and another flight attendant at a party in San Diego. It was Carolyn Morrow in the pictures, the woman cleaning up the plane who claimed to have just met Suzanne aboard the fateful flight. She got her drunker at the party thinking it would make her miss the flight and bounce her to a lesser route.

Horatio and Wolfe look at a neck rest found on the plane from which the stuffing had been pulled. There was one remaining sleeping pill inside the rest which Aaron, the marshal had apparently been able to smuggle aboard. He claims it wasn't his, but when they threatened him with a DNA test, he admitted to the pills being his. He said he'd make a quick buck selling them in the states.

Back on the plane, Eric and Natalia find some blood on one of the overhead cabin doors. In the lab, Natalia traces it to another flight attendant, Jenna York. She is set to take a flight to Indonesia so they have to find a reason to stop her before she leaves. The turbulence on the plane jolted Jenna and places her over the hatch that leads to the cargo area which is where the scene of the crime occurred. Jenna had been emptying the pills from the neck pillow when a few fell and Suzanne found them. Aaron told her Suzanne would report her so she put pills in her suitcase and in her mouth before she dumped her into the cargo hatch. She felt she'd just tumble unconscious onto the baggage carousel and then management wouldn't believe her story about the pills.

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Passengers get more than just their luggage from baggage claim and those that work to protect the friendly skies have a few secrets of their own in this episode of CSI: Miami.

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