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CSI: Miami Episode: "Power Trip"

Season 7, Episode 9
Episode Synopsis: A woman is abducted on a Miami street, blinded with eyedrops and electrocuted. Her body is then dumped. Her murder matches evidence from an earlier crime, and the lead detective on that case is certain he knows who the killer is and will stop at nothing to prove it, even though he is on restrictive leave. It's then up to Horatio to protect the suspect from the overzealous cop and discover the truth.
Original Air Date: Nov 25, 2008
Guest Cast Shanna Collins: Jessica Chilton Malik Yoba: Reggie Wallace James Urbaniak: Max Purdue Courtney Hope: Kathy Meyers Tanner Blaze: Rachel Calvado Jamie Thomas King: Dennis Chilton J.P. Pitoc: Tim Erickson
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Season 7, Episode 9
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Aired: 11/24/2008
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CSI: Miami Episode Recap: "Power Trip" Season 7, Episode 9

In this episode of CSI: Miami, someone is torturing and killing women and the CSIs won't stop until the murderer is caught.

After a very dramatic opening sequence, we find out a woman has been found murdered by an electric shock inflicted from jumper cables. The initial medical examination shows that she didn't put up a fight and that she died of heart failure. Her pupils were dilated at the time of death and there is nothing in her bloodstream to indicate why that might have been the case. Kathy Meyers was her name and her boyfriend is questioned after filing a missing person's report after only 12 hours of her being missing. According to the CSIs, it's usually the person that reports it that's guilty.

It was determined that the killer dilated her pupils so she was sensitive to the light and couldn't see what was being done to her. There was a murder a year ago where the same pupil dilation technique occurred.  The victim's name was Alison Novell and she was stabbed and dumped. The lead suspect was her ophthalmologist, Max Paulson. There's a desk bound detective on the force named Reggie who is sure Paulson is the killer in both cases so after the second murder, he goes and beats up the doctor a little bit.

We come to find out that there's a third victim with similar symptoms that's still alive and her name is Jessica Davis. H goes to talk to Jessica, who now has breast cancer. She's upset because they dismissed her case 8 months ago. Evidence from the Alison case has been fully water damaged so it's of no use to them now.

Meanwhile, H gets a call from Jessica Davies saying someone is outside her house in a car. It's Reggie and he was apparently the cop that blew off Jessica 8 months ago when she initially reported her case. Reggie becomes a suspect when they discover that the killer is a classically trained military man or cop type. Soon thereafter, Reggie creepily stops Calleigh in the elevator and tells her to get with it and take Paulson down for the crime.  

Another victim, a new one, appears. They find DNA under her finger nails matching that of Max Paulson. He claims to have been in a double feature at the movie theatre at that time.  Calleigh tries to convince the gang to consider the possibility of Reggie being a suspect. Tripp won't bite, as he was his former partner for 5 years. But, then Wolfe finds a piece of an ankle holster that could be Reggie's at the scene.  When confronted Reggie admits to killing the third victim and planting Paulson's DNA on her in order to close the other murder cases. He says he did her a favor because she was a heroin addict.

They still have to prove that Paulson killed the first two victims though so they go to the evidence from the Jessica Davis case. There were two overlapping prints on a button from her blouse which they didn't have the technology to separate 8 months ago. They found a chemical (industrial grease) on the button that was found on the first victim, which ties the two cases together. They trace the print to Dennis Chilton, Jessica Davis' fiance. He says he did it because he was angry, but that he couldn't kill her. He killed the second girl when he lost control when Jessica got cancer, as he was angry again.  

Reggie talks to Horatio about how he betrayed the oath, and they cut to him in jail tearing a sheet in knots and wrapping it around his head, in order to slowly hang himself. It appears that he is successful, as Tripp gives H the news at the end.

What did you think of this episode? Was the final story plausible?

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In this episode of CSI: Miami, someone is torturing and killing women and the CSIs won't stop until the murderer is caught.

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