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CSI: Miami Episode: "Gone Baby Gone"

Season 7, Episode 8
Episode Synopsis: A 10-month-old girl is snatched from her mother at an outdoor restaurant by a man and a woman. Soon, a $500,000 ransom is demanded, but Calleigh urges the parents not to pay it to ensure the girl is kept alive. The investigation reveals the person behind the kidnapping may be someone closer to the case than at first imagined.
Original Air Date: Nov 17, 2008
Guest Cast Alexandra Holden: Carla Hoyle Mark Humphrey: Stuart Walsh Charles Parnell: FBI Agent Jacobs Teri Polo: Jill Walsh Steven R. McQueen: Keith Walsh Bradley Snedeker: Marty Ellis
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Season 7, Episode 8
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Aired: 11/17/2008
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CSI: Miami Episode Recap: "Gone Baby Gone" Season 7, Episode 8

It's the 150th episode of CSI: Miami, and it's a race against the clock to save a kidnapped baby. Guest star Teri Polo plays the distraught mother who has a few secrets of her own tucked away.  All CSI hands are on deck to find the baby before it's too late.

On what appears to be some kind of promenade, a couple yells at a women (Teri Polo) "that's my baby - you took her!" and another man holds her back while the couple takes the baby and leaves before the man saw the women's photo album sprawled on the ground and realizes it really was her baby that he just let someone else take.  Horatio shows up on the scene to question the woman whose baby (Sophie) was taken —  Mrs. Walsh.

Calleigh and Horatio go to the family home and Calleigh asks for DNA from the wife, husband and older son.  The kidnappers call with a masked voice and ask for $500k in ransom. Calleigh tells Mrs. Walsh that if she pays the ransom, the kidnappers have no reason to keep her alive.  Eric comes in and talks to Keith, the son and asks him about a broken window out back.  He says someone threw a baseball through it. Eric prints the baseball and can't find a match.

Back at the promenade where Sophie was stolen, they discover that this section has no surveillance camera.  Wolfe and Horatio go through the trash and find the baby's overalls. Why did they change her clothes? According to Horatio it's because they plan to keep her alive although I'm not sure why.  DNA on the overalls belongs to a man named Marty Ellis.  

Horatio and Eric track Marty down, arrive with a swat team at his house, and discover him dead. Eric finds a bandana like the one described as the one the woman kidnapper was wearing. Back at the Walsh home, Calleigh finds Keith's SIM card in the family phone.  Keith wants action and stole the money from the house safe and left to pay the ransom on his motorcycle. Eric is back in the lab meanwhile and takes the baseball cover off hoping something seeped through the rawhide and they find a chemical underneath used in photo processing.  The neighbor/photographer says he threw the baseball to send a message to Keith, a "problem child."

The police track down Keith on his motorcycle. He had already intercepted the call and made the drop of $100k.  The voice on the phone said after he'd left the money he'd get a text with his sister's location but as Eric said, there was no text coming.   Natalia, H and Eric and  go to the park where the drop was made and talk to witnesses but uncover nothing until they find a pacifier, hopefully from Sophie. The DNA on the pacifier is only a 52.8% match. Uh oh.  The profile confirms that Sophie is her mom, but Stuart is not the father. Horatio brings Mrs. Walsh in and shows her a picture of the pacifier. He tells her about the DNA results and asks her about  the baby's father.  It's Brad, the neighbor/photographer! 

H and Tripp question Brad. They tell him he's the father and he claims to have not known. He swears he didn't take her. Meanwhile, Eric and Dr. Price are in the morgue extracting the bullet from Marty's body. It is fragmented.  Calleigh takes the fragments and thanks to their new fancy scanner, the fragments are pieced to together and a match is found. A casing recovered in a jewelry store heist in Bal Harbour brings them to a suspect list on which there's a women matching the description of the woman kidnapper.  Her name is Carla and they arrest her and find money in her trunk, but she says she gave the baby to a guy name Rodrigo Sanchez, who paid her to kidnap the baby. He is the maître d' that stopped Mrs. Walsh from running after the abductors. He asked the couple to kidnap the baby when he caught them scamming plastic at his restaurant. 

Rodrigo's locker contains a photo taken by the photographer neighbor/baby daddy. When he comes back in for questioning, Brad says he had a feeling that the girl might be his and that he needed hairs to prove it. After he threw the baseball through the window, he took her hairbrush and a home DNA test confirmed it. A lawyer said he had no right to the kid so he kidnapped her.  However, Rodrigo has now disappeared with the money and Sophie. 

Calleigh is looking through Rodrigo's journal and finds the word "Bruno".  A man with the last name Bruno kidnapped the Lindbergh baby.  They think it's a code for a number and they find a message that a couple is waiting for the baby — Rodrigo was going to sell her to them.  At the airport, Rodrigo is exchanging the money with the couple when H pulls up. Rodrigo jumps in his car and a chase ensues. The car Rodrigo and the baby is in rolls over a few times and comes to a halt. Rodrigo crawls out holding the money and H shoots him.  The car is in flames and enveloped in smoke and he runs in and grabs the baby and emerges through the smoke in a most dramatic fashion. 

There were a few cheesy lines in this ep, although not nearly as many as last week. Here are a few:

"Will I ever see her again?" - Mrs Walsh, asking about Sophie.
"You will." — Horatio, with emphasis

"Mr. Walsh - You're on deck." — Horatio, when the phone rings and it's the kidnappers

"We've gotta seal off this city. We've gotta find this kid!" — Horatio

 "Hang on Sophie. Hang on." — Horatio, after the car rolls over numerous times and catches fire

 "Lieutenant - how can I thank you?" — Mrs. Walsh, upon receiving Sophie back.
(In falsetto voice) "You already have." — Horatio

Any time a child is involved in the storyline, I always find the episode reaches that added level of tenseness. What did you think of this episode?

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It's the 150th episode of CSI: Miami, and it's a race against the clock to save a kidnapped baby. Guest star Teri Polo plays the distraught mother who has a few secrets of her own tucked away.  All CSI hands are on deck to find the baby before it's too late.

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