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CSI: Miami Episode: "Cheating Death"

Season 7, Episode 7
Episode Synopsis: A hotel's tanning butler is found handcuffed and stabbed in one of the property's rooms. A drugged prostitute is with him. The investigation reveals the victim may be linked to a madam (Lucy Lawless) who claims to have retired. Back at the lab, Delko and Ryan pull a prank on the new medical examiner and their joke threatens to derail the case.
Original Air Date: Nov 10, 2008
Guest Cast Shalim Ortiz: Mario Vega Charlie Bodin: Andrew Samantha Quan: Jane Bartlett Andrew Walker: Steve Howell Lucy Lawless: Audrey Yates James MacDonald: Dan Becks Wendy Glenn: Christina Dodd Vanessa Branch: Lisa Radley Jenna Gavigan: Martha
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Season 7, Episode 7
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Aired: 11/10/2008
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CSI: Miami Episode Recap: "Cheating Death" Season 7, Episode 7

On this week's episode of CSI: Miami, soccer moms emerge as prostitutes, a practical joke threatens to delay results in a case and revenge becomes a powerful motive. 

The episode opens to a couple from Kansas on their honeymoon and the next door room inhabitants are making a lot of noise.  The hotel manager breaks in to the offending room to find a couple asleep and the music on loudly. It turns out the guy in bed next to the woman is dead and very bloody!! The woman says she was drugged and didn't remember anything.  

The dead man is ID'd as Stephen Howell.  The woman in bed next to him was Christina Dodd, who tested positive for GHB, the date rape drug.  The concierge had delivered the handcuffs to the room upon the demand of the women though, so the matter is confused as to when she became drugged. In questioning, Christina talks about meeting a guy a while back who gave her $500 for sex because he thought she was a prostitute, it made her feel so alive.

Back in the lab, Dr. Price turns around to see the dead body on the cart rise up into the air, but after she screams she finds out Wolfe and Delko played a joke on her.  She's upset because they moved the body and Eric offers to help her but she's upset and asks him to run labs on what she scraped from under the victim's fingernails.  They track one set of DNA to Audrey Yates.   She's a madam and she says this guy was a" tanning butler." This explains the multiple sets of female DNA under the nails.  

Dan Becks matches a sample from the sexual assault kit taken from Christina.  Tripp and Horatio go to question him and he says that she's his wife. They leave him alone for now.

Wolfe thinks if Christina was conscious enough to order the handcuffs, she must have been dosed in the room.  Calleigh and Dr. Price recreate the position of the body in order to determine the murder weapon. The body shifted when Delko and Wolfe moved it for their prank.  The wounds get filled with silicone to make an impression in order to piece together the murder weapon. The tissues hold their shape quite often after stabbing.

Meanwhile, fingerprints were found on a vial at the murder scene. They're traced to Lisa Radley.  She says Stephen pulled out a vial when she went to the room with him at the same bar weeks earlier.  He told her the vial was Absinthe but it was really GHB.  She didn't want to report the incident because she was married.  As it turns out this Stephen had a pattern of picking up women at the same bar so perhaps one of them sought revenge and killed him.

Calleigh and Natalia go to Stephen's house to look for his stash of stolen items, hoping they will lead them to his killer. They find pictures on the wall of the women, Lisa and Christina, and they are wearing different outfits than the day they were killed. He had apparently been targeting the women.  In the lab on the fancy computer, they piece together a bunch of reflections from the photographs that give them a complete portrait of the photographer. It was Audrey, the Madame. 

"Steve was in it for the cash but I just wanted to scare them out of the business.," says Audrey 

Audrey is wearing Lisa Radley's ring and Horatio makes her give it back.  

Dr. Price takes Delko and Horatio through the process of how she determined the murder weapon and they all work together to conclude it was a rare, combination double edged and serrated single blade knife. It's military issue and Dan Becks was a military man.  He owned this particular combat knife but claims to have lost it this morning when they questioned him. But, he quickly caves and admits he knew about the cheating and tracked their credit card to the hotel and rushed over there.  He claims to have just warned Stephen and that he left the knife behind in the bedpost. The concierge was always Christina's cover to lie to her husband. She paid him $100 a pop and this guy was cleaning up between all the women for whom he was covering — all the soccer moms that is. Steve scaring off the women was ruining his business. Motive!?

He had made fake receipts for all the women and Lisa Radley had presented one of them this morning to the officers when she was questioned.  Stephen had taunted Lisa when she went to get her ring back and she grabbed the knife Dan left behind and killed him.

"He had to be stopped," she said.

There are a bunch of good cheesy one liners in this episode. Here are a few:

They're not in Kansas anymore, are they? — Horatio about the Kansas couple that wake up next door to a murder scene.

Call me anything you like. - suspect
How about killer? - Horatio

Angry enough to kill someone?  — Horatio
It's an occupational hazard. — Audrey Yates
Don't I know it? - Horatio

We found your DNA south of her border. — Tripp, as he hands him a picture.
That's a picture of my wife! — Dan Becks

When these casts dry I hope to piece together a complete picture of the murder weapon. — Dr. Price
I would call that making a good impression — Calleigh

These women were horny soccer moms, cutting into my profits. — Audrey (a madam)
Profits. So I guess that means you're out of retirement. — Horatio

And for all your Calleigh and Eric fans out there...
Find the murder weapon yet? — Eric
Did you apologize yet? — Calleigh
I happen to know that Ryan sent flowers. — Calleigh
Of course he did. — Eric
Girls love flowers. — Calleigh

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On this week's episode of CSI: Miami, soccer moms emerge as prostitutes, a practical joke threatens to delay results in a case and revenge becomes a powerful motive. 

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