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CSI: Miami Episode: "Raging Cannibal"

Season 7, Episode 4
Episode Synopsis: Two men involved in a Miami fight club that may be a training facility for killers are murdered in the Everglades. The investigation reveals the victims are linked to the Russian mob. Later, a man who is a target of extortion by the mob goes missing, and he was last seen alive at the club.
Original Air Date: Oct 13, 2008
Guest Cast Derek Mears: Jason Weller Ivan Sergei: Greg Donner Aaron Hill: Andrew Brodsky Shawn Huff: Susan Madden Christopher Redman: Michael Travers Andrew Divoff: Ivan Sarnoff Maite Schwartz: Kaylee Westmore Mark Collier: Daniel Nash Alaina Huffman: Cassandra Gray
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Season 7, Episode 4
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Aired: 10/13/2008
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CSI: Miami Episode Recap: "Raging Cannibal" Season 7, Episode 4

In this episode of CSI: Miami, we see a couple laughing their way through a marsh in the Everglades. They start making out and she says "pull it out. Let me see it." It's a large hose of course, that shows water levels and possible contamination. They then hear a noise, which the man feels may be a black panther. Then a bloody man jumps out of the woods and passes out. They call 911 and it's Horatio and team to the rescue! Tripp says the victim's name is Vince Coslov according to his ID.

Daniel Nash, the hose man, says" I've never seen anybody out here before. "

"Perfect place for a murder..." says Horatio (cue sunglasses).

Wolfe and Dr. Price (the new ME as a reminder) are examining the body. The vic has cluster wounds they conclude were inflicted by stabbing with a knife. A background check revealed the vic was an extreme fighter from Russia. Back in on the morgue table, Dr. Price and H go through his stomach contents where they find tattooed human flesh revealing he had to have taken a bite out of someone.

"Are we dealing with a cannibal?" she asks.

"I think we're dealing with the Russian mob, that's one of their tattoos," says H.

It looks like a stags head which means the victim was on a hit mission. But, we find out that Calleigh and Eric are still out in the marsh, which means someone out there will be out for them. They walk into a clearing ready to shoot, when they find more blood an then another victim, the one they feel stabbed VInce. They determine that based on the arterial spray of blood, Vince ripped out this guy's carotid artery. Eric is conveniently half Russian, so he knows a bit about Russian traditions, even those of the mob. The vic's hand is sticky, indicating he may have used adhesive to hold the knife that killed Vince. But there's no adhesive on the knife, so at this point they recognize they are looking for another killer.

Back in the lab, Eric prints the murder weapon while Natalia reveals the second vic was Andrew Brodsky. He's in Codis for a few burglaries. Prints on the knife are run through Aphis and and it's a match to Greg Donner who works at Diver Tech Supply. Horatio heads down to question Greg - it's Ivan Sergei from Jack and Jill! (Anyone remember that show from back in the early days of the WB?) He says he sold it to a "smokin" girl. Eric and H head over to this girl's work establishment to question her. Her name is Cassandra Grey and she confesses to stabbing Vince Coslov, which they don't believe given his size that she could have done without help.

Down at the station we see Cassandra's lacerated hands and her cell phone with many calls to and from Andrew Brodsky who she says is her boyfriend. They tell her he's dead and that she couldn't have been there or done it without help. They swab her hands and Calleigh and a lab technician examine a piece of glass taken from the hand. It's tempered window glass with dark spots, maybe tar from asphalt from a city street. They conclude it means she was running from someone and confessed to the killing so she'd be in custody and safe from the Russian mob!

They hop in the hummer and head to a fight club where we see a couple of guys duke it out for a while. Wolfe shows his badge and they tell him it's worthless in there. Ivan Sarnoff is the owner of the club and says the men are protected under their league. They tell Mr. Sarnov about the dead men and he says he doesn't know them. They then find a template for the tattoo found on Andrew's neck. Wolfe lifts the fighting mat and reveals dry blood, which Sarnov says is "an occupational hazard." It's a continuous pool of blood, which Wolfe says it means came from one person.

"You are training killers here aren't you?" asks H. Did I miss something from point A to point B?

"I think you have wasted enough of my time," says Sarnov.

Wolfe swabs the blood and Natalia tells him that she's running it through Codis after it didn't match either of the vics. Nathan Madden is the blood match. He was reported missing two days ago by his wife who conveniently provided a reference sample to them for Codis. Horatio and Eric head down to question Susan Madden on her yacht (I love Miami!) and they ask why Nathan might be at the fight club. She said a man came to see him a couple of days ago - someone named Weller. Weller had made a wager in reference to their home. She tells them she can't say anymore.

Calleigh is in the lab on the wacky computer with the hands screens. Natalia said the police knew nothing about neither Weller or Madden. They uncover an extortion ring having to do with the slips in the marina and it turns out Madden was the last holdout and wouldn't sell to the Russians. Wolfe and Eric head down to the slip to examine a boat and end up looking at some hidden prints on a carpet that are revealed through reflective dust particles. Wolfe prints it and they run it through a database back in the lab. The brand of the shoe is Surf Glide and the known dealers are many, but the one that rings a bell is Diver Tech Supply. Back at the shop, Greg reveals that it was all a part of business and Andrew couldn't follow orders so he killed VInce while Vince killed Andrew at the same time.

"He was becoming a liability." - Donner.

"In other words - you're russian Mob?" - Horatio.

"Does Donner sound russian to you?" - Donner.

"You changed your name." - Calleigh.

He admits to it and they ask him where Nathan Madden is after not agreeing to sell his boat slip. Turns out they beat the life out of him and Greg stole the keys to the boat. Cassandra saw what happened and he figured they could flush her out for them as she was a loose end that needed tying up.

They go back to Cassandra and confront her about her false confession. H asks her to confide in him about what happened. She and Andrew were outside of his gym. She didn't see the guy carrying the body but she thinks Andrew knew him and wasn't surprised by what he saw. Andrew pulled her away when the man saw them and pulled a gun to kill her because of what she saw. Some boyfriend! But, ultimately he let her go and fires the gun into the distance.

"Get as far away as you can. I'm dead if they see you" said Andrew.

Horatio says some US Marshalls have arrived and will help her into witness protection

"These Russians - Andrew said they never give up," said Cassandra.

"Neither do I," replies Horatio.

Cut to the Russian Fight Club where Cassandra says she saw the body dumped. Calleigh and Eric run down the garbage truck where they think the body may be. Sure enough its in there, all mangled and bloody amongst the trash.

Eric tells Dr. Price that Calleigh went to the marina to notify his wife. He asks for permission to dust the body for prints in a fuming chamber. But, Eric begins dusting right there in the hot afternoon sun in the parking lot and dramatic fight scenes from the killing are interspersed with the printing. He finds a print and traces it back in the lab to the creepy Ivan Sarnoff. Ivan says he tried to help Nathan when he fell and that help was on the way.

"You helped him into a dumpster after you beat him to death. And Cassandra saw you," says Horatio.

H asks Ivan if he didn't kill Nathan, who did? He says it was Jason Weller and that whether they like it or not, his testimony will exonerate him.

Weller goes to prison, Mrs. Madden thanks Horatio and all is apparently well. But it's not over yet, of course.

Ivan asks Horatio "What is it you are after?"

(Sunglasses on) "I'm after you Ivan and I'm gonna get you," says H.

I like this story tonight because I think it returned the show to its roots in some senses. Crime families, attacks in the everglades and fake confessions are what this show was built on. What did you think of tonight's episode?

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In this episode of CSI: Miami, we go back to the familiar with victims in the everglades, crime families ruling Miami and Horatio vowing to take them down. It's a somewhat complex cast of characters involved in the case tonight and so pay close attention as I recount the details. read more

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