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CSI: Miami Episode: "The Deluca Motel"

Season 7, Episode 10
Episode Synopsis: Horatio investigates the shooting death of a college student found blindfolded and floating in the swimming pool of the dive motel where Delko is staying. Delko is wounded in the attack when a bullet blasts through his room window. The probe raises questions about why he is living at the motel and reveals the real target may have been him.
Original Air Date: Dec 8, 2008
Guest Cast Anthony Nacarato: Bartender Katie Gill: Sheila Corin Nemec: Carl Reston Isabella Hofmann: Dorothy Frost J.R. May: Seth Copeland Jordi Vilasuso: Enrico Moldano Kayla Mae Maloney: Linda Bowen Nicki Aycox: Molly Reston Matt Funke: Neil Scofield Adriana Barraza: Carmen Delko
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Season 7, Episode 10
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Aired: 12/8/2008
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CSI: Miami Episode Recap: "The DeLuca Motel" Season 7, Episode 10

In this episode of CSI: Miami we find out more about Eric's past, setting up a storyline about the plot to kill him and what that means for his future.

The scene is the Deluca Motel, somewhere in Miami, where we find out that Delko is staying at this seedy joint. A couple is fighting out by the pool and gunshots ring out. Eric is grazed by a bullet through the window of his hotel room and a man is floating dead in the pool.

Horatio asks Eric why he's living in this seedy place and he says it's because he's living on the cheap while he remodels his condo, but we know immediately that there must be more to the story. Tripp and Calleigh are trying to process the crime scene, but there are so many germs, prints, etc. in the hotel room that the scene may be compromised.

The M.E. shows H several torture marks on the body and suggests someone had an S&M appointment at the hotel. But, then she also finds a metal piece with a fraternity insignia stuck to the victim's chest and they think it might have been a hazing incident. They question a kid named Neil from the fraternity who said he was in the midst of hazing this guy when the shots rang out, but then he fled.

Wolfe collected bullet fragments from Delko's room while Delko and Calleigh go to the hotel room to determine the path of the bullet with the frat boys. They question Carl and Molly Reston, the couple who Delko saw dropping a beer bottle on the pool deck and fighting. They claim they were there on vacation and just having an argument.

Wolfe confronts H about the inconsistencies with Delko's story of why he's staying in the hotel and what he's been up to. H says he'll investigate. He goes to Little Havana to confront a man named Enrico who Eric paid $1k to find something out. Eric wanted some legal docs from Cuba but he wouldn't reveal what kind of legal documents they were.

Calleigh is back with Tripp in the hotel room questioning whether the Reston's were really on vacation. They explore a vent in their hotel room which takes them to another room where there is a body in the tub, sitting in ice. It's the boyfriend of the pregnant woman who Delko had an earlier encounter with at the ice machine. His name is Joel and she says he died when he collapsed after looking in the vent and seeing something exciting, but because the vent was blocked it did something to Joel's lungs. She wasn't married to him but needed his disability checks to support their unborn baby which is why she was keeping his body on ice in the bathtub.

Wolfe finds evidence that there was a second shooter gunning directly for Eric. At this point Eric reveals he's been staying at the motel because he thought his place may be under surveillance. Only Enrico knew he was staying there and (surprise, surprise) Enrico turns up dead. Enrico had his birth certificate because Eric had started looking into his family, which apparently started stirring up trouble. Wolfe finds a gun they were looking for under the dumpster. Prints on the gun belonged to Mr. Reston. It's the gun that killed the frat boy and Enrico. Carl Reston says that when he and Molly fought, she swatted at the gun and it went off and shot the kid by accident. He's says he threw it over the back of the building where someone must have picked it up. His story panned out and they recorded the tire tracks near the gun location. 

Calleigh questions the pregnant lady staying at the hotel and has her lead her to the place where her boyfriend died. Calleigh finds a bag of money that belonged to the Reston's in the ice machine. Delko's mom shows up and he asks her about his birth. She says he was born in Key Largo and he shows her the birth certificate from Cuba with a different biological father (Alexander Sharova) than he grew up knowing. It was the boss at her mother's factory. She says it was a mistake and that he was a bad man.

Calleigh questions Mrs. Reston who gives up the bag with $26k in it so she isn't charged for drug trafficking. Calleigh gives the money to the pregnant woman instead because her boyfriend reported the money so it's rightfully his according to Florida law.

Natalia locates the owner of the ATV type vehicle from the tracks by the gun.  It belongs to Kate Hawkes who was in the Little Havana bar when Horatio went there to meet with Enrico. Horatio ask her if the job she was contracted for was done by Alexander Sharova, Delko's real father. Horatio tells Eric this guy is not going away and this is just the beginning, clearly setting this up as a longer standing plot line.

What did you think of this episode? Do you think Eric's in for a long and stormy ride? Will Eric confronting his past do anything to further along the possibility of a relationship with Calleigh?

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In this episode of CSI: Miami we find out more about Eric's past, setting up a storyline about the plot to kill him and what it means for his future. read more

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