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CSI: Miami Episode: "Resurrection"

Season 7, Episode 1
Episode Synopsis: The seventh season begins with the team searching for the person who shot Horatio while he was standing on an airport tarmac. Several suspects quickly emerge, and one of them is a member of H's own group. The investigation propels the team to track down and recover cases of fused-alloy bullets, capable of piercing armored vehicles, that are flooding the streets.
Original Air Date: Sep 22, 2008
Guest Cast Alex Solowitz: Todd Keener Jose Zuniga: Juan Ortega Kurt Long: Thomas Wellner Saul Huezo: Miguel Diaz David Keith: Evan Caldwell Kim Coates: Ron Saris Christopher Goodman: Armored Car Driver
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Season 7, Episode 1
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Aired: 9/22/2008
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CSI: Miami Episode Recap: "Resurrection" Season 7, Episode 1

This week on CSI: Miami, we learned about Horatio's fate, Wolfe's involvement in the plot to kill him and the event teased earlier by TVGuide.com's Matt Mitovich that set the stage for a possible Eric — Calleigh romance fans have been looking forward to for some time.Last season's cliffhanger left us wondering whether the show's main character would live to adjust his sunglasses one more time see another day. Ron Saris, the new husband of Horatio's ex, Julia (Elizabeth Berkeley), is suspected of trafficking special fused alloy bullets that killed the new Medical Examiner on her first day on the job. Horatio, determined to take down Saris for the sake of his family, asked Julia to bring their son Kyle and meet him at the Miami Shores airstrip, where he was gunned down in broad daylight on the tarmac. In a scene that epitomizes the Miami Vice-like cheesiness that has characterized CSI: Miami from day one, the camera panned through a bullet-ridden lens of Horatio's sunglasses. Then we saw Wolfe look down at his iPhone screen, which read, "It's done."As has been spoiled in the promos, CSI: Miami's seventh season opens with Wolfe zipping a body bag on the tarmac and loading it into the ME's van. We learn Horatio is dead from Wolfe, who screams to an incredulous Eric and Calleigh, "I got here too late...Horatio's gone. He's dead...I didn't want him lying here in his own blood on the evening news, so I released the body!" And we're off, the main character on the way to the morgue. Before I go into details, here are the things that struck me throughout the course of the episode: Was it just me, or did you miss the anticipation of Horatio's generally ridiculous opening line, given that he was "dead"? The CSI: Miami producers volley each week between Eric and Calleigh's more-than-friendly feelings and outright coldness. Those rooting for them to get together for some time get thrown a bone maybe every third episode, but I think they'll lose interest soon if more doesn't happen. Those crime lab computers with the see-through hand-operated screens just get crazier and crazier. I have always wondered if they exist outside of TV. Lo and behold, Eva Larue (Natalia) addressed this question last week in an interview with Matt Mitovich. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! The use of the sunglasses has gone beyond the point of laugh-out-loud absurdity — now it's just sad. Now for the more detailed recap: Eric's response to Wolfe at the crime scene was the first of many overly aggressive and overacted scenes. After Eric's freak out #2 with the M.E., you get the immediate sense he doesn't buy Wolfe's story about arriving so quickly because he was running a nearby errand. Blood from the "crime scene" pinpoints Brett Hanson, a criminal killed in jail the previous day. Whoever killed Horatio had to have walked through Hanson's blood first, so they bring in for questioning the only person released from jail that day, a man named Diaz. He happens to be a known associate of Ortega — the manufacturer of the "special" bullets. Diaz claims he was at the airstrip catching a flight, saw Horatio go down and took a picture to get credit for the hit, and this leads to Eric's freak out #3. You get the picture.Eric and Calleigh are back at the airstrip, examining the shooter's vantage point, and Calleigh finds a bandage and proclaims, "I think I know who shot Horatio!" Clearly the mystery won't be resolved too soon. The bandage belongs to Federal Agent Caldwell, who was helping "H" to track the fused alloys. As it turns out, he's also the same agent to whom Horatio's body was released. Caldwell refuses to talk.Eric examines Diaz's phone to see who he texted with the words, "It's done." Surprise surprise — Wolfe's phone rings. Eric goes into a rage again, practically attacking Wolfe. Wolfe tells him to relax because this is not how it looks. "I was following orders" he says. "Orders from who?" demands Eric. At the 14:19 mark we finally learn the inevitable: "Horatio is alive" says Wolfe. Wolfe explains that Ortega and Saris wanted "H" dead and the only way for him to live was to stage his own execution.There's then an exchange where Horatio hands Julia a key to a safe place and asks her for a few more hours to work things out. It's somewhat unclear to me what this means, but quickly they go to a scene where "H" is standing on a dirt road, signature sunglasses back on. A black car pulls out. A man named Miguel walks out with a suitcase and hands "H" 10 million dollars because "H" had saved his life and wonders why he can't ask the police department for it. "My — situation — is complicated" claims the always overly dramatic Horatio. While a still-brooding Eric questions Ortega with Caldwell in tow, we see Horatio greeting the long lost Yelina — I can't even remember where's she's been at this point and quite frankly her role in this episode is somewhat bizarre and unbelievable. "H" asks to use her as bait to buy bullets with the $10 million and tells her to be careful. Sure – send your sister-in-law/one-time love prospect right into the line of fire.There's a scene with lots of gunfire surrounding an armored van full of cash where Eric needs to rescue a woman from a burning car and shots are fired all around them. The woman is saved, but Ortega escapes. The "special" bullets again play a role, as the shooters needed to pierce the van's window to get the keys to access the cash.Horatio and Eric finally have a scene together in which Eric whines wonders why "H" picked Wolfe to help him. "Eric — you were the obvious choice and there was a chance this was going to fail — I didn't want that for you. It still may." Too much drama — what's up with this bro-mance? Yelina meets with Ron Saris to try to get the bullets, who briefly threatens her and then readily agrees to sell her the bullets once he can get them all back. Does anyone think Yelina is believable when she says, "I represent a consortium of global military interests and am authorized to pay you any price"? Bizarre! Pan to gratuitous sunglass scene. Not funny, sad.Finding the shooters from the gunfire scene requires another crazy computer scene where Eric tries to determine who overrode the traffic light to keep the armored van at the red light for the shooters — remember that the special bullets go through everything, including bullet-proofed windows. The emitter is registered to, yes, ATF agent Jake Berkeley. Jake and Calleigh have a touching exchange, although I always root for Eric despite his weird behavior as of late. They say their permanent goodbyes, thus setting the stage for a possible Eric — Calleigh hookup.Ron Saris buys back bullets from the Cyrpt Kings' leader, who points out that it takes "stones to do this deal in broad daylight." Saris counters, "with Caine dead, are you kidding me? It's like the Wild Wild West — we're all gonna get rich — c'mon c'mon!!" Um, sure.Eric uses Diaz's cell phone to track down Ortega at the Miami airstrip, where Ortega pins Saris before he is taken back into custody. In the last scene, Julia and Ron are kissing by a boat. "Horatio was so stupid to think that I would ever leave you" says Julia. "Forget him - forget that name - he's dead to us," says Ron. "What's in that box? asks Julia. "Fused alloy bullets", says Ron. "What more could a women want?" "A divorce," says Julia. Booyah!There's a gunfire exchange between "H" and Saris, and the gas tank is hit as Saris runs back onto the boat, which immediately goes up in what can only be described as a raging ball of fire. It's another Miami Vice moment for sure. Saris' body never turns up, and you know what no body means. Horatio: "We've gotta keep looking, Eric." "This never ends. does it?" asks Eric. "And it never will," says Horatio.Missed it on TV? Watch CSI:Miami's season premiere in our Online Video Guide. What do you think about tonight's episode? Do you find Eric's insecurities endearing or just plain annoying? Was Horatio's fake death unique or cliched? Since this is a new recap here on TVGuide.com, please let me know what you'd like me to focus on in the weeks to come. show less
This week on CSI: Miami, we learned about Horatio's fate, Wolfe's involvement in the plot to kill him and the event teased earlier by TVGuide.com's Matt Mitovich that set the stage for a possible Eric — Calleigh romance fans have been looking forward to for some time. read more

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