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Mon May 2 6:00am
73 Seconds(Season 12, Episode 1) USA-E

The 12th season begins with the lab getting a new supervisor (Ted Danson), who helps the CSIs investigate multiple shootings and stabbings on a public tram.

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Mon May 2 7:00am
Tell-Tale Hearts(Season 12, Episode 2) USA-E

Three suspects each confess to murdering a family and the CSIs must determine which one is telling the truth.

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Mon May 2 12:00pm
Trends With BenefitsNew(Season 12, Episode 17) ESQTV

A college student is murdered, and her death photo ends up trending on the Internet. The CSIs investigate and turn to social media to help solve the case.

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Mon May 2 1:00pm
Malice in WonderlandNew(Season 12, Episode 18) ESQTV

A murder and a robbery at an "Alice in Wonderland"-themed wedding are investigated. Meanwhile, Hodges wants his mother to believe that Morgan is his girlfriend.

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Mon May 2 2:00pm
Split DecisionsNew(Season 12, Episode 19) ESQTV

A man is gunned down in a casino at point-blank range, and the CSIs shut down the building to find the killer.

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Mon May 2 3:00pm
Altered StakesNew(Season 12, Episode 20) ESQTV

A man Nick helped put in prison gets his conviction overturned and will be released, unless the CSIs can uncover evidence to prove he is guilty.

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Mon May 2 4:00pm
Dune and GloomNew(Season 12, Episode 21) ESQTV

A bomb kills the driver of an off-road race truck during a competition.

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Mon May 2 5:00pm
HomecomingNew(Season 12, Episode 22) ESQTV

The 12th season concludes with the CSIs investigating the murders of three people whose bodies are found a few blocks away from the site of a campaign dinner.

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Mon May 2 6:00pm
Karma to BurnNew(Season 13, Episode 1) ESQTV

The 13th season begins with Russell searching for his kidnapped granddaughter.

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Mon May 2 7:00pm
Code Blue Plate SpecialNew(Season 13, Episode 2) ESQTV

The CSIs investigate eight deaths at their favorite diner.

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Tue May 3 12:07am
Bittersweet(Season 12, Episode 3) USA-E

Nick visits an art exhibit on a date and realizes that one work of art contains decomposing body parts.

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Tue May 3 1:04am
Maid Man(Season 12, Episode 4) USA-E

A former mayor of Las Vegas is shot at the Mob Museum and the CSIs embark on a Vegas history lesson to find clues to the crime.

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Tue May 3 2:02am
Freaks & Geeks(Season 12, Episode 6) USA-E

The CSIs investigate when a woman's body is discovered near a freakish attraction at a 19th century-inspired traveling sideshow.

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Tue May 3 6:00am
CSI Down(Season 12, Episode 5) USA-E

The CSIs search for a hijacked medevac helicopter that's carrying Brody as a passenger.

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Tue May 3 7:00am
Brain Doe(Season 12, Episode 7) USA-E

A disembodied brain is found at the site of a car crash, but it doesn't belong to any of the victims. Meanwhile, Russell is concerned that his son isn't focused on college following a suspension from school.

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Tue May 3 8:00am
Crime After Crime(Season 12, Episode 8) USA-E

The CSIs investigate three seemingly unrelated homicides and discover that someone is exacting revenge for cold-case murders that were never solved.

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Thu May 5 3:00am
Still Life(Season 6, Episode 10) Syfy

Grissom and his team investigate when a 6-year-old boy is reportedly kidnapped from a park where he was playing. The child's mother claims her son was on a swing set shortly before he disappeared. The investigation reveals that the mother is a widow and th (more…)

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Thu May 5 4:00am
Werewolves(Season 6, Episode 11) Syfy

A man suffering from human werewolf syndrome, a condition that causes excessive hair growth, is found shot to death in his home with a silver bullet in his chest. The police are alerted to the crime by a mysterious call from a phone booth. The investigatio (more…)

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Fri May 6 12:00pm
Wild FlowersNew(Season 13, Episode 3) ESQTV

A 14-year-old girl is shot and killed at a large rave in the desert.

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Fri May 6 1:00pm
It Was a Very Good YearNew(Season 13, Episode 4) ESQTV

A famous music historian is murdered and her body is left in a piano. The death hits Sanders hard because he shared a past with the victim.

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Fri May 6 2:00pm
Play DeadNew(Season 13, Episode 5) ESQTV

A police dog is blamed for a cop's death, but the CSIs discover there is more to the case. Meanwhile, Finlay and Morgan investigate the murder of a high-profile divorce lawyer.

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Fri May 6 3:00pm
Pick and RollNew(Season 13, Episode 6) ESQTV

Russell's son becomes a murder suspect when his college basketball coach is killed.

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Fri May 6 4:00pm
Fallen AngelsNew(Season 13, Episode 7) ESQTV

A reverend is killed at the grave site of former CSI Warrick Brown.

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Fri May 6 5:00pm
CSI on FireNew(Season 13, Episode 8) ESQTV

Five bodies are found in what appears to be a meteor site in the desert. The investigation leads Finlay to revisit her past when she recognizes one of the victims.

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