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How much do you think ...

Question: How much do you think networks value summer ratings? If they are regularly monitored, then shouldn't ABC be a bit concerned that CSI is topping Grey's Anatomy reruns on a routine basis Thursday nights? Answer: I wouldn't lose sleep over this one. Yes, the networks monitor summer ratings, but what the numbers tend to reinforce is that nonserialized procedural crime dramas like CSI generally repeat better in the off-season than soapy dramas like Grey's (and especially Lost and Desperate Housewives). I'll tell you for a fact that I don't pay much attention to summer ratings or repeat schedules, which is why I rarely address questions about how networks are inconsistently repeating certain shows. As for the CSI-Grey's face-off in September: While CBS postured at press tour that they considered their megahit franchise an "underdog," I don't think anyone truly expects Grey's to beat CSI in total ratings numbers. (It may challenge CSI in certain young-adult and female demographics.) ... read more

I wholeheartedly agree with ...

Question: I wholeheartedly agree with your responses to the Grissom-Sara pairing on CSI, especially your comment on 7/24, when you said it would be a part of the texture of the show from now on. It adds another dimension to reruns, as well. The finale's reveal has tweaked the past episodes, like discovering a color you never knew existed and suddenly seeing it everywhere you look. I think it was a great twist to add it so casually, as if the audience had been in on it all along. It dropped my jaw, even though I was totally expecting a hookup, and now it makes me want to watch more. Thanks for your intelligent discourse on all things TV. It's refreshing! Answer: Thanks. (Although people tend to find it less "refreshing" when we disagree. Ah, well.) My point all along has been that as long as elements like this don't take over the show, I'm OK with it ... read more

Thank you for your reasoned ...

Question: Thank you for your reasoned explanation of the reaction to Grissom-Sara in CSI's season finale. I thought it was very honest, as if it was an ordinary moment between two people together for a while. If this is how it's handled next season, there should be no worries for even the most anti-personal-life critics! My question to you is about NCIS: How do you think it's going to play out with the character of Gibbs having to "unretire"? And when will the Emmy voters finally figure out what a great show this is? Answer: Agreed about CSI. That story line is not going to take over the show, but it will be part of the texture of the show going forward. As for NCIS, even if I knew how Gibbs would return to the fold, I wouldn't tell you, so I won't speculate except to say that only the most naive viewer could believe that Gibbs won't be back working with the team before long. As for Emmy recognition: dream on. CBS shows are mainstream hits, not critical or Emmy darlings. NCIS is wa ... read more

Press Tour Diary: ABC Day 1

Today's big news: I woke up to find a zit the size of a Vespa parked on my face. Good times....EXECUTIVE SESSION9:04 am: ABC Entertainment president Stephen McPherson is wearing blue jeans that scream "rock-star network executive!"9:06 am: McPherson announces that he's going to pressure the TV Academy to let us, the nation's top TV critics, decide next year's Emmy nominees. Hey, that was my idea! (And not to split hairs, but it's only supposed to be Matt Roush and me.)9:08 am: McPherson admits if he had to do Commander in Chief over again, he wouldn't have impeached Rod Lurie and replaced him with Steven Bochco. "We would probably bring it on later in the season and let Rod prep for it a lot longer than he had a chance to. He was the voice of that show." 9:08 am: I ask McPherson what he's doing behind the scenes at Desperate Housewives to address last season's "creative collapse." Although he disagrees with the "creative collapse" part — I was going to say implosion — he c... read more

Press Tour Diary: CBS, Day 2

CBS is taking it easy on us today, scheduling just four sessions, including the eagerly awaited Katie Couric panel and a Q&A with the cast of CSI (sans William Petersen). We're also having lunch with Rachael Ray, and my Aunt Joan will flay me if I don't hit her up for VIP. tickets to her new talk show. I cannot go back home to New York without those tickets. BREAKFAST9:10 am: Omelet stations! Egg-cellent! CBS NEWS Q&A WITH KATIE COURIC9:40 am: America's sweetheart is 10 minutes late. Maybe she's having last-minute wardrobe issues. Wow, could I be any more sexist? 9:45 am: America's sweetheart is 15 minutes late. Maybe she's on the phone renewing her restraining order against Ann Curry. 9:46 am: Katie's finally in the house — and she's eschewed her signature short skirt for a simple tan pantsuit that screams "serious newswoman!" A CBS publicist blames her tardiness on one of the omelet stations setting "off the fire alarm." Hmmm... I didn't hear a fire alarm. 9:47 am: ... read more

I find the 9 pm/ET time slot ...

Grey's Anatomy

Question: I find the 9 pm/ET time slot on Thursdays this fall very interesting. The race for winner is between Grey's Anatomy and CSI, but I really don't know who's going to come up on top. Nor do I care that much. What I find interesting is the effect these two shows will have on the others in the time slot. Deal or No Deal has a loyal audience that tunes in two to three times a week to watch a boring show — but hey, it pulls in the ratings and the right demos. What do you think Deal's effect will be on Grey's and CSI? Will both Grey's and CSI succeed, albeit with lower ratings, or will they cannibalize each other? If so, would that leave a greater chance for Supernatural and The O.C.? I think the loser for the time slot will probably be one of the two latter shows. What's your opinion? Answer: This is the killer hour of the entire week, that's for sure. ABC moving Grey's Anatomy to this critically pivotal and financially lucrative night is one of the potential game-changers of the ... read more

Press Tour Diary: CBS Day 1

Fresh Diet Raspberry Snapple? Check. Fully charged Dell laptop? Check. Leftover Vicodin from last year's root-canal crisis, just in case? Check. OK, let's do this, people. EXECUTIVE SESSION 9:08 am: I spy Eye president Nina Tassler embracing a reporter prior to walking on stage. Is that ethical? Oh, wait, this is coming from someone who reserves judgment on a show until after the tie-in swag is delivered.9:14 am: Stop the presses! In her opening remarks, Tassler drops a bombshell: "It's [been] a "really great year at CBS for us!" 9:22 am: With no major controversies swirling around CBS, the initial questions lobbed at Tessler are decidedly tame. Where's a good Big Brother scandal when you need one? Speaking of which, did anyone watch the live video feed last night? Maybe someone got stabbed, and we don't know it! (Hey, a guy can dream.)9:29 am: Things may be picking up. Citing the demise of Fox's Reunion as an example, a reporter asks Tassler if she's worried that viewers might thi... read more

Regarding the CSI finale: ...

Question: Regarding the CSI finale: Perhaps the reason that this issue won't die is that it is the move that killed the No. 1 show. The Grissom-Sara supporters may be a vocal bunch, but that does not mean that they represent the majority. I hope you are savvy enough to realize that. Answer: I'll believe the No. 1 show is dead when, like the CSIs themselves, I see the actual evidence. And I'm savvy enough to know that my mail has been pretty evenly divided (which is why I've aired both sides' reactions at length). But nearly every letter reads like this, assuming that those who feel a certain way are in the right and thus must be in the majority. (What is this, politics?) From where I sit, it looks like that final scene split the fans pretty much in the middle, and both sides are pretty loud and vocal about it. I'd be perfectly content if they all just left me alone until we see how it plays out in the new season. My opinion stands that CSI isn't a soap opera and is treated like one a ... read more

Perhaps your mailbag is full ...

Question: Perhaps your mailbag is full of naysayers' responses to CSI's finale because those of us who love the Grissom and Sara relationship have no need or reason to complain. Please don't use that as a radar to detect how the general public feels. I've found more closet Grissom-Sara fans among my closest friends after the finale than I thought was possible. You should know that people who are unhappy generally create the most noise. But I thought I'd just send in a little "Yay!" to help balance out your mailbag. Answer: Ah, the issue that refuses to die. I'm happy to note that I got a bunch of corrective responses like this from those who liked how the season ended. But I'm siding most closely with Brenda, who wrote in with this observation: "Do you think it occurs to any of these people bitching and moaning about the ending of CSI that maybe, just maybe, we won't see any romance between Grissom and Sara? Maybe it will be a little secret shared between the audience and those two ... read more

Hey, Matt! I love your column ...

Jorja Fox and William Petersen, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Question: Hey, Matt! I love your column and just wanted to say, as a sci-fi fan, I appreciate all the attention you give to those great yet underappreciated shows. Now to my question. What are your thoughts on TV's growing trend of hooking up every character on a show with each other? I'll use CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as an example because of the fuss the season finale created. The show was great because it focused on the stories and not the characters. Now Grissom and Sara hook up, and it looks like Catherine and Warwick are on their way next season. What's next? Will Greg and Nick suddenly come out of the closet? Samantha on Without a Trace has slept with two guys from her office (one of whom was her boss) and everybody has slept with everybody on Grey's Anatomy. I know we like a little romance in our shows, but enough is enough. It is possible to have a relationship with someone outside the office? Answer: Call it the NYPD Blue syndrome. (On that show, any time a new character ... read more

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Premise: Las Vegas criminologists use scientific methods to solve grisly murders in this unusually graphic (and hugely popular) drama, which inspired a host of other cop-show 'procedurals.' An immediate ratings smash for CBS, the series adroitly mixes painstaking deduction, gritty subject matter and intriguing characters.a The network quickly capitalized on its megahit with spin-offs 'CSI: Miami' and 'CSI: NY.'



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