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Comings & Goings: Mad Men, Viva Laughlin

Jon Hamm in Mad Men courtesy AMC

You could get vertigo tonight, scaling the heights of the finale of Mad Men on AMC, and then plumbing the depths of the tone-deaf misfire that is Viva Laughlin, premiering on CBS in the plum slot after CSI before moving to Sundays. There, only those with the most morbid curiosity to watch a show’s slow yet hopefully quick death are likely to follow (unless every critic I know is totally off the mark).First, a salute to the best and most fascinating new show to arrive on TV this year (and I’m even including my quirky new treasure Pushing Daisies in that equation). Mad Men, so hypnotic in its look and style as it recreates a classic movie-worthy image of 1960 Manhattan, is a period piece that says volumes about today, or about any era in which salary and status is tied to self-worth and where people construct a false reality to sell themselves on the American dream.Don Draper (instant star Jon Hamm) would seem to have it all. Besides the movie-star looks, he enjoys upward mo... read more

Exclusive: CSI Boss Vows Jorja Fox is "Coming Back"

Jorja Fox by Michael Caulfield/WireImage.com

Now that Jorja Fox has officially confirmed the worst kept secret in the TV biz — she's ditching CSI next month after seven years in the forensics lab — we can start to focus on more important things in life. Like, you know, her return to the show! In her only interview, CSI's top gun, Carol Mendelsohn, weighs in on the circumstances surrounding Fox's exit, responds to published reports that she considered killing her off, previews tonight's big marriage proposal, and utters the words grieving fans have been dying to hear: Sara Sidle will be back. Are you bummed that something couldn't be worked out to keep Jorja around?Carol Mendelsohn: I am very bummed. You know, it's been something we've been facing for a while now [so] I've given it a lot of thought. When Jorja expressed her desire to move on — even though I would have loved nothing more than to have had her here for Season 8 and Season 9 and on — you [react] as you would in any family: You love the person an... read more

Preview: Grissom Pops the Question

"Maybe we should get married," Grissom says to Sara in this week's pivotal episode. What will be her response? (Since Jorja Fox is leaving the show, I'm guessing her answer is no. But that's just me.) As for the main story, a young man is found strangled to death by hanging. While that may not sound all that unusual, the catch is — wait for it — that the man's body looks like it’s that of a female. — Tim Holland read more

In the News: Why Jorja Is Leaving CSI

Explaining that there are many things, both personal and professional, that she wants to do — "and I really need to do some of them before I get too old" — Jorja Fox confirms the biz's worst-kept secret, that her days as a CSI are ending, partly because the hit procedural isn't . "If I thought the show were on its last legs, I would've tried harder to stay the course,"...read more read more

Jorja Fox: CSI Is a Keeper, So I'm a Goner

Jorja Fox by Andrew MacPherson/CBS

Explaining that there are many things, both personal and professional, that she wants to do — "and I really need to do some of them before I get too old" — Jorja Fox confirms the biz's worst-kept secret, that her days as a CSI are ending, partly because the hit procedural isn't. "If I thought the show were on its last legs, I would've tried harder to stay the course," she tells Entertainment Weekly. "But I feel like it's going to be around for a while." As such, she says, "I have to get off the ride." With Fox's send-off slated for sometime during November sweeps, might Sara-Grissom fans receive proper closure? "I don't think you're going to get that," Fox recently told the Ausiello Report. "This might sound vain, but the story of Sara and Grissom is a little like a fable, and most great fables don't really have 100 percent resolution." read more

The Secret Life of Bees

Episode Recap: “Go to Hell”It’s hot as hell in Vegas. The temperature is 109 degrees and rising — but don’t worry. People don’t start getting crazy until it’s 110.Maybe that thermometer’s a little off.Distorted, grotesque people are staggering around in the blistering heat while Harold Perrineau—yes, that’s Papa Michael from ABC’s Lost—is preaching about Hell and damnation. Hell, in case you were wondering, isn’t a possible afterlife. It’s a night of terrible storms in which my cable keeps going out while I’m trying to watch CSI! OK, fine, it’s actually right here in Vegas. Meanwhile, there are a million bees flying around. Keep an eye on the bees. They’re a sign of the coming apocalypse.On their way to a crime scene, the CSIs stumble across one of the previously mentioned distorted, grotesque people (I’m so mean, I know) lying dead in a pile of trash. There’s a dead bee lying near him.Cat... read more

Preview: Hell on Earth

“Go to Hell.” Hey, don't take that personally; it's just the title of CSI's next devilish episode, in which an entire family is murdered — except for a daughter. But as it turns out, she might be the most unfortunate one of all. Why? It appears that she may be possessed by demons and in need of an exorcism (spooky!) — or at the very least, an intervention from Grissom (even spookier!). — Tim Holland read more

Please tell me that CSI isn't ...

Question: Please tell me that CSI isn't hinting at a relationship starting up between Warrick and Catherine. Ewww!

Answer: I don't think Warrick is going to be relationship material for quite some time. I'm hearing he's headed for quite the dramatic post-divorce spiral. We're talking drugs, alcohol, stripper sex — you know, the Big Three.

read more

I enjoy your writing very ...

Question: I enjoy your writing very much and very often completely agree with you. But after reading your recent Dispatch on Wednesday-night shows, I felt compelled to write and say I disagree with you on Dirty Sexy Money and Life. I know Money is supposed to be a hoot of a soap, but I found it pretty insufferable. Who wants to spend time with these people? Even for all that money, why would Peter Krause's character (who's constantly praised by the others as being such a "good" person) put up with them for one more day? And I'm hardly drawn to even sample cop shows anymore (don't get me started on the CBS procedurals), but I found Life to be a very nice surprise. Funny and tense, with some moving moments, (Spoiler alert) like Crews helping his recovering partner when she's freaked out by unexpectedly encountering drugs and acknowledging that by shooting a suspect, he's shot and killed another human being. I do think Damian Lewis' performance isn't exactly "beyond reproach" — sometimes ... read more

CSIs A Go-Go

Episode Recap: "A La Cart" Sara is striding through the office, cleaned up but bruised and bandaged, with her arm in a sling. Everyone is giving her strange looks as she walks toward Conrad Eckles’ office. Eckles is trying to reach Grissom — he’s leaving what is apparently his third message — but Sara claims she doesn’t know where he is, either. And I have to wonder, is she lying? She looks awfully sad as she says it, so maybe she really doesn’t know where he is.Eckles starts rights in. It’s an administrative hearing, being held because she and Grissom were — are, Sara corrects him — in direct violation of lab policy. And, Eckles wants to know, when did it start? Two years ago, Sara says. She thinks it was a Sunday.Suddenly we’re watching what looks like a motorcycle helmet bounce down a road, being hit by several trucks before it lands at the feet of men doing some road work. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I thought we... read more

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Premise: Las Vegas criminologists use scientific methods to solve grisly murders in this unusually graphic (and hugely popular) drama, which inspired a host of other cop-show 'procedurals.' An immediate ratings smash for CBS, the series adroitly mixes painstaking deduction, gritty subject matter and intriguing characters.a The network quickly capitalized on its megahit with spin-offs 'CSI: Miami' and 'CSI: NY.'



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