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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Season 8 episodes

For Gedda Season 8, Episode 17

In the eighth-season ender, Warrick is accused of murdering a Las Vegas gangster. Even more troubling is the fact that Warrick isn't certain if he is innocent or guilty of the crime. read more

Two and a Half Deaths Season 8, Episode 16

The difficult star (Katey Sagal) of a TV sitcom is murdered while filming an episode in Las Vegas. The investigation reveals plenty of suspects, including her husband, the actress who is her stand-in and the show's entire staff of writers.The script was written by "Two and a Half Men" scribes Chuck Lorre and Lee Aronsohn. read more

The Theory of Everything Season 8, Episode 15

Grissom and his team investigate a series of deaths with one thing in common---all of the victims have green blood. The probe reveals the three deceased individuals were linked by more than their blood color. Also, a man trying to escape custody bursts into flames and dies when he is shot with a department-issued stun gun, and Catherine investigates the suspicious deaths of an elderly couple found dead in their bed. read more

Drops' Out Season 8, Episode 14

Two murders that occur in the same apartment are linked to a jailed convict (Method Man), so the CSIs break him out of prison to help solve the crimes. read more

A Thousand Days on Earth Season 8, Episode 13

The blanket-wrapped body of an unidentified 3-year-old girl, covered with bruises and burns, is discovered inside a packing box in a parking lot. The investigation leads the CSIs to a registered sex offender who had received a delivery in the box, but his alibi is plausible. Catherine takes the case personally and becomes determined to track down the perpetrator. read more

Grissom's Divine Comedy Season 8, Episode 12

While fighting the flu, Grissom's team investigates several murders committed by local gang members who are killing key witnesses in a grand jury case. read more

Bull Season 8, Episode 11

Three murders occur during an annual bull-riding rodeo in Las Vegas. The first victim is a bull rider who is discovered after hours in an empty bull ring. The second is a hit-and-run victim who is linked to the dead cowboy. Later, a third victim, a local pimp, is gunned down in a saloon's restroom. The investigation reveals the crimes may be connected to an illegal bull-breeding ring. Singers Jewel and Shooter Jennings appear as themselves. read more

Lying Down With Dogs Season 8, Episode 10

The body of a wealthy socialite, known for her charitable contributions, is discovered in a dumping ground along with the bodies of several dogs. The investigation reveals the victim was involved in illegal dog fighting and may have tortured some of the animals at a kennel. Meanwhile, Warrick tries to prove he is innocent of murdering an exotic dancer whose body was found in his car outside a nightclub. read more

Cockroaches Season 8, Episode 9

A man's body is thrown from a garbage truck that is being chased by the police. The victim was a limo driver connected to a nightclub with mob ties. Warrick believes the club owner is responsible and sets out to prove it. Unfortunately, Warrick's addiction to pills and a suddenly reckless lifestyle negatively impact his job. Later, Warrick becomes the chief suspect in another mob-related murder. Oscar-winner William Friedkin ("The French Connection") directs. read more

You Kill Me Season 8, Episode 8

Hodges stages hypothetical murders in the lab so his colleagues can play CSI; Grissom's team members reach out to him after Sara's departure. read more

Goodbye & Good Luck Season 8, Episode 7

Sara questions her future as a CSI when a past case comes back to haunt her. read more

Who and What Season 8, Episode 6

The FBI's Jack Malone (Anthony LaPaglia) joins forces with Grissom to track a serial killer after a boy who was kidnapped six years ago in New York matches the profile of a murder victim in Las Vegas. The episode concludes on “Without a Trace.” read more

You Oughta Be In Pictures Season 8, Episode 5

Episode Recap: Chick Chop Flick ShopDid anyone else feel like tonight's episode was a day late and a dollar short? I mean, literally a day late? It's November now. I've gotten all of the spooks and ghosts and oozy things out of my system. I've moved on to turkey and pie and general overeating. So I would much rather have seen this week's episode last week, when we all had to suffer through a rerun! (Down with reruns!)And instead of spoofing bad horror movies, which is what I think the writers were going for, it just felt like a bad horror movie. A really bad horror movie.Of course, these aren't just any horror movies. They're porn horror movies, and we start out watching a beautiful young woman (and a dwarf and a circus freak) strung up in some kind of tiled room while blood is being sprayed on them rather sloppily. But, no, the beautiful young woman isn’t the victim. In fact, we never see her again. (Thankfully.)The victim is a blonde star—odd, since, as Sara points out, ... read more

Carpe Diem Season 8, Episode 4

Episode Recap: “The Case of the Cross-Dressing Carp"Wow! As you all know from reading my preview item, I did not see this coming! Especially because of Michael Ausiello’s scoop — Jorja Fox is still leaving, though she may flit in and out of CSI kingdom from time to time. But despite all of that, when Grissom popped the question, Sara said yes!Let me tell you, I heart this proposal. Heart heart heart! Spontaneous declarations of love are always better than scripted, pre-thought out speeches, don’t you think? I haven’t always been on board with Grissom and Sara’s relationship, but after tonight’s episode, I’ll support them no matter what! It was perfectly sweet and lovely. Only one thing darkened what should have been a storybook moment — despite Sara telling Grissom that she trusted him to keep her safe, she got stung by a bee anyway. Is this a dark omen, a sign of things to come? The knowledge that Jorja Fox is leaving the show makes me t... read more

The Secret Life of Bees Season 8, Episode 3

Episode Recap: “Go to Hell”It’s hot as hell in Vegas. The temperature is 109 degrees and rising — but don’t worry. People don’t start getting crazy until it’s 110.Maybe that thermometer’s a little off.Distorted, grotesque people are staggering around in the blistering heat while Harold Perrineau—yes, that’s Papa Michael from ABC’s Lost—is preaching about Hell and damnation. Hell, in case you were wondering, isn’t a possible afterlife. It’s a night of terrible storms in which my cable keeps going out while I’m trying to watch CSI! OK, fine, it’s actually right here in Vegas. Meanwhile, there are a million bees flying around. Keep an eye on the bees. They’re a sign of the coming apocalypse.On their way to a crime scene, the CSIs stumble across one of the previously mentioned distorted, grotesque people (I’m so mean, I know) lying dead in a pile of trash. There’s a dead bee lying near him.Cat... read more

CSIs A Go-Go Season 8, Episode 2

Episode Recap: "A La Cart" Sara is striding through the office, cleaned up but bruised and bandaged, with her arm in a sling. Everyone is giving her strange looks as she walks toward Conrad Eckles’ office. Eckles is trying to reach Grissom — he’s leaving what is apparently his third message — but Sara claims she doesn’t know where he is, either. And I have to wonder, is she lying? She looks awfully sad as she says it, so maybe she really doesn’t know where he is.Eckles starts rights in. It’s an administrative hearing, being held because she and Grissom were — are, Sara corrects him — in direct violation of lab policy. And, Eckles wants to know, when did it start? Two years ago, Sara says. She thinks it was a Sunday.Suddenly we’re watching what looks like a motorcycle helmet bounce down a road, being hit by several trucks before it lands at the feet of men doing some road work. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I thought we... read more

The CSIs Race to Save Sara Sidle Season 8, Episode 1

Episode Recap: “Dead Doll” The suspense had been building all summer — was Sara dead? — but as soon as the episode started, I realized I was going to be kept in the dark a little while longer. A lot longer.The hit crime procedural's first episode of Season 8 brought us face to face with the miniature killer, Natalie Davis, one more time. Natalie, a bleach-fearing loner with a photographic memory, blames Grissom for the suicide of her foster father, Ernie Dell, who died about halfway through last season. Her revenge? “I took away the only person she ever loved, so she’s gonna do the same thing to me,” Grissom says. And that meant Sara.It opens with Sara still stuck under a car in Natalie’s brought-to-life miniature. One hand is sticking out from under the vehicle. Her face is bloody, one eye staring blankly. Is she alive? She starts at a clap of thunder. She is!But maybe not for long. As Catherine and Greg try to track down surveillance footage... read more

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Premise: Las Vegas criminologists use scientific methods to solve grisly murders in this unusually graphic (and hugely popular) drama, which inspired a host of other cop-show 'procedurals.' An immediate ratings smash for CBS, the series adroitly mixes painstaking deduction, gritty subject matter and intriguing characters.a The network quickly capitalized on its megahit with spin-offs 'CSI: Miami' and 'CSI: NY.'



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